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What Kind Of Rum Goes In Pina Colada

Can I Double Or Triple The Pina Colada Mix

Pina Coladas with RUM – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

If you want to make these for several people you can double or triple the recipe! Because its a frozen, slushy drink you will want to make the batch and serve it right away. It doesnt hold well because the ice melts pretty quick.

I see quite of few of these piña colada in my summertime future! Until we can book that vacation, I know I can bring a little bit of the tropics to my own backyard. If you need a little tropical break you should definitely try it!

The Classic Pina Colada Recipe

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The Pina Colada recipe is one everybody should know. Its a summertime classic that deserves more respect than it gets. It may be sweet and it may be palatable to people who dont drink much or are just starting, but its a wonderful treat for seasoned cocktail lovers, too.

Best Coconut Rum: Don Q Coco

Courtesy of Drizly

Region: Puerto Rico | ABV: 21% | Tasting Notes: Coconut, Vanilla, Brown Sugar

Pablo Guerrero, F& B manager for Azabu in Miami Beach, thinks this flavored rum stands out from others in the category to use in a Piña Colada. Don Q Coco because its coconut flavor tastes very natural and creates excellent Coladas without tasting artificial, he says. This rum is aged for about a year and then flavored with real coconut extract.

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What Is Cream Of Coconut

Cream of coconut is similar to condensed milk, except that it’s made with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. It’s thick, syrupy, and sweet, and typically comes in a can. Note that cream of coconut is different from coconut cream, which is the fatty, creamy part of canned coconut milk that you can skim off the top. Canned coconut milk can come sweetened or unsweetened and has a milder, butterier flavor than cream of coconut. Cream of coconut is the best choice in this recipe because of its thickness and richness Coco Casa and Coco Lopez are two popular brands.

Can I Make A Pina Colada Mix Ahead Of Time

Lesapea Musings...

Yes, you can! Blend all of the ingredients together except for the frozen pineapple chunks and ice, and keep in an airtight container in the fridge for several days until you are ready to enjoy.

Then to make blended frozen Pina Coladas, combine the refrigerated mix with frozen pineapple and ice in the blender. For Pina Coladas on the rocks, simply pour the pre-made mix over ice and serve.

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Is Malibu White Rum

Malibu Original White Rum with Coconut is the perfect drink for when the sun is setting and the good times are flowing. Malibu rum has a full and rounded, lightly toasted coconut aroma, and a creamy coconut taste with vanilla custard notes. The body is delicate with a soft warming rum taste and a lasting silky finish.

How To Make Homemade Pina Coladas

There are three easy ways to enjoy this classic Pina Colada mix as perfectly refreshing summer drinks:

  • For The Best Frozen Piña Colada: Place all the ingredients in the blender and puree until smooth and frothy. Pour into hurricane glasses and serve immediately.
  • For A Classic Piña Colada On the Rocks: Set out a 2 cup measuring pitcher. Combine the cream of coconut, pineapple juice, both rums, and lime juice in the pitcher. Stir well. Fill two tall glasses with ice and pour in the Pina Coladas.
  • To Make the Best Virgin Piña Colada: Place the cream of coconut, 7 ounces pineapple juice, lime juice, pineapple chunks, and ice in the blender. Puree until smooth and frothy. Pour into hurricane glasses and serve immediately.
  • Garnish with your choice of goodies, like cherries or pineapple slices. Serving homemade Pina Coladas with fancy straws and/or paper cocktail umbrellas is always fun, too!

    Want your Pina Coladas a bit more potent? Serve them with a floater on the side to be mixed in as needed.


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    Does A Pina Colada Have Milk

    Its true that traditional pina coladas are naturally dairy free. Nonetheless, Ive never been able to order one because many bars and restaurants do add dairy! Fortunately, this dairy free pina colada recipe falls more in line with tradition, but with a special ice cream twist that makes it even better.

    Tools To Make A Pina Colada

    Best Looking Liquor Bottle Goes to Pinaq Pina Colada (REVIEW) #pinaq #bestlookingbottle #pinacolada

    There really arent a lot of tool necessary. One thing you absolutely need is a good blender with the ability to really chop the ice. This will lead to the smoothest frozen pina colada.

    I recommend the Ninja countertop blender. Its a 1000-watt blender that can destroy ice with its 6 blades. Its a professional grade blender for just around $80. Such a good investment, especially if you make a lot of frozen cocktails and smoothies.

    I also think you need hurricane glasses to serve your Pina Coladas in. This will elevate the cocktail experience to a truly authentic level. I can imagine it now. Feels like summer. If youre not using a hurricane glass, use a tall glass thats at least 12 oz .

    Thats all you need to make the perfect Pina Colada. Just blend up all the ingredients, poor it into your hurricane glass, top it with a tropical umbrella and youre good to go.

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    Is Captain Morgan Rum Good For Pia Colada

    While any type of rum can be used to make a pia colada, I prefer Captain Morgan spiced rum. Spiced rum enhances the flavor of the drink without overpowering it, and white rums can sometimes have a bite to them. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the drink will be.

