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Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon

Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Experience Review

Heaven Hill’s $19 million expansion lets visitors personalize bourbon experience

Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon ExperienceHeaven Hill Bourbon Experience, Bardstown, Kentucky$40, advanced reservations recommended

Please enjoy our Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Experience Review!

The Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience

Heaven Hill recently performed a huge renovation and expansion of their visitor center. They also did a bit of rebranding. The visitor center was formerly known as the Bourbon Heritage Center, a name which frankly, I found confusing. It took me a while to realize that it was actually Heaven Hills visitor center. The new name, Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience, is much more suitable, and definitely more self-explanatory.

You Do Bourbon Experience

One of the three current experiences that is available at the new interactive visitor center is You Do Bourbon. The name pretty much says it all. The experience is described on the website as At this interactive, elevated tasting experience, you can taste, bottle and personalize your very own bottle to take home. And that is exactly what you do.

  • Bourbon Tasting Set
  • Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon Experience Classroom

Education and Bourbon Tasting

Herb explained each whiskey that we tasted in great detail. This was something I really enjoyed about the You Do Bourbon tasting, and was one aspect that really made it special. While three of the four whiskeys we would sample came from Heaven Hills main brands, the versions we tried were unique and only available at the You Do Bourbon Experience.

Fill your own bottle

One Distillery One Season

Be the product of one distillery and distilled during just one distillation season, which can run from January – June or July – December. This rule means the number of barrels we can pull from is limited. Being both independently owned and having large reserves of aging whiskey allows us to be selective when crafting our Bottled-in-Bond products.

Experience The History And Tradition Of Bourbon

Heaven Hill is an authentic American success story. Built by three generations of the Shapira family, beginning from humble immigrant roots, the company has been perfecting the craft of distilling, aging, and bottling award-winning American whiskeys since 1935. Solid Light was charged with conveying the passion, tradition, and more than 80 years of whiskey-making experience that go into the crafting of Heaven Hills premium whiskeys: Elijah Craig and Larceny to name a few. The experience immerses visitors in the authentic American story of bourbon and offers hands-on opportunities to experience the product and come away with a new-found understanding of the history and heritage that goes into each bottle of Heaven Hill whiskey.

Opened in Summer of 2021, the Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience realizes the project vision set forth in the Master Plan through vibrantly designed architecture that significantly expanded the building footprint and allows for greater focus on entertaining educational, historical, and branded messages that create visitors as ambassadors for this storied company.

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Heaven Hill You Do Bourbon 14 Year Distillery Tour Only Exclusive Tapered Staves Bro Tapered

We laughed about Heaven Hill waxing the 12 year Evan Williams and charging $130 at the gift shop. Then we cried about how they released a $200 9 year Bardstown disappointment at the gift shop. But what about when you go on the special TOUR of the distillery and buy a $200, 14 year bourbon, at the Heaven Hill gift shop?YOU. DO. BOURBON.

So this is a distillery-only release and, like spicy New Jersey beer laws, you gotta do an entire tour to get it. Select Stock is the clandestine line from Heaven Hill where they release items that are basically Shasta Parkers Heritage. Marshmallow Matey Elijah Craig.

This one is aged 14 years and only 26 barrels with TAPERED STAVES were used, so we already have circumstances hemming those cornhusk jeans in tightly. Add the fact that this is aged in WAREHOUSE Y BRUH ITS PARKER BEAMS FAVORITE SPOT. Parker would go there and update his Myspace while this was aging, I heard in 2009 Parker had H1n1 and rested in warehouse Y, its the honeyhole, Obama-surviving rickhouse.

At the You Do Bourbon experience you can taste, bottle and personalize your very own bottle to take home so you get to pay to become a distillery intern and package your own juice. You get some ECBP, Larceny BP, Bernheim and after youre elote-buttered, they ask you if you want to bottle your own $200 barrel proof offering from the barrel.

Why not just buy Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Raise A Glass Tobottled

Review: Heaven Hill Bottled

On March 3, 1897, whiskey-making history was made. authenticityand one of our favorite American

At Heaven Hill Distillery, were proud to offer more Bottled-in-Bond brands and produce more Bottled-in-Bond products than any other American Whiskey distiller.

In 1935, Heaven Hill put its first whiskey into barrels. It was a gamble at the timeto wait and allow the whiskey to properly maturebut our patience paid off. Four years later, in 1939, we released the original Old Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon and it quickly became the number-one-selling Bourbon in the state of Kentucky.

through today with beloved brands such as Rittenhouse Rye, Henry McKenna Single Barrel, Old Bottled-in-Bond. When you enjoy a taste of one of these favorites, you can be certain of a few things.

Youre Drinking the

More than a century after its inception, Bottled-in-Bond remains the worlds highest quality standard for spirits.

Take a look at the label, and youll know exactly what youre drinkingand that no shortcuts or compromises were made.

and a tradition that were proud to help preserve.

