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Cayman Jack Cuban Mojito Ingredients

Cayman Jack Margaritas All Summer

Cayman Jack Cuban Mojito | Beer Review

Published May 4, 2015.This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Hands down my favorite point in the week comes at around 7:30 pm on Friday night. My daughter has just gone to sleep, work is done for the week and the weekend is finally here, and its time to sip on an adult beverage. As the weather gets nicer the beverages sort of transition to something a little more summery, which in our case means margaritas. We recently picked up a 6 pack of Cayman Jack to enjoy our Friday night with. I mean there is nothing better than the sun going down on a 75° degree day and an ice cold margarita, nothing!

As a chef and former bartender Im not going to lie, Im some times hesitant to purchase premade drinks, well because I like to make them myself. However I was pleasantly surprised by just how delicious they were. In all honestly Im not sure I could have made them any better. The perfect combination of lime citrus to tequila was spot on and balanced enough that you could enjoy 2 of them with ease. While being on the other side, I sometimes get annoyed when I order a margarita and its 90% booze or 90% sweet and sour mix, so it was incredibly refreshing to have the perfect flavor combo.

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Cayman Jack Cuban Mojito In Bottles

  • Cayman Jack® Mojito is made with mojito mint extract and lime juice.
  • Cayman Jack® Mojito delivers a unique and sophisticated drink experience at 5.8% ABV it tastes like it was hand-crafted right in front of you.
  • A delicious balance of lime and mint with a hint of sweetness rounds out the flavor profile.
  • This perfectly thirst-quenching drink takes you back to the beach at any time.

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How To Make The Best Mojito

Youll find the full recipe below. Here are a few tips for best results:

Select sturdy, thick-bottomed glassware. Were mixing the drink in the glass and Ive never had any problems doing so. Treat it with care, though, and dont use Moms crystal.

Dont muddle excessively. Its tempting to muddle your mint into tiny pieces as you hope for maximally minty flavor. I know, Ive done it myself . In fact, your mojito will taste better if you dont overdo it, and the texture will be more enjoyable without tons of tiny mint bits floating around.

Adjust to taste. The recipe as written yields my ideal mojito, but please tweak it to suit your taste buds. Use a little less rum for a less boozy sipper. Add more sugar if you prefer a sweeter drink . Or, omit the sugar entirely for a no-sugar cocktail .

Gently smack your mint garnish before using. You think Im kidding? Nope! Were going to save one beautiful sprig of mint to garnish our drink. As a final touch, gently clap it between your hands to release some of those fragrant mint oils. Then, slide it into your drink with the top of the sprig staying above the surface. The fragrance will make your drink taste even more gloriously minty.

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