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Does Fireball Whiskey Have Antifreeze In It

The Story Behind Fireball Whisky

Propylene Glycol / Antifreeze / Recall / Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Review – Lets Taste This –

First things first: Does Fireball actually qualify as a whisky or whiskey? Is it a bourbon? Is it something else entirely?

According to commonly accepted definitions of whiskey, its neither a whiskey nor a bourbon. Whiskey must have an ABV of 80 proof or more. Fireball alcohol content falls a bit lower, at only 66 proof. This makes Fireball a less potent drink than many believeand makes it less a whiskey, and more properly a liquor.

However, what Fireball lacks in strength, it makes up for with fiery taste.

Is Hard Cider Healthy

According to Cider Craft Magazine there are three health benefits that come from drinking hard cider antioxidants, vitamin C, and sans gluten. Apples are known to be a type of superfood containing many vital vitamins and antioxidants. Might we suggest cider in addition to a daily dose of Vitamin C supplements!

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Things You Should Know About Fireball Whisky

Its likely that just the cinnamony aroma of Fireball elicits memories of your younger years and reckless adventures. Fireballs telltale smell is instantly recognizable just one whiff can remind imbibers of that burning feeling. No one says it better than Fireball itself: Takes like Heaven, burns like Hell.

But given the meteoric rise of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which grew like a wildfire from $1.9 million in sales in 2011 to $863.5 million in 2014, Fireball warrants a little more respect than just the passing nostalgic nod to your past. Even now, the Canadian whisky remains on fire, with 5.65 million 9-liter cases sold in 2019. Here are 11 things you should know about Fireball.

Are Hard Ciders High In Carbs

Fireball Whisky Recalled in Scandinavia for Containing ...

In the case of cider, nearly all of the carbohydrates are fermentable, and close to 100 percent of the sugars are turned into alcohol. Very few additional calories are left behind after fermentation. The most significant non-fermentable carbohydrate of cider is sorbitol, which averages 0.4 percent of the juice.

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Fireball Was A Late Bloomer

Fireballs been around since 1984, but America only fell in love with it in the late 2000s. Part of the delay in popularity might have to do with the fact that it was only available in Canada until 2001 with the less-than-sexy name Dr. McGillicudys Fireball Whisky. But Sazerac bought it, gave it a makeover, and most impressively took to the streets to market the stuff face-to-face grassroots style. Soon enough, America fell head over heels.

Fireball Whisky Recalled In 3 Countries Over Antifreeze Ingredient

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is taking heat in Europe over a chemical ingredient that’s used in some forms of antifreeze.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have recalled the popular cinnamon-flavored liqueur — a trendy favorite of sweet-toothed college students — after a batch of the North American recipe, which contains higher levels of propylene glycol, was shipped there, its manufacturer said on Tuesday.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe for use in food, where it is used to enhance flavor by absorbing water. Sazerac, the New Orleans-based beverage company that owns Fireball, puts more propylene glycol in its drinks sold in America and Canada than in Europe.

On Fireball’s website, the company has posted a vigorous defense of its drink, noting that pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol, which is used in food, is handled according to stricter standards than is industrial grade propylene glycol, which is used in antifreeze. “Fireball is perfectly safe to drink,” the statement reads. “Just as it always has been.”

The European Unions stricter guidelines on recommended levels of propylene glycol forced state-owned retailers to yank the drink from shelves in Sweden and Finland over the last week. Norway, which is not part of the European Union, also pulled the product.

The company said it expects to be back on the shelves in those countries “within three weeks” without the chemical.

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What Happens When You Drink Fireball Everyday

Drinking Fireball every day is bad for your health

Healthline lists the cumulative effects of alcohol on your body to include: shrinking brain, blackouts, hallucinations, cancer, lung infections, liver problems, fatigue, stomach distress, diarrhea, infertility, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, and more.

Fireballs Rise To Popularity

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey pulled from shelves over anti freeze ingredient propylene glycol

Did you know that Fireball was a Canadian drink? As its origin story goes, Fireball was likely invented during a long, cold winter night. A Canadian bartender thought to mix cinnamon and sugar with alcohol for a drink that couldnt not warm you up, and the rest is history.

Exceptnot quite. Fireball was established in 1984. For the first seventeen years of its existence, the cinnamon liquor was known as Dr. McGillicudys Fireball Whiskyan extremely obscure Canadian treat. It was only after Sazerac bought Fireball in 2001 that Fireball became known on a larger scale.

Today, whether you think of Fireball as a party drink or a delicious after-dinner aperitif, its come a long wayand now, its here to stay.

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Is It Bad To Drink Cider Everyday

The adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away also applies to cider, say experts. They have found the first evidence that the drink made from fermented apple juice is good for your health. It is packed with chemicals that help protect against cancer, heart disease and other agerelated conditions.

