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Cognac Louis Xiii Black Pearl

Tribute To Honour Royal Salute 125000

Tasting Louis XIII Cognac Like Royalty [Lap of Luxury]

Released in 2011, only 21 bottles of Royal Salutes Tribute to Honour were produced as part of a prestige Scotch whisky range, crafted by creator and Master Blender, Colin Scott, in tribute to the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles: The Honours of Scotland. This £125,000 whisky was blended from some of Royal Salutes oldest whiskies all age 45 years and up and comes presented in a bejeweled bottle crafted by the worlds oldest jeweller to royalty, Garrard. It boasts 413 white and black diamonds. with 22 carats of gemstones set in gold and silver.

An Iconic Decanter By The House Of Baccarat

Such an important celebration demands an iconic decanter: a contemporary Black Pearl version of the original metal flask that inspired Paul-Émile Rémy Martin when he created LOUIS XIII in 1874. To craft this superb metallic decanter, the House of Baccarat treated the crystal using a unique plating technique. This gives the decanter a beautiful reflective quality, with myriad subtle contrasts of light and dark dancing across its surface. Achieving this dichroic effect involves layering successive thin coatings of precious materials one upon the other. The result is a true work of art.

Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis Xiii 100000

The Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII Cognac, made with carefully selected grapes from Grande Champagne, was auctioned for £100,000 in 2012. Made from a blend of 1200 eaux de vie that are between 40 and 100 years old and matured in an ancient tierçon, the bottle was designed by Baccarat and hand-blown from black crystal in tribute to the signature Louis XIII decanter modelled on a flask found in Cognac during the sixteenth century.

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Scottish Diva Vodka 600000

Scottish Diva Vodka is the most expensive vodka in the world, however the majority of its value is found on its bottle which comes adorned with crystals and gemstones.

Retailing for $1 million, Diva Vodka is a triple filtered expression ice filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and then filtered again through sand peppered with precious and semi-precious stones. A swathe of Swarovski crystals runs through the centre of the bottle which can be used to garnish the drink.

It is made by Scotland-based Blackwood Distillers.

Pasin Azteca Platinum Liquor Bottle By Tequila Ley 21 Million

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac / Anniversary Edition ...

Released in 2010, this super decadent Tequila from Tequila Ley carries an astonishing price tag of $3.5 million with much of its value carried by its white gold and platinum bottle encrusted with 6,400 diamonds designed by Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. The remarkable similarity between this design and the Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is explained by the fact that both were created by Ley .925.

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The Macallan M Six Litre In Lalique 381620

A six-litre decanter of the Macallan became the new world record holder for most expensive whisky sold at auction earlier this year. Auctioned in Hong Kong on Saturday 18 January The Macallan M was sold for £381,620, £100,000 more than the previous record of £288,000 paid for a decanter of the Macallan 64-year-old in New York in 2010. Named Constantine after the Roman emperor, the Lalique-designed decanter is one of just four in the world and the only one to be offered for auction as the malt producer has decided to archive two while the third has been pre-sold to an Asian collector.

Classic Style From The Battle Of Jarnac

Its fascinating to know that the instantly recognizable style of the Louis XIII decanter was inspired by a flask found on the battlefield of Jarnac, way back in 1569. Paul Emile Remy Martin acquired this flask in 1850 and it was then that the idea of this iconic bottle came to light. Its delicate shape was a masterpiece created by the expert crystal makers at Baccarat Crystal, and the delicate shapes and meticulous details have remained the same to the day. The decanter of the XIII Black Pearl AHD is, of course, hand blown, and is decorated with palladium plating to create the reflective shimmering steel hue.

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Remy Martin Louis Xiii Black Pearl Anniversary Edition 2014 744

  • Friendly Reminder:

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Louis XIII, the House of Rémy Martin has released a limited edition Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition cognac pulled from the Hériard Dubreuil familys private cellars. An exceptional single 100 year-old tierçon was selected for the limited edition release, with 775 decanters available worldwide.

