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Where Can I Buy Crystal Head Vodka

Square 3 Light Box With 5 Led Lights

Watch This Before You Buy Crystal Head Vodka

3″ Square Silver 5 LED Light Box

5 LED Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green plus White Multi-functions: meld, hold, fade or stationary mode L: 3 ” W: 3 ” H: 0.5″

Low-profile 3-inch square lightbox can be operated in several modes simply by pushing a button. Bright 5-LED lights of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White provide an infinite variety of colors. You can meld colors through various color spectrums, or hold any color steady, including white you can also dim or fade these lights.

Ideal for small to medium crystal skulls, from pocket size up to grapefruit size, or Crystal Head 750ml bottle

Because they are battery operated with regular AAA batteries, there are no unsightly cables, so they can be placed anywhere in your home or office. They are very long lasting – we have customers who have used them continuously night and day for months.

Price $25Includes BatteriesChoose color: BLACK :Buy Now

I received the Ascension Skull and Light Box in my order below yesterday. I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with both of them. The Skull really is amazingly clear and almost hypnotic. The Light box is so well-made. I have bought other lighted displays from other dealers, but none have had any options for color selection and color changes – just fantastic!

This high quality lightbox with a low profile can hold up to a 4-pound crystal skull – depending on the shape. This photo shows a lemon-sized crystal skull and an Pocket Size Crystal Skull.

The Best Crystal Head Cocktail Recipes

Crystal Head is sensational in a cocktail. Having undergone such an unimpeachable filtration process, its as smooth and pure a vodka as youre ever likely to taste. The result? Its a blank page, ready for the inner mixologist inside you to get creative and start shaking up some mind-blowing cocktails.

The Ban Was Eventually Reversed

Luckily the ban didn’t last long. In 2011, just a year after it was put in place, the LCBO revoked their ban and Crystal Head was released on shelves across the province .

So how did Dan Aykroyd manage to get his product in Ontario liquor stores? According to an interview with The Globe and Mail, he had some help from Crystal Head fans. “The public basically started a kind of letter-writing and Web campaign to ask why it was not available,” he said. “The consumer really pulled it through for us.”

The LCBO requested that the vodka company make a small adjustment to the Crystal Head box. The adjustment made the skull a little less intense, and that seemed to be all that was needed to get approval from the LCBO. Not long after the change was made, the spooky vodka bottles found their way to stores, and presumably the glasses and home bars of consumers in Ontario cities.

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It Was Created By An Snl Star

In 1975, a 22-year-old Canadian joined the writing room of an upcoming comedy sketch show called “Saturday Night Live.” Dan Aykroyd’s starring role on what would become one of the most popular comedies on television kicked off a successful career in comedy, eventually leading him to act in the 1984 classic, “Ghostbusters.” Akroyd was years away from getting into the vodka business, but SNL helped pave the success that would lead him there.

In 1992, Aykroyd turned his attention to business and founded the House of Blues concert hall and restaurant chain. In the mid-aughts, he became interested in spirits Aykroyd first focused on getting Patron tequila imported to Canada, according to BBC, before starting his own liquor company.

Crystal Head makes high-quality vodka, but its success has been boosted in part thanks to Aykroyd’s celebrity status. “When Aykroyd launched it, it was cool because it was him,” says Holly Wyatt, who works to promote different kinds of spirits. “It is also a great package and a great liquid, so people would go back to it. But him still being involved is very evidently a reason why some consumers buy the brand.”

Crystal Head Vodka Is An Award

Crystal Head Vodka

Despite its focus on aesthetics, Crystal Head is more than meets the eye. The quality and flavor of the vodka has garnered praise across the world, and Aykroyd’s diamond-infused processing techniques have received acclaim and helped the brand stand out from the crowd.

At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2011, over 200 vodkas competed for awards, but only a few brands including Crystal Head took home the prestigious Double Gold Medal. The next year, Crystal Head’s success continued at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards. The vodka company won two highly coveted awards: New Product of the Year and Luxury Spirits . The competition was fierce Down Under, with popular brands like Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker battling for international acclaim .

Aykroyd was excited about the success of his products, telling the Kingston Herald that he was “pleased that all our hard work developing this clean pure spirit is being recognized as the genuine article by expert authorities in the industry.”

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Crystal Head Vodka Was Banned In A Canadian Province

In 2010, just a few years after Crystal Head’s release, Ontario banned sales of the vodka across the province. A Liquor Control Board of Ontario spokesman told The Globe and Mail that the skull bottle was “the thing that’s really problematic” for the organization. “That’s an image that’s commonly associated with death. It’s especially problematic at a time when there are concerns around binge drinking by younger adults, which in some cases unfortunately has resulted in alcohol poisoning.”

Crystal Head Vodka was still able to be sold in restaurants and bars consumers just couldn’t buy the skull-shaped bottles in stores. The LCBO thought taking bottles off shelves would prevent underage drinking and limit access to disturbing images for younger shoppers. Aykroyd defended the skull, telling The Globe and Mail that the head on the bottle isn’t unhappy. “It’s not a menacing head. It doesn’t have crossbones under it.”

