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What Is The Most Expensive Don Julio Tequila

What Is A Top Shelf Tequila

TEQUILA SUNDAY – Most Expensive Tequila I have tried!!! – Don Julio 1942

Best Top-Shelf: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Añejo Tequila Considered the best of any brands portfolio, añejos are higher priced and typically reserved for high-end cocktails or sipping straight. The blue agave is estate-grown, and the tequila is aged for 14 to 24 months in American and French oak barrels.

What’s The Most Expensive Tequila

The 10 Most Expensive Tequila Bottles in the World

  • 1800 Coleccion Tequila $1,800.
  • Clase Azul Extra Anejo Tequila $1,700. …
  • Rey Sol Anejo Tequila $400. …
  • Tres-Quatro-Cinco Tequila $379. …
  • Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila $360. …
  • Don Julio Real Tequila $350. …
  • Gran Patron $250. …

Barrique De Ponciano Porfidio $2000

Part of what youre paying for when you shell out two grand for a bottle of Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is the bottle itself. Its designed with genuine 21-karat gold lettering and designs on the glass. To match the $2,000 price tag, exactly 2,000 bottles of this tequila are produced each year. The rich, mellow oaky flavor comes thanks to a decade of aging in the barrel.

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What Is The Fanciest Tequila Bottle

What is the tequila with the pretty bottle? Claze Azul is one of the fanciest tequila bottles. The bottles are hand-sculpted and hand-painted ceramic decanters shaped like giant restaurant pepper grinders. They range from $100 and $30,000 a bottle. The most expensive is studded with precious features like amber and 24-karat gold.

As you know, old is gold, and this same phenomenon applies to tequila too. The longer it takes to brew and grow in distinctive mouth-watering tastes, the more its value skyrockets. Almost all of the most expensive tequila bottles have extended ageing periods, bringing even better flavours to their proud customers. The darker the tequila, the merrier!

The Story Of Don Julio

The 17 Most Expensive Tequilas In The World

You see Don Julios short, stumpy bottles? When 17-year-old Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada started producing his own tequila, he was frustrated that he couldnt see his friends over the tall, sleek bottles that the spirit was usually served in. So, as well as pushing his own fashion statement, Don Julio defiantly bottled his tequila in a way that would suit him. Considered uncool at the time, he probably didnt anticipate the entire industry meekly following along in a matter of decades.

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Which Patron Is The Smoothest

Handmade in small batches to be smooth, sweet and easily mixable.

  • Silver. The perfect white spirit made from the finest Weber Blue Agave.
  • Reposado. Aged at least two months for smooth taste with a hint of oak flavor.
  • Añejo. Oak aged for over 12 months to produce a tequila perfect for sipping.
  • Extra Añejo.

Is Tequila Stronger Than Vodka

Tequila must have an ABV content of 35% to 55%, whilst vodka can be as strong as it likes as long as its over 40% to be sold in America. In terms of taste, the strength of the drink is determined by how you drink it. As most people drink tequila neat or as a shot, some would argue that tequila is the stronger liquor.

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Don Julio Tequila Limited Edition Bottles And Prices

Don Julio tequila not only has a wide range of tequila flavors but also a very personal limited edition. Lets check it out.

Don Julio Primavera

This limited edition bottle was made with high excitement and pride for the Mexican heritage of tequila distillery. Primavera was particularly made honoring the legacy of the innovative distiller Don Julio Gonzalez who made an unparalleled image in the industry of sophisticated tequila sellers. Every sip of this tequila is nothing but an extravagant taste of luxury. Made in an American white oak cask the aftertaste is ultra-silky leaving you with the perfect balance of honey and citrus. This tequila is perfect to be paired with cocktails and any outdoor drinks that you wish to fancy. The retail price for a bottle of 750ml is $164.

Why Is There A Worm In Tequila

Don Julio 1942 REVIEW | Is it worth the $170?

