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What’s The Best Rye Whiskey

It Promotes Weight Loss

Top 10 Whiskeys for Beginners [Crowdsourced From Whiskey Lovers]

Rye is one of the #1 grain that helps in weight loss efforts. This hardy annual crop which is widely grown in northern Europe contains lots of different fibers that help you feel full, much sooner than other types of grains or cereals. This conveniently removes the #1 problem that most people who are struggling to lose weight have, and that is hunger.

Rye whiskey contains negligible calories, which has no impact on your overall health. This means that you can even drink one or more glasses of your favorite brand even while you are on a diet without disrupting your weight loss goals.

Knob Creek Rye Whiskey


Technically a part of Jim Beams larger operation, Knob Creeks Rye Whiskey is among their best offerings. This is bottled at 100 proof to provide a big and bold flavor thatll be just as good on ice as it would in a cocktail or straight. Additionally, it has a touch of nuttiness to the taste, giving it a bit of an earthier tone. Made in small batches and the winner of the Gold Medal Award at the 2016 SIP Awards & International Spirits Challenge, youll be hard-pressed to go wrong with this bottle.

Angels Envy Finished Rye Whiskey

A bit of rum character goes a long way with Angels Envy Finished Rye Whiskey. Like most of the rye whiskies on this list, consider yourself lucky if you come across a bottle. Stock always sells out ridiculously fast, with this 95% rye whiskey getting most of its distinction from being finished in Caribbean rum casks.

The result is clear. Vibrant, spicy notes of cinnamon and mint are folded through rich maple syrup, nutty toffee, subtle tropical fruit, and a dry character thats been described as resembling graham crackers. Reviews often refer to this rye whiskey as high-testosterone, so dont let that tropical fruit flavour trick you into thinking this is anything but rough-and-tumble rye more than ready to give those classic cocktails a swift kick.

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Top 10 Best Rye Whiskey From The Usa To Buy Online

With its recent renewed interest, rye is an exciting variety of American whiskey to explore at the moment. With distillers experimenting, creating, and reviving mash bills and techniques, its become a new frontier on the industrys landscape.

Combining expressions for all budgets that are both rare and easy to find, this guide will offer you a selection to start any collection by presenting you with the top 10 best rye whiskey brands that you can buy online:

Best For Sipping: Russells Reserve Single Barrel

Pin on Whiskeys

I love that Eddie Russell created this despite the fact that his father, Jimmy, whos been distilling and blending Wild Turkey for 60-plus years, hates rye, says Ellenwood. On behalf of all rye drinkers out there, we thank Eddie for rebelling against his father and creating this fine, single barrel rye. At 104 proof, it definitely packs some heat, but thats the essence of rye. Pour it straight and youll get the intensity of the vanilla from its time spent in oak barrels, along with earthy, smoky flavors and a nice, dry finish. Of course, you can also take advantage of the rye’s power by stirring it into a Boulevardier.

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Van Winkle Family Reserve 13

This 95.6-proof rye with a full, rich texture will impress even the pickiest audience. Aged for 13 years, this whiskey carries sweet notes of vanilla, roasted nuts, cinnamon, and fresh wood. Its aroma reminds some of bourbon due to the high content of corn but leaves you with a spicy aftertaste typical of rye.

This Van Winkle Rye is perfect for those that enjoy a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Its smooth, drinkable, and will leave you wanting more after each sip. Since its aged for at least 13 years, this is one of the oldest ryes available, making it even more special.

Visit this website to find out more about the whiskey.

Michters Us 1 Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye

Origin: Louisville, KY, U.S.A.Price: $40 for 750 ml.ABV: 42.4%: Michters

Legend has it that the recipe for Michters Straight Rye dates back to 1753.