It Used To Contain A Chemical Used In Anti

A fact so unsettling to Europeans that sales of the sickly sweet booze were “temporarily halted” in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, which Fireball says was “due to a small recipe-related compliance issue.” The chemical coming under fire is propylene glycol, which supposedly enhances flavor by absorbing water. It’s a slightly less toxic compound than ethylene glycol, which wasuntil recentlymost often used in anti-freeze. According to the FDA, propylene glycol is “generally recognized as safe” when used in food “at levels not to exceed current good manufacturing practice,” but nonetheless, Fireball removed the chemical from its recipe.

This story has been updated with information from Sazerac.

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Is It Bad To Chug Fireball

Drinking Fireball every day is bad for your health

Extended use or overconsumption of alcohol is bad for your health, and Fireball is no exception to this rule. At 33 percent alcohol, Fireball is actually less potent than a traditional whiskey, but still has loads of the sugar that makes it tastes so good.

Why Have You Made Fireball Whisky 42 Proof

Fireball Whiskey Drinks Recalled In Europe For High Levels ...

Over the years, we have received feedback from consumers wanting to purchase Fireball in a wider variety of convenient shopping locations, including locations in Ohio that can only sell spirits below a certain alcohol content. In order to meet this demand, we developed an excellent Fireball Whisky 42 Proof that is made using our proprietary spirits recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love at a lower proof. We can now offer Fireball Whisky 42 Proof in approximately 6,000 more stores in Ohio.

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Fireball Whiskey Contains Anti

Fireball Whiskey Contains Anti-Freeze Ingredient-Truth!& Misleading!

Summary of eRumor:

Reports have gone viral that Fireball Whiskey has been recalled because it contains an ingredient found in anti-freeze.

The Truth:

Its true that Fireball Whiskey was recalled, but claims that it contains an anti-freeze ingredient are misleading.

Sazarac, Inc., bottler and distributor of Fireball Whiskey, announced the recall in astatement released on October 28, 2014. Batches of the cinnamon-flavored whiskey were recalled in Europe, Finland, Sweden and Norway because it contained more of the ingredient propylene glycol than allowed in those regions.

Regulations for product formulations are different in Europe, which explains why recipes for products like soft drinks, alcohol/spirits and even candies and confections are slightly different than their North American counterparts, Sazarac said. Fireball, therefore, has a slightly different recipe for Europe. Unfortunately, Fireball shipped its North American formula to Europe and found that one ingredient is out of compliance with European regulations.

The company assured consumers that Fireball Whiskey was a safe drink, and that PG has been used as a flavoring ingredient for more than 50 years. However,reports that Fireball Whiskey included an anti-freeze ingredient quickly went viral.

TheFDA has found that PG can be safely ingested over long periods if it doesnt account for more than 5 percent of a persons total food intake.

When You Drink Fireball Every Day This Is What Happens To Your Body

Fireball is a cinnamon whiskey known for its sweet and spicy kick, and the company gives you a glimpse of what you’re getting yourself into with its product by saying, “…imagine what it feels like to stand face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon who just ate a whiskey barrel full of spicy cinnamon.” Considered by some a little easier on the palate, this spicy alcohol still has its own definite kick. At 33 percent alcohol, this fun beverage seems to pack just the right amount of punch to lighten the mood but isn’t so strong you’ll be headed for home early. But as always, if you consume, you should understand how this recreational beverage can affect your health.

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What Ingredient In Fireball Is Bad

The problem? It contains excessive levels of propylene glycol, an ingredient in anti-freeze. Traditionally, ethylene glycol is used in anti-freeze, but the considerably less toxic propylene glycol, when substituted, allows anti-freeze to be labeled as non-toxic.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Fireball Cinnamon And Fireball Whisky Products

Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

There are 2 key differences between the Fireball Cinnamon labels vs the Fireball Whisky label:

  • Any package with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky on the front label is our whisky-based product
  • Any product with Fireball Cinnamon on the front label, without Whisky, is either our malt-based or wine-based product

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The More Mundane Truth

To most, propylene glycol probably does not sound that much better than straight antifreeze. However, as Healthline discusses, it is an additive used both in the United States and the European Union, which only objected to the level of propylene glycol in the Fireball, not its presence entirely. It is a synthetic additive that is similar to alcohol and can be used in antifreeze due to its low melting point.

At this point, Healthline introduces a very salient point. Propylene glycol differs from ethylene glycol in that while both can be used for antifreeze, propylene glycol is not toxic to humans. Ethylene glycol, however, is. Perhaps the similarity there is what led to the initial rumors of Fireball containing a toxic antifreeze agent on its ingredient list. In fact, the only case of propylene glycol poisoning in a human was tied with drinking it from an ice pack with other chemical ingredients. Still, you don’t want to drink from it heavily. It’s not like it is especially good for you either. After all, they do use it in alcohol.

Fireballs Inspired A Bunch Of Imposters

While the brand might have haters galore, it also inspired a bunch of copycats. Not only did Fireball sue the small brand Stout Brewing Company for creating an almost laughable carbon copy of their liquor , they also sued whiskey giantJack Daniels in the same year. Jack Daniels and Jim Beam both created cinnamon-flavored whiskeys after seeing Fireballs success, but Fireballs beef with Jack came from its use of the word fireball in its Google advertisements. Looks like 2015 was a busy year for Fireball in court.