Mezcal is a smokey, aromatic spirit while tequila is more robust. The legend of the worm started in the 1950s when a Mexican mezcal maker discovered a moth larvae in a batch of mezcal. This mezcal maker thought the worm’s presence actually improved its taste. He placed a worm in each bottle as a marketing strategy.

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The Agave Harvesting Process

In addition to increasingly limited supply, harvesting and preparing agave is still a very manual process. Many spirits have seen a mechanization and automation of this part of the process, with the advent of modern farming methods. Tequila making, specifically harvesting blue agave, continues to be a human-driven task.

The process of harvesting agave is still passed down generationally, rather than via a manual or online training modules. Tending to agave is arduous, as the plants require constant monitoring and pruning . Only those who work the agave fields know when it is ready to be harvested, as there are no obvious indicators for those lacking experience.

Harvesting agave is not as simple as observing that a plant looks mature and ready to be turned into a fermented product called wort. The jimadores are experts, with vast experience, in knowing when the agave plant has just enough carbohydrates and just enough sugar to ferment properly.

As you can imagine, with so much experience and manual labor required, a product like agave can be quite expensive. Thus, the labor intensive and specialized harvesting process alone can drive the cost of tequila.

What Is The Rocks Favorite Tequila

Teremana Tequila Blanco is an ultra-premium tequila from Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Teremana Tequila is result of years of refinement resulting in a Tequila that embodies passion, positivity, hard work and fun. Teremana Blanco is made from 100% pure blue weber highlands agave & distilled in handmade copper pot stills.

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Clase Azul Extra Aejo

Price: $1700 a bottle

Clase Azul Extra Añejo Tequila is produced in a limited edition of 100 bottles, half for the Mexican market, and a half for the U.S. market. Its strikingly red color comes from its ten-year aging process in oak barrels previously used for sherry. This tequila is bottled in crystal decanters trimmed in gold, silver, and platinum.

What Is The Best

The 5 most expensive bottles of tequila

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1. El Jimador. Despite being one of the cheaper brands on the market, El Jimador uses 100% agave in all of its tequilas. Its also currently the best-selling tequila in Mexico.

Consequently, What is the best tequila from Mexico?

Best Mexican Tequila: Top 10 Tequila Brands

  • Don Julio 1942 Tequila.
  • Casa Noble Extra Añejo Single Barrel.
  • Fortaleza Blanco.
  • Don Julio Reposado Double Cask.
  • El Jimador Reposado.

Also question is, What kind of tequila do Mexicans prefer?

Jose Cuervo Tradicional

This iconic beverage is just as popular in Mexico as it is in the United States, symbolizing a party in a bottle. Made from 100% agave, it is mainly used for shots and mixed drinks, and served icy cold.

Besides Whats the number one selling tequila? 1. Jose Cuervo. After bagging the top position in our ranking for the past number of years, Becles Jose Cuervo has accomplished this again with its portfolio of Tequilas, resulting in a 0.4% rise in sales in 2020.

Also, What is the number one selling tequila?

1800 Tequila is a Mexican tequila brand owned by the Beckmann family. The family also owns Jose Cuervo, the best-selling brand of tequila in the United States. Within the United States, the Beckmann Family distributes 1800 Tequila drinks through their distribution company, Proximo Spirits.

What is the best tequila to drink straight?

18 Of The Best Sipping Tequilas That Are Delicious All On Their Own

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What Makes A Good Tequila

In order to qualify as good quality tequila, it has to be made from 100% Weber blue agave juice. It cannot be mixed with other ingredients, but that is not the only factor. The greatest tequilas on the market offer consumer reliability in terms of quality and taste, year after year. They do not cut corners and use cheap ingredients to come up with quantity. You know what they say: quality over quantity!

Expensive liquor is rising in popularity, and tequila has some pretty pricey bottles as well. There are numerous affordable tequila brands and varieties out there, but today we will take a closer look at the most expensive tequilas ever sold.

