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Where To Buy Callwood Rum

Scrub Island Day Trip: Callwood Rum Distillery

Black Owned Callwood Rum From Tortola, British Virgin Islands to Arundel Mills, MD

Kat Lewis

Cane Garden Bay located in Tortola offers a fun and exciting day trip while staying at Scrub Island Resort. While the beaches at Cane Garden Bay are often coined as being unlike any other beach in the BVI, and a favorite to sunbathers and sailors, there are other wonderful reasons thousands of visitors every year flock to this area of Tortola. One being, the legendary Callwood Rum Distillery.

Fun Facts: Cane Garden Bay gets its name from all the sugar cane, which is still grown to make rum!

The is said to be the Caribbeans oldest continuous pot distillery . Located in the heart of the BVI, the old walls and equipment take you a step back into time. When you enter the distillery you immediately feel like you are reliving an ancient piece of history.

Although no one really knows how long the rum has been produced in the original Arundel Estate, what we do know is that the Callwood family took it over in the 18th century and for the last 200 years have continued to produce rum, claiming to be the the longest continuously operated pot distillery in the Caribbean.

The Callwood Rum Distillery is located within walking distance to Cane Garden Bay. When entering the distillery you may think you are in the wrong place, but you are in fact in the right place. Inside youll find a run-down looking museum, small tasting area and retail store.

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Posts: 1Does anyone know if and where you can purchase Arundel cane rum made by Callwood Distillery. It is made in Cane Garden Bay BVI. I live near St. Louis MO. Any help would be appreciated.
Location: Sailboat in the Caribbean and hotels.Posts: 4,796You definitely can not purchase Callwood’s Arundel Estate Rum from Cane Garden Bay in the US. It is only sold on Tortola and Michael doesn’t and can’t ship it to the US or any other country. < br> < br> Another good reason to go back to the islands.__________________

Sample And Purchase Local Bvi Rum At Callwood Rum Distillery

Good news for all Arundel Cane Rum lovers! The Callwood Rum Distillery is open for tastings and retail sales. Hurricanes Irma and Maria may have taken the roof , but they couldnt destroy this 400-year old landmark of the British Virgin Islands. Callwood distillery is one of the oldest, continuously-operating pot distilleries in the Caribbean, and they still employ the original distilling and aging techniques. Try any of their rum varieties. Tastings are only $1 for 4 samples.

Callwood Rum Distillery/Arundel Cane Rum: +1 284-543-9300 |

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Back In Time With The Callwood Rum Distillery In The Bvi

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You wont need a Delorean to go back in time to see how Caribbean rum use to be made. All you need is a passport and a trip to the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Here you will find the Callwood Rum Distillery located in Cane Garden Bay, one of the oldest continuously run rum distilleries in the Caribbean.

We got the chance to visit the famous Callwood Rum Distillery during our boat day with Born to Rhumb on St. John. You can read about that story here. We pulled into Cane Garden Bay on Tortola, swam ashore, grabbed a quick drink for the road and walked down the street until we found the sign for the distillery.

If youre a rum lover like me, then youll know that the Caribbean is the birthplace of rum with production dating back to the mid 1600s. It was in places not too different from the Callwood Distillery, that rum was produced and exported to Europe, North America and beyond.

Since the late 1800s the distillery has been in the Callwood family and is operated by Michael Callwood and his family currently.

The actual age of the Callwood Distillery is unknown, but the style of stone and brick work would suggest that it dates back to the mid 1700s.

Drink The Panty Dropper Rum

Callwood Distillery

This is the oldest working distillery in the world. Well worth a stop. A few dollars gets you a tour and a tasting of the different rums, from very strong, to easy drinking.


take a look back in time and see how rum has been made on Tortola for centuries. Doesn’t cost much and nothing wrong with tasting rum. Four shots for a dollar makes it inexpensive. Check it out if you have the time.

Need to take the tour as it was interesting and educational. Good rum. Has a gift shop where you can by some of the rum. We always bring some small bottles home.

This is a 400 plus year old distillery and it still does everything the old fashion way. The tour is only a couple of $ and the 4 types of rum they make called Arundell’s are $1 for all 4 shots. We bought a couple bottles of the “Panty Droppers” a blended aged rum. Smooth and hopefully lives up to it’s name…

Went to Callwoods which is a neat little stop and we enjoyed ourselves. I am not sure there rum is proofed correctly though because we put a bottle of the 10 year in our freezer and in not too long it became quite slushy. In my experience 40% alcohols do not do this . Tastes good but might not be getting what u paid for exactly.

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How Rum Is Made

Four centuries of outdoor distilling create a flavorful pure cane sugar rum delight. Cane is pushed through a crusher, a receiver collects the juice before it is transferred to large copper boilers. It boils for a few hours over a fire of repurposed crushed cane stalks, coconut husks, and local wood. Transferred to barrels, the rum ferments naturally into wine over about eight to ten days. At the completion of fermentation, transference of the mixture to the still pot for a full day of boiling and distilling. The alcohol vaporizes and then condenses through a water-cooled, coiled pipe. This pipe sends the liquid indoors for the first time, for bottling, storage and aging.

Dark Rum White Rum And Premium Rum

Dark rum ages for four years in oak casks while white rum ages in glass demijohns. Kervin Callwood, kin to the original owner and operator, Richard Callwood Sr., recommends the premium rum, aged for ten years: Its much smoother. You can drink it with just sugar and lime or honey and lime, he says. Enjoy further reading about the Callwood Distillery History here:

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Rum Journal: Tortolas Legendary Rum Distillery

The boiler is smoldering, the smell of sugarcane alchemy pungent in the air, steps across the road from the beach.

Theres a reason, after all, why they call it Cane Garden Bay.

Here, in an old stone building in Tortola, is one of the most precious corners of the history of rum in the Caribbean, a fundament of the British Virgin Islands cultural heritage.

Theres a reason its called Cane Garden Bay.

This is the Callwood Rum Distillery, a sugarcane plantation and distillery whose history of rummaking dates back some 400 years.

This place has survived for four centuries, with a brief interruption last year thanks to the installation of a new roof, until, four months after Irma, it was back in operation.

It just might be the oldest working rum distillery in the Caribbean.

The coal-fired boiler still smolders, with worn casks of rum aging up the rocky staircase, walls filled with hand-bottled Arundel rum.

They make just 25 gallons a day here, using the pure cane juice they grow right here on the plantation.

Arundel is the product, a funky, raw rum that is a treasure of the BVI.

Michael, who runs the place by day, offers a tasting of Arundels four rums: the unaged white, the four-year rum, the 10-year blend and the, well, boldly named spiced horny rum, which, well, you can figure out its character.

The boiler, a coal-powered still, churns away in Tortola.

Its an important, venerable stop on the pilgrimage map for rum lovers.

Or, as Michael plainly puts it.


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