    Whats In A Pia Colada

    A straight-up piña colada will typically have pineapple juice, coconut milk or cream of coconut, and rum. Most of the time we like to get them frozen on a beach somewhere or at a Mexican restaurant on Friday night.

    My secret ingredient is not typical. I add orange juice to my piña coladas. A little trick I learned from a guy in college!

    The secret ingredient to a perfect piña colada brings out the tangy and sweet flavor of all the ingredients to make a super tasty sip.

    You dont actually taste the orange juice. It acts as a flavor enhancer! Truth be told, when you mix coconut milk and tangy-sweet pineapple juice, sometimes it can result in a flat, creamy flavor.

    Thats where your rum comes in to make you too happy to care. I actually leave the rum out of mine and make it a mocktail. So I want a flavor punch since Im not getting the extra happy!

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    What Rum Is Best For Cocktails

    Rum cocktails: the best rums for making classic rum cocktails Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum, 40% Yagura Organic Cachaça, 40% Bacardi Reserva 8 Year Old, 41.3% Eminente Reserva 7 Year Old, 41.3% Mount Gay XO triple Cask Blend, 43% Finest Caribbean Back Tot Rum, 46.2% Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum 70cl.

    History Of The Classic Pia Colada

    Pina Colada

    If you dont enjoy long walks on the beach or getting caught in the rain with a lover, you may also be missing out on one of our Rum Worlds most romantic and escapist cocktails, regardless of your affinity or lack thereof for singer/songwriter Rupert Holmes. When we think about the Piña Colada cocktail, we travel in our mind to distant tropical isles and forget about the mundane for awhile. We imagine sunsets glowing for hours and palm trees swaying in the warm sea breezes. The Piña Colada drink was arguably born but not arguably popularized with the rise of blender cocktails in the 1950s and seems acutely designed to present its imbiber with the ultimate taste challenge. It dares you to drink slowly or suffer a brain freeze. It became the National Drink of Puerto Rico in 1978 and if youre a child of the 80s and 90s, chances are you first came across this extremely likeable drink in its non-alcoholic form at a Fridays or a Ruby Tuesday or other chain restaurant, and therefore youve grown up with the exquisite flavor combination of pineapple & sweet coconut your entire life. And yet, even while so familiar, it retains its mythic escapist character. Like all fantasies, they often only last for as long as you can sip a classic Piña Colada.

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    Is All Malibu Rum Coconut

    Malibu is a coconut flavored liqueur, made with Caribbean rum, and possessing an alcohol content by volume of 21.0 % . As of 2017 the Malibu brand is owned by Pernod Ricard, who calls it a flavored rum, where this designation is allowed by local laws.Malibu Type Liqueur Website

    Pia Colada Variations And Types

    Many variations of the Piña Colada involve subbing out the rum base for other spirits like Vodka, Whisky or more bitter and herbal spirits like Green Chartreuse and Fernet Branca. There are also less alcoholic variants subbing in Oloroso Sherry for the Rum. More traditional variations of the piña colada drink involve split basing the rum with both light and dark brands. There are also other variants that call for creating a pineapple syrup with fresh pineapple and sugar in lieu of using the sweet cream of coconut. These recipes generally include more fresh lime juice. Below are a few rum based variants.

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    What Kind Of Rum For Pina Coladas

    The sweet flavors of coconut and pineapple need a light rum. A spiced rum would completely change the flavor of a Pina Colada. A dark rum adds another sweetness to the cocktail, typically with hints of caramel flavors. Its a bit much for an already sweet drink.

    With that said a dark rum floater is pretty common for a Pina Colada drink served in a bar. Most of the time, your bartender will ask if you want a floater whenever you order one.

    If youre inclined to go for that extra rum kick, I personally suggest either a lightly sweet darker rum such as Bacardi 8 or go for the exotic tasting Cruzan Blackstrap Rum with a hint of molasses flavor which goes well with the Pina Colada.

    What Rum Is Best For Pia Coladas

    “If you like Pina Coladas” | Escape (The Pina Colada Song) with Lyrics by Rupert Holmes | Video

    For a cocktail like the classic piña coladaand just in general, for that matterits always a good idea to steer clear of the bottom shelf. Trust usyoull pay for that really cheap rum when morning rolls around. That said, a piña colada is not the place to use a really nice, expensive aged rum. Blended with cream of coconut and all that pineapple, any nuance in the rum will definitely be a bit hidden. So! The best rum to use for piña coladas is a middle-of-the-road rum! $20-$25 bottles will be your sweet spot. Plantation white rum is usually a great rum for the money, as is Flor de Caña. As for the dark rum, regular old Myers dark rum is the classic pick. And speaking of rum….

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    Best Age Statement: Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Year

    Courtesy of Drizly

    Region: Haiti | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Almond, Pear, Butterscotch

    Short of driving to the beach, building a campfire, and toasting a marshmallow to adorn your Piña Colada, Barbancourt 15 is the best option for putting that essence into this cocktail, says Clay Tolbert of The Alley Light in Virginia. Oaky as all hell, the vanilla and caramel notes from this thoroughly aged rum is pretty much unparalleled in the world of sugarcane distillates, and punch you right in your sense-memory good!