They Released One Of The First Agave

Crystal Head Vodka outdid itself in 2020 when it released the first commercially available agave vodka. Dubbed “Crystal Head Onyx,” the spirit is made using Blue Weber Agave that comes from one particular Mexican farm, resulting in a fresh and consistent taste in all bottles.

The agave, which is typically used in tequila, gives the vodka a subtle flavor, both spicy and sweet. Like most Crystal Head products, the bottle is its own work of art. The Crystal Head Onyx bottle is a black version of the glass head, symbolizing the Onyx crystal for which it’s named. According to the Crystal Head website, this stone represents “intuition, focus, and positivity,” it is said to protect all those who obtain it.

“With Onyx, we wanted to make an innovative liquid, an agave-based vodka, with an equally imaginative bottle to match,” Aykroyd told Food & Beverage Magazine. “Onyx is unlike anything you have tasted before – it drinks like vodka but has the nuances of Blue Weber agave.”

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Crystal Head: The Story Behind The Brand

Crystal Head vodka is the rather quirky brainchild of Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd, of Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers fame, and world-famous fine artist John Alexander. It was established with the express aim of creating the purest vodka possible.

But they didnt stop there. A vodka of this quality needed a vessel that was equally astounding. Made in the Bruni Glass factory in Milan, these bottles take inspiration from ancient legend and lore. Because who doesnt like their drinks full of mythos and mystery?

Crystal Head Aurora Martini

Crystal head vodka review

If youre one of the many who prefer their martinis with vodka rather than gin, heres another classic. This martini takes advantage of the distinct flavour-profile of Crystal Head Aurora, whose spicy and lavender-like taste adds boldness to the dry bitterness of a martini. Just dont get too carried away with this particular cocktail. Martinis are notoriously strong.


  • 1 tablespoon Dolin Extra dry or another dry vermouth
  • Lemon peel or olive to garnish

Cocktail recipes: Add all the ingredients to a glass and stir until cold. Strain into a frozen martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel or an olive. If you like your martinis dirty, add the olive juice or brine. If you prefer something sweeter, try making it with sweet vermouth instead.

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Crystal Head Standard Bottles Andprices

Crystal Vodka comes at various ranges and prices. The following is the list of the top 3 standard Crystal Head Vodka bottles and their prices.

Crystal Head Vodka Aurora $60

Crystal Head Vodka Original has become widely popular among its loyal customers for its unique aroma and taste.

Crystal Head Vodka Original

Crystal Head Vodka original is a clean, colorless, and odorless spirit made from sweet Canadian corn. The smooth and refined taste comes from its meticulous 4-times distillation process using pristine Canadian waters. This drink is filtered seven times, especially passing through Herkimer diamonds thrice for a creamy finish. It has a hint of vanilla to give sweetness and aroma to the drink. Its worth $50.

Crystal Head Vodka Limited Edition Bottles And Prices

Crystal Head has introduced only three limited vodka bottles for its audiences. As they take a massive effort in creating special edition Vodkas, the following is the list of Crystal Head Vodka Limited Edition bottles and their prices:

Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Limited Edition

Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander is a limited-edition bottle launched in 2018. Each bottle is handmade as a keepsake-worthy of art. The design of the bottle is inspired by the iconic paintings of the world-renowned fine artist.

The company launched the John Alexander Limited Edition Vodka bottle for its 10th anniversary. It took three years to create 25,000 bottles of this Vodka. Its available in 750 ml and costs $120.

Crystal Head Vodka Rolling Stones Limited Edition

Crystal Head launched its iconic creative Vodka to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stones, one of the top-class Rock n Roll bands in the world. They created a memorable gift set featuring the iconic crystal Head Vodka Bottle engraved with the tongue and lip logo of the Rolling stones band on the decanter top.The bottle had a sticker featuring the 50th-anniversary logo which was sold first in the year 2013.

People loved this limited-edition Vodka bottle as a Fathers Day gift or even a heartfelt Christmas present. Musical fans and vodka lovers went berserk over this limited-edition bottle to cherish it as a collectible. Crystal Head was awarded the Gold Medalist for Excellent Taste by Russia.

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California Residents: Tap Here For Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to
WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A , a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information, go to:

Aykroyd Tapped His Friend To Design The Unique Bottle

Crystal Head Vodka

Though Dan Aykroyd started the Crystal Head Vodka business, John Alexander was the mastermind behind the acclaimed design. Alexander is a visual artist who works in a variety of mediums, predominantly painting. His work has been featured all over the world in private collections and esteemed museums like the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Corcoran, the Smithsonian, and the Houston Museum of Fine Art .

Alexander’s paintings often include political satire recognizable faces and historical scenes can be found in his work, always with a jarring twist that seeks to make a statement about the state of the United States today. “It’s always a similar cast of characters,” he told The New York Times. “Anybody I perceived as dishonest, hypocritical or just generally up to no good.”