Louis XIII cognac is made from a blend of eaux-de-vie that are distilled from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France . Cognac is blended inside the tierçon, each year different barrels of different ages are married together and then left to age for another year – a process takes over 100 years to complete. The final cognac is a blend of over 1200 eaux-de-vie that range in age up to 100 years.

The result is transcendent. Louis XIII is delicate and highly structured, a gorgeous perfume of apricot, yellow raisin, pear, honey, saffron, with a touch of oak and incense. Within five minutes of being exposed to the air, the nose of the cognac opens to reveal flavors of honeycrisp apples, stone fruits, and wildflowers. Just a small drop on the tongue explodes with flavors of fruity stone fruits balanced with oak, creamy honey, spice, leather, chocolate, fig, mint and a delightful acidic finish that lingers on the palate.

Legacy By Angostura 20000

LOUIS XIII Black Pearl

Released in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinidads independence, 20 decanters of the rum were put up for sale for £20,000 a piece. Each 500ml crystal and silver decanter, specially created by Asprey of London, the jewellers to Prince Charles, is protected by a wooden box lined with silk and velvet and covered by soft red calf leather. Its stopper is made of sterling silver and depicts a rare Trinidadian butterfly resting on sugar cane. Currently the worlds most expensive rum Legacy by Angostura is made up of rums aged for at least 17 years and each decanter comes with a US$25,000 price tag.

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Louis Xiii Black Pearl Ahd

Every drop of LOUIS XIII cognac contains the lifetime achievement of generations of Cellar Masters, each one thinking a century ahead to create a blend of the finest eaux-de-vie.LOUIS XIII BLACK PEARL AHD is a limited edition tribute to André Hériard Dubreuil, the former Chairman born in 1917. For the first time ever, LOUIS XIII presents a 35cl Baccarat crystal decanter. Only 1,498 numbered decanters each contain a rare blend of LOUIS XIII, drawn from a single traditional tierçon hidden deep inside the family reserve, in André Hériard Dubreuil cellar. Part of the Black Pearl Collection, the LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD comes encased in a pearlescent crystal decanter. Limited to just 1,498 editions, the bespoke silver-toned decanter is handmade by the House of Baccarat. The revered crystal artisans pioneered a new technique to give the decanter its signature light-reflecting quality. The classic silhouette remains unchanged. This instantly recognisable design is based on an antique flask discovered on the battlefield of Jarnac, France. It was acquired by LOUIS XIII founder Paul-Émile Rémy Martin in 1850.

The Spirit Category Is Home To Some Of The Worlds Most Opulent Bottlings With Their Value Rising High Into The Millions

From diamond encrusted platinum bottles and 100-year-old Cognacs crafted in honour of royalty, this list of the worlds most expensive spirits is a treasure trove of decadent delights.

True, much of these spirits value lies within it luxurious packaging, but for others their value comes from their age and rarity with expressions carefully tended over many years.

Take the 17-year-old aged Legacy Angostura or the Bowmore 1957, carefully aged for 43 years in sherry cask before spending another 11 years in a bourbon cask.

With a new world record set only this year for the worlds most expensive whisky, this list is ever changing proving continued demand for ultra-expensive spirits.

Scroll through to find out which spirits currently make it onto our list of the worlds most expensive spirits

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Remy Martin Louis Xiii Black Pearl

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Henry Iv Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne 12 Million

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac / Anniversary Edition ...

This 100-year-old Cognac is one of the rarest and most expensive drinks on the planet carrying a $2 million price tag. It comes in a 24-carat gold and sterling platinum bottle scattered 6,500 diamonds made by jeweller Jose Davalos. The expression itself was first produced in 1776 and was named to honour King Henri IV. It is aged in barrels for more than 100 years and just 100cl is decanted into the 8kg diamond studded bottle.

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About Andre Heriard Dubreuil

Dubreuil was born a century ago, and the most hallowed of Remy Martin cellars was built in his name. Deep within its walls is an alcove that holds the tiercon thats seen the birth of this Black Pearl AHD. It was back in 2017 that Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau, first decided to use its precious contents to create this luxurious Cognac.

