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How Much Is Crown Royal Whiskey

Sherry Wine Oak Ash Its All Crown Royal

Crown Royal Whisky & Cola Review!

One of the only unifying rules of Canadian whisky is aging: All whiskies have to be aged a minimum of three years, though a lot get a lot more time in the barrel. What kind of barrel, you ask? Well, theres some wiggle room. Remember how strict we are in the U.S. about bourbon aging? Being Canadian, Crown Royal is under no such scrutiny. Thats how you get one company putting various proportions of corn, barley, and rye whisky into anything from virgin, charred new oak, and/or re-used charred new oak barrels, to Cognac and Cabernet Sauvignon casks. The flavors can span everything from spice and dried fruit to subtle smoke, vanilla, or caramel. Some experiments arent so welcome, as bearded whiskey sage Chuck Cowdery noted in his half-joking invective against the release of Crown Royals Bourbon Mash whisky, a bottle that may lead to some punching and/or beard-pulling down the line.

California Residents: Tap Here For Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to
WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A , a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information, go to:

The Third Time Is Truly The Charm

Montréal, 1939: Samuel Bronfman, the president of Seagrams, was attempting to distil a new super-smooth line of whisky, and had already failed twice. When he confided in his rabbi that he was thinking about giving up, Bronfman was advised to focus on instilling his whisky with spiritual purposeinstead of distilling a marketable product. Bronfman tried a third time, and that attempt worked beautifully. Crown Royal, the result of hard work and hope, was born.

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Crown Apple Nutrition Facts

Crown Royal Apple, also known as Crown Royal Regal Apple, is a 35 percent alcohol, or 70 proof product. Crown Apple nutrition facts indicate a 35-milliliter serving contains 82 Crown Apple calories and 10 grams of alcohol. There are 3 grams of carbs in Crown Apple, of which 2.8 grams is sugar. There are more Crown Apple calories than in the regular whiskey even though there is less alcohol because of the sugar.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 1 gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. This means 70 calories, or the majority of the calories in each serving, come from the alcohol itself.

Once you add mixers such as cola, grenadine, lemon juice or cranberry juice as called for by many of the recipes on the website, you’re adding more calories, carbs and sugar to your drinks.

When you consider the standard drink is 1.5 fluid ounces of liquor, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, you’re consuming more calories than the serving size indicates. Around 1.5 fluid ounces translates to approximately 40 milliliters and contains 14 grams of alcohol.

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Comparisons In The Canadian Whisky World

Crown Royal Whisky 1 Litre for sale

Known for its smooth taste and often affordable price point, Canadian whisky is quite popular. Obviously, Crown Royal dominates the landscape as an international brand. However, there are others available out there from smaller distilleries.

Canadian Club is a popular name heard as a choice for Canadian whisky in bars. While it lacks the mystique and potentially robust flavor that Crown Royal boasts, it certainly makes up for it in price point. A typical bottle of CC, as the locals call it, can come in around $20.

Canadian Mist is as simple as they come, offering one whole variety. Just one. While simplistic and maybe best reserved for mixers or an overly involved cocktail, it is easy on the wallet at $15 or so per bottle.

With the evolution of local distilleries, more and more small batch spirits are popping up on the landscape. Canadian whisky has not been excluded from this influx. Bottles from a more local place can range from $25 to $200 and up depending on the ingredients and distillation process. Many of the smaller distilleries create unique blends, as they can experiment further with smaller batches.

As you can see, there are certainly cheaper or more expensive options out there. It is simply about what you are expecting in a Canadian whisky and what you intend to do with it. Paying up for a brand like Crown Royal is usually best when sipping or creating whisky forward cocktails, while spending less is certainly reasonable when drinking with a heavier mixer.

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Experiencing The True Crown Royal Taste: How To Drink Whisky

Whisky, simple and unadorned, yields a timeless experience when sipped straight however, Crown Royal is also a versatile liquor, easily available to buy online, which can be enjoyed in delicious cocktail recipes. As this Canadian whisky is light, dry, and spicy, it does offer a unique flavour when taken neat. If youre interested in this classic experience, use a heavy old-fashioned glass, and add a few drops of cold water or ice cubes to give the whisky a crisper feel.

Lets talk about glassware. An old-fashioned glass will have a weighty, formal feel as well as a wide openingwhich can help open up the aromas and make the drinking experience more pleasant. Another option? Grab a snifter, a flute, or another glass that tapers towards the lip. These concentrate the aromas towards your nose, giving you a more powerful smelland tasteof the potent, heady whisky.

Cocktails which pair Crown Royal with a soda or tonic water can mellow out the spice and sharpness of the undiluted liquor. From the perfect nightcap to sparkling party beverages, Crown Royal does not disappoint. Chilling the drink with ice and adding seasonal fruits can sweeten the taste and make the drink light, refreshing, and easily enjoyable.

What Is Crown Royal

Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey owned by Diageo. It comes in a variety of options and flavors. The official website lists the following products:

  • Flavor Series Vanilla
  • Flavor Series Apple

Most of the Crown Royal products contain 40 percent alcohol. Certain flavors, such as Black, contain 45 percent alcohol. Flavors such as Crown Royal Apple contain less alcohol at 35 percent.