The lifestyle and palate of America in the 1750s was far more rustic than it is today, and life itself more brutal and challenging. The consumers of the day wanted an uncomplicated, strong, spicy and hearty rye. Today, there are few traditional ryes with a legacy and flavor profile so true to our countrys heritage. This is a no-nonsense drink, due to the utilization of sheared rye, which concentrates the grains flavors during fermentation. With an amber-brown color, the whiskey showcases an intensity on the nose well beyond what the 84.8 proof on the label suggests. The sweet corn is apparent along with some rich dark stone fruits and a little vanilla and caramel, but the spiciness of the rye dominates. Upon sipping, flavors of black pepper, vanilla and caramel start out strong before ending in a biting finish mellowed by notes of coconut and a lovely sweetness.

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Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Rye

The highest proof and most expensive rye on this list, Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Rye is a 95% rye, 5% barley malt combination of Indiana-bred MGP that will, and were not kidding here, blow your tastebuds out of whatever socks you were wearing. Sure, it got five stars on all the whiskey blogs and racked up 93 points during the San Diego Wine and Spirits Competition, but we care a lot more about the spicy rye, dark chocolate, and cherry flavors that give way to licorice, fennel, and pepper on the finish. Basic Redemption Rye made this list in the past, but after having tasted this version, youd be a fool not to have this on your bar cart. Link

What Makes A Rye Whiskey Good

WHAT’S ON THE SHELF WEDNESDAY | Tincup American Whiskey and Rye

Few palates are precisely the same, and so this question is somewhat flawed as many who answer it will do so based on their preferences and palates. But all the same, a good or high-quality rye whiskey must go down smoothly while delivering a peculiar tier of character. Bad rye whiskeys yield considerable burn and leave a highly offensive taste on your palate.

So, outside of these two, distinct parameters that will help you to distinguish between premium rye whiskey and its opposite number, what makes a good rye whiskey becomes a matter of preference.

As an example, some whiskey enthusiasts love consuming overly spicy rye whiskey while others love ryes with balanced notes of sweetness and spiciness. In the meantime, cheap rye whiskeys are often best served in mixed drinks or cocktails except for a few exceptions since it is expected that they may retain some of the bitterness or heat that is common in rye whiskeys do not undergo the aging process.

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Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Age: NAS
  • Casking: Virgin White Oak

The Tuthilltown Gristmill represents the first active New York distillery since Prohibition. Built in 1788, it overlooks the New York metropolitan area yet is cosily tucked away in the quiet countryside.

Although a young spirit, the Manhattan rye is cleverly aged in small oak barrels that allow for greater contact between the wood and distillate. The 100% white dog is aged in small casks of different sizes and then blended back together to produce a distinctive flavour.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye Whiskey

Wild Turkey has been around for 80 years and they held out all that time before blessing us with a barrel proof rye, earlier this year. It was worth the wait. The copper-hued liquid doesn’t flaunt a high-rye grain bill, yet it still sings with spice: cinnamon, black pepper, and, of course, caraway. The brand utilizes a lower entry-proof than many of its competitors resulting in a lower ABV than you might associate with a barrel strength offering. But the real proof is in the drinking, and that 112.2 number ends up delivering the optimal balance between full-flavor and imminent drinkability.

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Best Single Malt: Shelter Point Artisanal Single Malt

When you think of Canadian whisky, single malt is not the first category that comes to mind. But there are some smaller craft producers making single malt whisky, like Vancouver Islands Shelter Point. Its distilled in copper pot stills from a mash bill of 100% malted barley and aged for a minimum of three years in American oak barrels. Fans of single malt scotch will enjoy the notes of tropical fruit, vanilla and spice on the palate.

Best Budget: Canadian Club 100% Rye

31 Whiskey Under The Label

Courtesy of reservebar

Canadian Club is a well-known brand in the U.S., mostly for its extremely popular and affordable blended whisky. But this 100% rye whisky, which is aged in a few different barrel types, is a great example of Canadian rye and will usually cost around $20 a bottle. This is not the most intense rye whisky experience you’ll find, but its certainly a good deal. Crafted by Alberta Distillers, this spirit has caramel and oak notes.