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Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac which is carefully distilled at Rémy Martin is adored for its cinnamon, grape, rancio and nutmeg flavor notes.

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Mendis Coconut Brandy 600000

Released in 2007 Mendis Coconut brandy was the worlds first clear brandy distilled from coconut and matured in special Halmilla wood casks. Distributed by luxury brand Luxe Coterie, its first release was sold for $1 million, a bottle which was signed, numbered and dated by the House of Mendis founder, WM Mendis.

Rmy Martin Louis Xiii Black Pearl

Remy Martin Louis XIII $3000 Bottle Review


  • Regulated Designation Appellation origine controlée
  • Grape varieties Ugni blanc 97 %, Colombard 3 %
  • Degree of alcohol 40 %
  • Promoting agent Southern Glazer’s Wine
  • SAQ code 12527723

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Diamond Jubilee By Johnnie Walker 100000

This Johnnie Walker whisky was released in celebration of Queen Elizabeths 60th anniversary in 2012 with the distillery crafting just 60 bottles of this 60-year-old Scotch whisky. The unique blend, which was finished in a cask made of English oak from the Queens Sandringham Estate, was bottled in diamond-shaped Baccarat decanters and adorned with a Britannia silver collar boasting a half-carat diamond. One of the 60 decanters made was gifted to the Queen while the remaining were sold for £100,000 each. All proceeds were donated to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship fund a charity which pays to train UK residents in traditional skills.

Remy Martin Louis Xiii Black Pearl Cognac

Cette édition spéciale a été lancée pour commémorer le 140e anniversaire de la marque. Le Cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl est issu d’un seul tierçon centenaire étiqueté C-100-93, contenant des eaux-de-vie âgées de 40 à 100 ans. Ce n’est que le troisième du genre sorti par la réserve privée de la famille Hériad Dubreuil au cours des 100 dernières années. Ce fût a été soigneusement entretenu par quatre générations de Maîtres de Chai et n’a produit que 775 carafes en cristal de Baccarat, ce qui en fait une expression très rare.

C’est l’association des eaux-de-vie des crus de Grande Champagne et de Petite Champagne qui jette les bases de ce Cognac rare. En tant que l’un des plus grands producteurs mondiaux de Cognac, Rémy Martin a passé plus de trois siècles à perfectionner son savoir-faire pour produire des assemblages de Fine Champagne. Ensuite, le bel échange entre le bois et les eaux-de-vie crée des arômes et des saveurs inégalés au fil des décennies. Apprécié par d’illustres fans comme Winston Churchill et la reine Elizabeth II, le Cognac Rémy Martin Louis XIII est dans une classe à part.

Présentation de la bouteille

Tout dans ce Cognac est une uvre d’art la carafe en cristal de Baccarat sera sans aucun doute la star de votre collection. Le design original a été basé sur une bouteille trouvée sur le site de la bataille de Jarnac, qui a eu lieu en 1569. Cette version spéciale est livrée dans un superbe coffret de présentation avec des détails en argent.

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The Dalmore 62 125000

Released in September 2012 Dalmore 62 Year Old was for a time the worlds most expensive whisky when it went on sale at Singapores Changai airport for £125,000. Its title has been since been taken by the 64-year-old Macallan. Only 12 bottles of this expression, featuring a stags head, were released making it extremely rare.

Buyers’ Premium And Charges

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac / Anniversary Edition ...

For all Sales categories, buyer’s premium excluding Cars, Motorbikes, Wine, Whisky and Coin & Medal sales, will be as follows:

Buyer’s Premium Rates27.5% on the first £20,000 of the hammer price 26% of the hammer price of amounts in excess of £20,000 up to and including £700,000 20% of the hammer price of amounts in excess of £700,000 up to and including £4,500,000 and 14.5% of the hammer price of any amounts in excess of £4,500,000.

VAT at the current rate of 20% will be added to the Buyer’s Premium and charges excluding Artists Resale Right.

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