The official Crown Royal website provides a variety of mixed drink recipes to cater to their audience. These include: Whiskey and Cola, Whiskey and Ginger Ale, Apple Pie a la Mode and many others to choose from based on the variety of liquor and the occasion.

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Tolkien Would Probably Drink Crown Royal

If you know your Canada which, as a proud geography-challenged American, you dont youll know that Crown Royal is produced in Manitoba, a central province squat on top of North Dakota and Minnesota. Crown Royal hails from a small town within Manitoba called Gimli, which is not only the name of an axe-wielding, elf-insulting, fearlessly questing dwarf, but is also Norse for Home of the Gods. True to the name, Gimli is home to epic statues like this. Next time someone says the purple bag is lame, go all Viking on them.

Crown Royal Whisky Prices


From its inception in 1939, Crown Royal has taken its blending process seriously. From the painstaking perfection required of a visit from the King and Queen to the ever growing and competitive spirits market of today, Crown Royal understands the necessity of a high-quality product. A product of this quality is destined to find itself in the upper mid-range of whisky prices.

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Crown Royal Whisky Price

With its ancestry and year of establishment kept in mind, Crown Royal prices are bound to be a little higher than the others. The standard bottle of 750 ml is worth around $20 to $30, at least, depending on the store. Whereas, the 1.75l bottle of Crown Royal Whisky is more than $40 at least, and the 375 ml is rated around $15.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Royal Whisky

Which Crown Royal is the best?

The best Crown Royal is Crown Royal XR the XR stands for extra rare.

How much does Crown Royal cost?

Crown Royal costs between 30-130 USD for a 750 ml bottle.

Is Crown Royal top shelf?

Crown Royal is a top shelf whisky their finer varieties are as fine as any other whiskys in the world.

Is Crown Royal a bourbon or whisky?

Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskyalthough they do have some variants, such as the Crown Royal Bourbon Mash Whisky, which are similar to a classic bourbon.

Is Crown Royal expensive?

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Why Is There No Crown Royal

As with most other shortages of high-demand consumer goods, the Covid-19 pandemic is to blame for major problems with the North American trucking industry. That has led to shortages of Crown Royal, the top-selling Canadian Whisky in the U.S. market.

Introduction Of Crown Royal Whisky


Aptly named, Crown Royal whisky came about as a gift to The Crown. It was King George VI, and his spouse, to be exact. In 1939, the King visited Canada along with the Queen and Crown Royal was created ahead of his arrival as a gift of honor. From there, the brand has blossomed into arguably the most iconic Canadian Whisky.

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We Also Owe Crown Royal To Non

American non-patriots, that is. During the American Revolution, an estimated 15 to 25 percent of the population remained loyal to the crown. Their solution? Head up north, where they could continue to genuflect to a guy in a fancy cape. Thankfully, at least some loyalists became what were known as gristmill operators, eventually repaying their abandonment of Murica with delicious Canadian whisky.

Crown Royal Vs Other Whiskey

In terms of nutrition, the USDA indicates that all 80 proof liquor, whether it be whiskey, gin, vodka or rum, has 97 calories per 1.5 fluid ounce serving.

When you compare Crown Apple nutrition facts to that of other whiskeys, you may find additional calories because of sugar and other ingredients added to make a liqueur. Baileys Irish Cream, for instance, contains Irish whiskey with a blend of cream and chocolate. It contains less alcohol by volume, but many more calories because of the cream.

At the most basic level, according to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, the difference in flavor and nutrition from one whiskey to the next has to do with what the liquor is originally distilled from and where it is made. “Whisky” refers to any whiskey liquor produced in the United States, whereas “whiskey” is produced elsewhere in the country.

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Crown Royal Offering Varieties

Crown Royal offers a large array of whiskies varied by the specific blend of whiskies, aging processes, rarity of blend components, and flavors.

Signature Series

  • Deluxe The flagship brand. A blend of up to 50 different whiskeys aged in oak barrels. The signature decanter style bottle and purple felt bags it comes in are visual icons in the world of liquor.
  • Northern Harvest Rye A similar blend to the Deluxe but uses more rye grain whiskies.
  • Black The Deluxe blend aged in charred oak barrels and bottled at a higher proof, 45%abv as opposed to 40.
  • Blenders Mash A blend with more focus on corn whiskies.

Master Series

  • XR A blend of some of the rarest whiskies Crown Royal has at their disposal, boasting the fact that it contains one of the last batches from Canadas fame LaSalle distillery, which closed in 1993.
  • XO A select blend aged in cognac barrels, similar to the original process used to age the whiskey given to the Royal Family in 1939.
  • Reserve A blend selected by the master distiller themself of only their most exceptional whiskies with additional aging.
  • Wine Barrel Finished The name says it all, a select blend finished with additional aging in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.


Hillary Clintons A Fan

Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal XR

We love her power suits and she loves her whisky. At least according to one fuzzy video, in which the former senator knocks back a dram of Canadian spirit. See :30 for her official endorsement of Crown Royal. Clinton doesnt finish the whole Canuck shot, mind you, likely in deference to America, freedom, and the almost certain need to be clear-headed .