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Is Rye Whiskey Gluten

All whiskey, including rye, is generally regarded as gluten-free. While they may derive from grain that contains significant quantities of gluten, the distillation process usually removes all traces of the protein.

In most cases, people with gluten intolerance shouldnt experience any ill effects. That being said, it is occasionally, albeit rarely, reported that people with more severe conditions like Celiacs disease have had some complaints. These are usually mild but it isnt unheard of.

The 10 Best Rye Whiskies

Rye Whiskey, Bourbons spicy cousin, has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, Rye whiskey sales have increased 536% in the past five years. The increased appreciation for the spirit has led to demand for higher quality Rye Whiskies. This has also led to a slew of new Rye whiskies joining the market. Here are a few of the best old and new Rye Whiskies available in the US.

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What Makes For Good Rye Whiskey

Being that few palates are exactly the same, asking what makes for good rye whiskey is something of a superfluous question. Nevertheless, the top rye whiskeys will usually go down smooth, and deliver a distinctive tier of character, while the worst ones will yield significant burn, and leave a foul taste behind. Beyond that, its usually a matter of preference. For instance, some drinkers prefer an overly spicy rye, while others like rye that balances notes of spice and sweetness. Meanwhile, cheaper rye whiskeys are usually best served in a mixed drink , as theyre probably going to retain some heat or bitterness due to lack of aging.

Lyon Maryland Free State Rye

VERSUS: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye vs. Tennessee Rye!

Lyon Distilling Co. launched its new micro-distillery in St. Michaels, Maryland in late 2013. It was the first distillery to make a rye whiskey in Maryland for over 30 years.

The distillerys Free State Rye Whiskey is a delicious spirit with a mash bill including 55% rye, 35% corn, and 10% malted barley. The corn gives it a sweeter flavor than most rye whiskeys, however, it retains the spiciness of a traditional American rye whiskey.

You can tell that a lot of work has gone into producing this whiskey because of its impeccable balance. The spicy pepper notes are nicely balanced against caramel and vanilla flavors introduced by the mash and time spent in charred oak barrels. This is a small batch whiskey, so obtaining a bottle can be difficult and there is some variance in the palate between different batches, but it definitely a drink worth tracking down.

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Best Blend: Crown Royal Deluxe

“There are definitely some good new Canadian whiskies on the market,” says Nestor Marchand, the director of food and beverage at Plunge Beach Resort in Florida. But when I think of Canadian whisky, I think of Crown Royal. Its a nice upgrade that won’t break the bank.

Blended with 50 different whiskies aged in oak barrels, this spirit is extremely popular for a reasonits smooth, sweet, and can be used in many different cocktails.

New York Distilling Ragtime Rye

Despite the fun police trying to take away everyones booze, life in prohibition-era New York was still very enjoyable. There were dozens of secretive bars, gambling dens, music venues, and strip joints around the city.

This delicious whiskey from New York Distilling is named after the ragtime music which was common around that time. It is a very strong and rich whiskey that is particularly enjoyable when used to make classic whiskey cocktails. The nose features classic rye notes along with light peppers and berries. The palate has more rye and a raft of spices including cinnamon and nutmeg.

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Of The Best Rye Whiskey Bottles You Can Buy

If you like whiskey , you know a bit about mash bills, and the impact of a particular grain on your final, incredibly drinkable product. Rye whiskey has a bit of a serious history in the Americas , something well get into soon enough, but meanwhile, what you should know is theres a serious emphasis on a majority of rye as the total component of the mash bill.

What does that mean for you, the awesomely chill yet solicitous whiskey consumer? Rye is going to give you a lot of what you havent had: spice, fruit, a differentand dare we say, playfulsplay of flavors. Rye and alcohol heat are happy friends, as are most ryes and cocktail recipes. So, buying up some rye isnt at all a bad idea.

Just a few terms to get: Straight Rye Whiskey cant be color corrected Barrel Proof means it isnt watered down to the typical 40% ABV, and Single Barrel means exactly what it sounds likewhiskey bottled from one barrel, rather than blended, meaning it sustains all the characteristics of that particular barrel.