Bernie Lubbers Heaven Hill Distillery National Brand Ambassador

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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

To sip Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is to experience Bourbon in its purest formuncut, straight from the barrel and without chill filtering. This batch was specifically mingled for the You Do Bourbon experience, so proof may vary. Additionally, its made from fewer barrels than whats offered on the shelf, making for an exclusive sipping experience.

Proof: Varies by Release

  • Aroma: Big butterscotch and oak notes
  • Taste: Chocolate and hazelnut bomb sweet, soft and complex
  • Finish: Balanced and complex lots of spice with a little char

How Heaven Hill Bounced Back From Disaster To Become One Of The Most Successful Bourbon Brands In America

Though it was an extremely windy day in Bardstown, Ky., on Thursday, Nov. 7, 1996, it was business as usual at the Heaven Hill Distillery. After a three-decades-long glut, bourbon was starting to garner interest in America again. The year before, the family-owned distillery, founded in 1935, had introduced Elijah Craig 18 Year Old and Henry McKenna Bottled In Bond, looking to compete with the raft of higher-end, small-batch releases that were becoming buzzworthy.

Around 2 p.m. that day, however, a worker spotted smoke rolling out of Warehouse I, where power lines ran down the side of the building, smacking the wooden windows due to the strong gusts. Before there was time for anybody to react, the seven-story wooden structure had burst into flames. The 50-mile-per-hour winds blew the flames onto a second warehouse and that one ignited just as the first warehouse collapsed. By the time firefighters had arrived minutes later, flaming bourbon had rolled down the hill the Courier-Journal, in a front page headline, described it as like lava across Route 49, and onto additional warehouses, many holding up to 20,000 barrels of aging bourbon.

Welcome to hell, said firefighter David Shield as he approached the scene.

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Heaven Hill Select Stock 14 Year Bourbon Review

Aged 14 years in Tapered Stave Barrels132.3 ProofAvailable only during the You Do Bourbon Experience at the Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience, Bardstown, KYMSRP: $200

Please enjoy my Heaven Hill Select Stock 14 Year Bourbon Review!

So Whats Heaven Hill Select Stock Anyway?

Heaven Hill Select Stock has been an annual release for a while now. However, until its debut at the You Do Bourbon Experience, it was not very well known. Thats probably because it has been a distillery only release. In addition, it has been a release without much fanfare. Select Stock is essentially Heaven Hills experimental line. Each release is different. The last release was Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in New Toasted Oak Barrels. The year before that, it was Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Used Coffee Barrels. So its always something a little different.

So Whats A Tapered Stave Barrel?

This years release is more straightforward. The experiment with this one was aging the bourbon in tapered stave barrels. And, those barrels are just as they sound the staves are tapered on both ends so that the barrel takes on a diamond like shape. The experiment was to see how this unique barrel affected the bourbons taste.

Aged in Parker Beams Favorite Warehouse
Tasting Notes Heaven Hill Select Stock 14 Year Bourbon

Lets taste it:

Rested for 15 minutes in a Heaven Hill Distillery 85th Anniversary Glass

Classic Bourbon Flavors, And Then Some

Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience

Whiskey Review: Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey

LEARN, TOUR, AND TASTECome join us for a tour and tasting in one of our three iconic tasting rooms. Or check out our newly expanded and upgraded gift shop. Please excuse our construction as we expand our facility for an even better visitor experience.Open daily beginning Thursday, October 28Monday-Thursday: 11:00am 6:00pmFriday and Saturday: 10:00am 6:00pmSunday: 1:00pm 5:00pm*Last tour offered one hour before closing.Five Brothers Bar*Last call 45 minutes prior to closing.HOLIDAYSThe Heaven Hill Bourbon Experiencewill be CLOSED on the following holidays: Easter Sunday Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Day**Please contact us at 337-9593with questions or to book your largegroup reservations.**

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Heaven Hill Distillery Announces Grand Opening Of Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience

Renaming, opening of state-of-the-art visitor center in Bardstown, Ky. commemorated by official proclamation of National Bourbon Day in Kentucky by Gov. Andy Beshear

Heaven Hill Distillery today celebrated the grand opening of the Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience in Bardstown, Ky. The expansion, renovation and renaming are the culmination of a multi-year $125 million investment in Kentuckys signature industry and model for the future of tourism since 2018. The state-of-the-art visitor center received a $19 million upgrade to become an interactive, educational space offering signature exhibits unique to the Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience. Heaven Hill also invested $106 million across American Whiskey production including new barrel warehousing, bottling line and equipment upgrades, increased holdings of Bourbon Whiskey, and distillery enhancements. Heaven Hill President Max L. Shapira and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear presided over the ribbon cutting to commemorate the occasion, silhouetted against the new 1935 distillery replica exterior. Gov. Beshear also presented Shapira and Kentucky Distillers Association President Eric Gregory with a proclamation to henceforth name June 14 as National Bourbon Day in Kentucky.


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