    Stylish Glassware Keeps It Authentic

    If all you have is a wine goblet or Collins, well sure, pour in your Piña Colada, add a sustainable straw, and have at it. But if you really want to hold to the tropical flair for which the drink is famed, Lopez strongly suggests its classic stemware: Piña Coladas look beautiful in Poco Grande glasses or Hurricane glasses. And if a rum floater finds its way onto its crest and the cocktail is topped with a paper umbrella, all the better.

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    Pina Colada Recipe You Only Need 3 Ingredients

    You dont need one of those premade pina colada mixes you can buy at the store making it from scratch is super easy. This is the best pina colada recipe and I always have the ingredients on hand so I can whip one up whenever I want.

    • Pineapple juice
    • Coconut cream
    • Light rum

    For the coconut cream, I use Coco Real Cream of Coconut which is sold in squeeze bottles. I like it because it tastes great and it also keeps well in the refrigerator and doesnt separate.

    What Is The Smoothest White Rum

    Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

    The best white rums for cocktails:

    • Havana Club Añejo 3 Year Old. This Cuban bar staple has been aged in ex-bourbon casks and then filtered to remove the colour although there is still a subtle yellow hue to it.
    • Bounty White Rum.
    • Plantation 3 Stars White Rum.
    • That Boutique-y Rum Company Signature Blend #1.
    • Chairmans Reserve White Label Rum.

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    Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum

    Currently, there are scores of flavored rums on the market that can help to elevate the overall quality of your Pina Colada. But if youre looking for something more on the fruity side, then we highly recommend giving Plantation rum a shot!

    This infused rum comes to us from Barbados, where it has been infused with a rich and burnt pineapple flavor.

    When added to a traditional Pina Colada, this rum helps to give the cocktail a caramelized undertone and an overall juicy boost.

    So if you are looking for a way to pack more fruity flavor into your cocktails, we suggest going out and purchasing this rum today!

    The Secret Ingredient Is Heavy Cream

    According to Beachbum Berrys Potions of the Caribbean, the original recipe for the Piña Colada called for a measure of double cream. Essentially heavy cream, the ingredient is often disregarded or altogether forgotten. It thickens up even more, says McCoy. Heavy cream makes it smoother and more like a milkshake. After experimenting with making a Piña Colada with cream , we noticed it got rid of that granular, sandy texture from the blended ice.

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    What Type Of Rum Goes In A Pina Colada

    The Superior Silver and Gold rums from Barcardi are ideal for the pina colada recipe, and you can experiment with it if you want to. To enhance the pineapple flavor, use rum that has been flavored with pineapple. To amp up the coconut flavor, try a rum that has been flavored with coconut.

    Pina Colada Means Strained Pineapple

    how to make pina colada cocktail | bacardi rum cocktail | in hindi

    Translated from Spanish, pina means pineapple and colada means strained. Put them together and youve got strained pineapple which is a pretty good description of the drink itself given the mandatory inclusion of pineapple.

    There are many variations on the drink, but its not a true Pina Colada without at least a little pineapple in there.

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    Make It A Pia Colada Mocktail

    You can easily leave out the rum and have a virgin pina colada. Just make the drink as directed and just skip the alcohol. My daughter LOVES having a fancy cocktail thats safe for her to drink.

    If I have friends over, Ill blend the juice, coconut cream and ice and then serve the virgin ones to my friends who want one. Then Ill add the alcohol, blend again and serve up the regular ones. Or, just add the rum right on top in the serving glass, like they do at the fancy resorts.

    Best White: Plantation 3 Stars

    Courtesy of Drizly

    Region: Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad | ABV: 41.2% | Tasting Notes: Biscuit, Chocolate, Root Beer

    An all-around workhorse rum, it has nice depth and weight that can stand up well in this rich but delicious classic, says Jon Feuersanger, bar manager at Death & Co Denver.

    This rum is a blend distilled in Trinidad , Jamaica , and Barbados , with just a touch of older Jamaican rum added to the mix for flavor. This is a full-bodied rum that will augment this drink.

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    Best Overall: Don Q Gran Reserva Anejo Xo

    Courtesy of Drizly

    Region: Puerto Rico | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Oak, Vanilla, Fruit

    This rum checks all of the boxes for me, as I prefer using a rum with a little more depth and character, says Jose Medina Camacho, bar manager at Automatic Seafood & Oysters in Birmingham, Ala. I also like that they practice sustainability and are helping to create a cleaner earth. Gran Reserva is a blend of rum aged between 9 and 12 years, with some as old as 50 years in the mix from the solera system.

    The Pina Colada Pirate

    " If You Like Piña Coladas . . . "

    While we do have an accurate record of the drinks beginning, theres an alternate legend featuring a pirate. Its said that a rich Puerto Rico resident named Robert Cofresi went rogue and turned into a pirate when the state started failing in the 1800s.

    Supposedly, he created the drink on board to keep his crew happy. Whether or not this has any truth to it will forever remain a mystery for his alleged recipe has been lost forever.

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