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It’s Always Ordered By The D

You know who I’m talking about: the bros with popped-collar Polos and gingham button-ups, finance guys who always cut you but somehow touch your lower back while doing it, sorority girls and college freshmen looking to get plastered on a Thursday night, juice heads bragging about how much they can lift.

How Is Fireball Cinnamon Different From Fireball Whisky

Does Fireball Whisky Actually Have Antifreeze?

Fireball Cinnamon products include malt-based and wine-based alcoholic beverages, whereas Fireball Whisky is whisky-based.

Unlike Fireball Whisky, Fireball Cinnamon malt or wine based products can be sold in beer, malt beverage and wine stores for our fans who want a wider variety of convenient shopping locations. Fireball Whisky continues to be available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across the country.

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Is Fireball Whisky 42 Proof A Fake Or Knock Off

Fireball Whisky 42 Proof is a genuine spirit produced by the makers of Fireball Whisky. It has been developed using our proprietary recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love. We also have a number of other exciting new Fireball products coming to market this year!

Drinking Fireball Every Day Is Bad For Your Health

There’s a reason alcohol vendors caution you to drink responsibly. Extended use or overconsumption of alcohol is bad for your health, and Fireball is no exception to this rule. Healthline lists the cumulative effects of alcohol on your body to include: shrinking brain, blackouts, hallucinations, cancer, lung infections, liver problems, fatigue, stomach distress, diarrhea, infertility, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, and more. While it’s true that enjoying a simple few shots of Fireball won’t cause this level of illness, even mild consumption can still have its effects.

GQ explains the problem with sugary shots: less alcohol, more sugar. And in this case of cinnamon whiskey, that means more weight gain and less buzz. At 33 percent alcohol, Fireball is actually less potent than a traditional whiskey, but still has loads of the sugar that makes it tastes so good. High sugar alcohol is also associated with increasing hangover symptoms. While there is some debate on whether the sugar itself makes you feel bad, or whether it masks the taste of alcohol to let you drink more, there’s a pretty universal consensus that the next morning is gonna be rough.

Instead, treat your Fireball like a bar of delicious chocolate or a slice of cake. Avoid excess to keep harsh and unpleasant health effects at bay, and savor it once in a while instead.

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Fireball Whisky Recalled In 3 European Countries For Antifreeze Ingredient

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Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, a flavored-liqueur popular with college students, was recalled in Finland, Norway and Sweden because it contains an ingredient found in antifreeze. The liqueur was not recalled in the U.S.

Sazerac, the company that makes Fireball, said the shipment was recalled because it was made using the formula used to make Fireball in North America. That recipe includes propylene glycol, which is used as a flavoring ingredient in soft drinks, sweeteners and some alcoholic beverages. Its also found in antifreeze.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, propylene glycol can be consumed over long periods of time and in substantial quantities without causing frank toxic effects.

Sazerac says it uses less than one-eighth of the amount of propylene glycol allowed by FDA regulations. But the amount of propylene glycol used in the North American recipe was not in compliance with European regulations.

Sazerac says it normally uses a different formula for Fireball in Europe.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky assures its consumers the product is perfectly safe to drink, the company said in a statement on the Fireball website. Fireball fans can enjoy their favorite product as they always have.

College students in Finland, Norway and Sweden need not fret for long. The company anticipates having the European formula of Fireball back in stores in three weeks.

Depending on your day, shots are acceptable before 5 p.m. Follow me on Twitter

Is Fireball Whisky Safe To Drink

Fireball Whisky Review: Is Fireball Good?

Rumors have flown around that antifreeze is an ingredient in Fireball. Well, folks, its safe to say that this rumor is false. According to the brand website, Fireball is 100% safe to drink. Fireball does not contain any antifreeze at all and the suggestion is ridiculous.

Drink up, but please drink responsibly.

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How To Drink Fireball

There are several different ways to enjoy Fireball Whisky. Below are some simple and tasty recipes, but feel free to add your own twist.

On the Rocks

On the rocks = over iceplain and simple. In other words, pour the Fireball into a highball glass filled with ice, sit back, sip and enjoy. We love these handblown crystal whiskey glasses and these slow-melt ice ball molds for a more sophisticated touch.

Straight Shot

To keep things simple, throw back a shot of Fireball by itself. Its smooth flavor delivers a subtle kick with a sweet aftertaste, making it easily drinkable. Shot glasses optional.

Cinnamon Toast Shot

This shot, according to Fireball lovers, tastes like youre eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! Its made with one part Fireball and one part horchata or RumChata. Mix well, chill and shoot. It can also be made as a cocktail over ice in a highball glass.

Dragons Blood

One part Fireball, one part cranberry juice. Mix well, chill and shoot. This concoction can also be enjoyed on the rocks in a highball glass.


Many claim this popular cocktail tastes like apple pie in a cuper, a pint glass? Simply add a shot of Fireball to hard apple cider and enjoy. You and your friends will also love this crackling hot cocoa or slow cooker apple cider on a chilly night.

Eat It!

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