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Dos And Donts Of Crown Royal Whiskey


  • Always consume in moderation.
  • Mix something like black coffee, whipped cream, lime, orange juice, ginger ale, et cetera to lower its concentration.
  • Best tastes when served with ice.
  • Donts:

  • Never drink and drive.
  • Avoid too much intake.
  • Dont mix too much of other whiskeys. It can cause a lot of harm to you.
  • Crown Royal Pricing And Availability

    Crown Royal Deluxe, Black, Northern Harvest Rye, and all of the flavors are available in all sizes ranging from 50ml minis to 1.75 liter magnums. While the Blenders Mash only comes as a 375ml or 750ml bottle. For the Master Series on whiskies they are all only available as 750ml bottles, except for the XO which is also available as a 375ml half bottle.

    The signature series and flavors all have similar pricing for a 750ml bottle ranging from about $25-$35. The Master Series whiskies are a bit more with the XO and Reserve being the cheapest at around $45 a bottle. The Wine Barrel Finished floats around the $65 mark and the XR makes the big jump up to $150.

    Below are the latest Crown Royal prices

    • .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
    • 3 Dashes Angostura Bitters

    In a mixing tin dash bitters, add honey syrup, lemon juice, and whiskey Shake vigorously and strain into a double old fashioned glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

    *To make honest syrup at home simply mix equal parts honey and water by volume. Using hot water makes this easier or you can make a larger batch by heating the mixture on the stovetop.

    Black Whiskey Sour

    • .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
    • .75 oz Simple Syrup
    • 1 Egg White
    Steve Remp

    Steve Remp is a bar manager residing in Brooklyn. He currently manages the beverage program for a Queens-based privately-owned vintage bowling alley that boasts a large craft beer and American whiskey selection.

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    What Does Cream Soda Taste Like

    Originally Answered: What does cream soda taste like? In the United States and Canada, it is essentially a white or light brown, vanilla-flavored soda. In other countries, different flavor elements are added, along with color variations. Early versions of cream soda often included some citrus flavorings.

    Crown Royal: The Worlds Best

    Crown Royal Canadian Whisky 750ml â ShopSK

    If youre bored and want to get punched, disagree with someone, preferably a drunken someone, about the worlds best whisky. Of course, if youre Whiskey Bible author Jim Murray, this is a professional hazard. He braved it stoically when he named a Canadian whiskey Crown Royals Northern Harvest Rye the best whiskey in the world in 2016, with nary a Scotch in sight in the top five. The nomination was even more astounding considering Northern Harvest tied with the previous years winner, Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013, with an all-time high score of 97.5. Oh, and Northern Harvest cost $50 or so, in comparison to Yamazakis then $160.

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    Common Crown Royal Whisky Prices List


    $23.99 – $29.99

    The Crown Royal XR is the perfect example of a higher price point earning its value. Crafted from a rare stock of whisky from the now closed LaSalle distillery, it is truly a rare blend. LaSalle was known for a richer blend and flavor, thus the Crown Royal XR delivers the same.

    Did You See Darkest Hour Then You Saw Crown Royals Namesake

    The Crown Royal recipe might have gotten heavenly approval, but the origin of the whisky is very much worldly. In 1939, King George VI he of The Kings Speech and Darkest Hour fame became the first reigning monarch to visit Canada. Crown Royal Deluxe was created in his honor. The King and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, left with 10 cases of the stuff on their train, in easily the classiest liquor run in history.

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    Crown Royal Is Not Rye Whiskey But It Can Be If It Wants To

    When it comes to whisky, Canadas like the Wild West, except up North and probably with a lot less spitting and cursing. Either way, rules for Canadian whisky production are comparatively lax. Add to that the countrys less-than-tropical temperatures, and you get why rye is a staple ingredient in its whisky. That doesnt mean Canadian whisky = rye. Far from it. Unlike American rye whiskey, which legally must contain at least 51 percent rye, Canadian whisky can have zero, some, or a whole lot of rye in its mash bill. Other common ingredients are corn and barley. Its a bit of a distillation free-for-all.

    What Makes A Smooth Whisky A True Crown Royal

    Whiskey Review: Crown Royal Bourbon Mash Canadian Whisky Wild Turkey Longbranch Comparison

    The heart of Crown Royal comes down to the investment of time. How long is Crown Royal aged, you might be wondering? All Crown Royal bottles, no matter the variety, are aged for at least three yearsand often, far more. The barrel in which Crown Royal varieties are aged also plays a large part in the end-game flavour. As opposed to American whiskys, which must be aged under certain conditions and in barrels made of specifically-treated woods, Canadian brands can experiment.

    And experiment Crown Royal does! Their whiskys are aged in barrels made from oak, ash, and even previously used barrels. This recycling is sustainable, helps add an air of historicity to each bottle, and allows Crown Royal to infuse their whiskys with wine, sherry, and even bourbon barrels for smoky, fruity, or caramel notes in the resulting batch.

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