When he turned his attention to the crystal skull, it took him two years to perfect it. Luckily, he had the help of Bruni Glass, a packaging manufacturing company originally based in Milan, Italy. According to the Crystal Head Vodka website, upon completion of the bottle, Bruni Glass said it was of “unsurpassed complexity.”

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Over 21000 Bottles Were Once Stolen From A Warehouse

In May of 2011, a Crystal Head Vodka warehouse in California was robbed. The thieves disappeared with over 21,000 bottles of vodka, leading to many logistical questions as to how and where the vodka could have gone .

Even stranger was Dan Aykroyd’s reaction to the news, which he described to TMZ as “distressed and elated.” Elated …? This news would have most business owners on the verge of firing their security guards and installing a moat around the premises, but Aykroyd was somehow able to keep a sense of humor about the ordeal.

“My partners and I are sorry to lose this much vodka to theft and do not condone criminal activity in any fashion,” Aykroyd said in a statement to TMZ. “But we are happy that some consumers will be afforded the opportunity of tasting it at significantly lower than retail price.”

How Is Crystal Head Vodka Made

The makers of Crystal Head vodka deal only in superlatives. By which we mean, only the best and highest quality ingredients and materials are used at every stage of the process.

Crystal Head vodka begins with the highest quality peaches and cream corn. This is distilled four times to produce a neutral grain spirit. This spirit is blended with pristine water sourced from a deep glacial aquifer in Newfoundland, Canada, where the distillery is located.

This liquid is then filtered seven times. Three of those times its passed through layers of Herkimer diamonds. These 500-million-year-old crystals are some of rarest semi-precious stones found on Earth. So when drinking Crystal Head, youre sipping vodka thats rubbed shoulders with some serious luxury.

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The Untold Truth Of Crystal Head Vodka

You’ve probably come across Crystal Head Vodka before after all, it’s hard to miss. With its distinctive bottle and celebrity ownership, this is one vodka brand that doesn’t just fly under the radar. Created by actor Dan Aykroyd in 2008, Crystal Head has only garnered more success as people begin to understand that the intricately-made glass skull bottle is only the beginning: what that bottle holds is just as pure, just as thoughtfully produced.

Crystal Head uses only the most pristine ingredients, from fresh Newfoundland water to the Herkimer diamonds used in the filtration process. All Crystal Head products are additive-free and certified kosher.

If you’re a vodka fan, Crystal Head is one of the best out there. Though skeptics may be wary of the kitschy bottle, the vodka itself is of the highest quality. After just a sip, it will become clear that Aykroyd and his employees really care about their product the thoughtful processing techniques are evident in the smooth, clear liquid.

The History Behind Crystal Head Vodka

Opening a Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Heads vision was to create the purest spirits with great taste and quality. The founders were inspired to design quartz glass heads based on the 13 Crystal Skulls Mayan mythology of intuition and psychic abilities. Their one-of-a-kind innovative vodka packaging symbolizes the mystical powers of skulls dating back centuries. The brand focussed on providing the purest spirits in contemporary bottles with an artistic touch to their every edition.

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Crystal Skulls: Legends And Myth From Mesoamerica

The idea behind Crystal Head vodka was born from an ancient legend of 13 skulls made from crystal and belonging to the ancient Mayans, who instilled all their knowledge of the world into these quartz heads.

The skulls are purported to bring supernatural powers and spiritual enlightenment to those who possess them. 12 represent the various planets. The 13th represents human consciousness. Over 35,000 years old, these heads are believed to impart healing and psychic abilities to those in their presence.

True or not, its a pretty cool idea. No surprise, then, that it also caught the attention of director Steven Spielberg. It just so happened that at the same time Crystal Head vodka was being developed, Spielberg was filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Aykroyd contacted Spielberg, and the director said hed be happy to serve Crystal Head vodka at the premier.

So if youre looking for a blockbuster-worthy vodka with ties to ancient legend, as well as the potential power to evoke spiritual transcendence , then Crystal Head has you covered.

Crystal Head Aurora: Spirit Meets Stars

The Crystal Head Aurora was created as a tribute to one of the worlds most incredible natural phenomena: the Aurora Borealis. This mysterious and magical aerial display, which takes place in the skies of polar regions, is the inspiration behind this intriguing alternative to Crystal Head Original.

So what makes Crystal Head Aurora different from the Original?

Firstly, its distilled five timesbecause four just isnt quite enough when youre aiming for perfection. It also tastes different because its made using high-quality English wheat. The flavour is bolder, drier, a little bit grassy, a little bit spicy, with notes of lavender.

Then theres the bottle. Dont worry, you still get that iconic skull bottle. But this time with an iridescent finish that evokes the Northern Lights themselves. Have a look for yourself and take a moment to imagine that cheeky face grinning out from the top of your home bar.

Fancy something with fine art credentials? As well as Crystal Head Original and Crystal Head Aurora, theres a limited-edition John Alexander Crystal Head bottle, designed for the brands 10th anniversary. Inspired by Alexanders painting, Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life, only 25,000 bottles have been produced.

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