Rye Whiskey Vs Bourbon: Flavor Differences

The 5 Best Single Barrel Bourbons Available Now

The differences of flavors between rye whiskey and bourbon come down to their primary ingredients. The rye mash in rye whiskeys makes for spicy or acid-tasting notes and dry tastes while the corn mash in Bourbon creates sweet, full-bodied flavor.

Rye whiskey becomes very subtle when it is aged well without losing its potent punch, but aged Bourbon does not evolve half as much as its counterpart.

Moreover, it is easier to tolerate the flavors of Bourbon, thanks to its obtrusive sweetness and consistency. But the same cannot be said about rye whiskey as it is noted for its intense tastes which often develop on the palate as time goes on.

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Is Rye Whiskey Bourbon Rye Whiskey Vs Bourbon

Given bourbons modern-day prevalence and ryes virtual disappearance after Prohibition, its often asked whether theyre not actually one and the same. Indeed, the overall manufacturing process is similar but the ingredients are somewhat different.

Indeed, it is subject to the same regulations as all American whiskey in that it is distilled up to 80% ABV, aged in charred new oak barrels, and bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV.

However, where rye whiskey must contain a 51% minimum of rye in its mash, bourbon uses the same minimum quantity of corn instead. Since regulations require just over half of either one, it isnt possible to produce a whiskey that can be recognised as both rye and bourbon.

To make matters more confusing, high-rye is also a type of bourbon, which is not officially recognised but a category growing in popularity. This bourbon, however, still requires a minimum of 51% of corn in the mash but it will also contain over 25% rye, too.

Where bourbon was a frontier whiskey, rye was historically produced in the northeastern states. Bourbon eventually adopted its Francophonic name in order to distinguish itself. Rye whiskey never developed its own name since it was so prevalent at the time and this didnt particularly feel necessary.

Most people who develop an interest in rye whiskey are usually keen bourbon enthusiasts first. Indeed, bourbon can be considered the gateway drug to exploring other varieties of American whiskey and rye is the next logical step!

High West Whiskey Double Rye

David Perkins is a creative distiller, and Double Rye! was among his first to push the envelope. He blends ryes from two to seven years old, including MGPs famed 95/5 rye and its own 80 percent rye, 20 percent barley rye spicey-meets-sweet, basically. The result is a whiskey that feels green and springy, with a strong, mellow finish.

Proof: 92

What Knob Creeks standard rye has going for it: sturdy proof, solid price and hyper-consistency. It isnt the rye you pull out when showing off your collection its the go-to pour for the nights in between. Its relatively high proof and high corn mashbill make it a workhorse whiskey, not unlike a slightly upgraded Old Overholt. Find it literally everywhere.

Proof: 100

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Rye Whiskey: A Brief History

At one time in the history of the United States, rye was practically synonymous with American whiskey. In the 1700s, around the period the United States was founded, Maryland and Pennsylvania were rye-growing regions. The distillers of that time went ahead to create a reliable market that was highly revered that rye was used to barter.

And so, when rye became the first domestic commodity or product that was taxed by the new United States government, a severe backlash ensued which led to what was known as the Whiskey Rebellion.

Then Prohibition stepped in, and there was a significant decrease in the production of rye, and soon enough, Bourbon which was produced after distilling corn, a cereal that was cultivated in huge proportions in the newly farmed Midwest took the place of rye whiskey. Bourbon embedded itself in the hearts and souls of many whiskey lovers as Americas favorite alcoholic beverage. That was, of course, long before vodka was discovered. Canadian ryes were consumed during this period as well, though not as much as Bourbon.

It is much easier to distill corn than rye, and corn also produces a sweeter liquor. Thus, it rose quickly in popularity because the majority of whiskey drinkers at the time loved consuming sweeter cocktails. Back then, sweet vermouth was used for making martinis as against what prevails today, the use of the well-known dry vermouth.

The best rye whiskeys out there take from six to ten years to produce.

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