Comparing Brands And Their Pricing

So why is a Patron considered a Premium tequila by our standards, while a popular brand like 1800 comes out as a Standard offering? Lets compare some of the brands on our list and look at what might make one more expensive than another.

Patron tequila is often seen in night clubs and is considered an ultra premium brand in the marketplace. Easily identified by its uniquely designed bottle, Patron is one of the higher priced tequilas available on the shelf.

One major reason Patron is seen as a premium brand, and is more expensive, is because of their unique agave handling process. Rather than simply using agave grown on their property, Patron selects from an array of blue agave producers around the region. This ensures that only the perfect blue agave make it into their tequila.

Most would argue that Patron is worth the price as this is one of those tequilas that can be enjoyed sans salt and lime wedge.

On another note, Patron is incredibly environmentally conscious for a major tequila producer. They compost all the agave hearts after use and utilize natural gas to reduce carbon emissions.

Don Julio joins Patron as a Premium tequila on our list. It is also considered a super premium brand by the market, as well.

Jose Cuervo falls into the Standard category by price point, however, that does not mean it is significantly less quality. It has long been one of, if not the best selling tequilas world wide.

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Which Tequila Is The Smoothest

Here are the best sipping tequilas our experts recommend to drink right now.

  • Best Highlands: El Tesoro Reposado.
  • Best for Beginners: Casamigos Blanco.
  • Best Under $30: Espolòn Reposado.
  • Best Under $50: Cazadores Añejo.
  • Best Splurge: Don Ramón Limited Edition Extra Añejo.
  • Best Gift: Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend.

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila

Don Julio REAL The finest and most Expensive Tequila from Don Julio

Gran Patron Platinum at 250 US dollars is included in the list of one of the most expensive tequilas in the world. It is meant for savoring and sipping slowly on its own. It can also be used in cocktails if you so desire.

Gran Patron is available in 750ml bottles that have an alcoholic content of 40%. The spirit is bottled in premium bottles with a unique shape. This is enclosed in velvet and later packaged in a hand-made wooden box made from maple wood.

Gran Patron Platinum is one of the smoothest tequila in the world that is made from 100% agave, which is selected by hand to give the drink a high level of sugar content. The agave is picked from the Highlands of Jalisco.

It is distilled three times and then aged in vintage Bordeaux casks. This is done to remove the natural color of the beverage and to create a clear, crisp amber-colored beverage. It has notes of raisin, wood and vanilla and a hint of citrus. The most expensive Gran Patron provides a long-lasting and smooth finish with subtle hints of black pepper.

Tequila is a classic spirit that has managed to get the attention and respect it deserves. It boasts of several aromas like pepper, honey and caramel and flavors that range from vanilla, earth, wood, and spice.

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What About The Worm

Remember the worm we talked about in the opening section? As it turns out, worms have nothing to do with tequila. The worm in the bottle trick is often used by mezcal producers as a gimmick of sorts to draw attention to their product. In fact, the law says that tequila may not contain a worm or scorpion.

If a bottle is con gusano , then it is likely a mezcal and not a very good one at that. The worm is actually the larva of a moth that infests agave plants. An infested plant is the sign of a bad agave product. Proceed with caution.

Gran Patrn Platinum Tequila

Price: $250 a bottle

Drinkers of Gran Patrón Platinum note that it goes down smooth, and it is unusually sweet without the addition of sugar. The sweetness of this tequila derives from the careful timing of the agave harvest. If the crop is harvested a little too soon or a little too late the sugar content of the agave is much lower. The Gran Patrón Platinum bottles have a unique shape and are shipped in a maple wood box lined with velvet.

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The Blue Agave Problem

Tequila is a member of the larger family of spirits – mezcal. Mezcal is produced from any agave plant, however, tequila has a strict ingredient requirement: it must be made from blue agave. Obviously, this limits the availability of ingredients, which in turn drives the cost.

The limited availability of blue agave combined with an increasing demand for the popular spirit has created a significant supply issue for tequila producers.This lack of supply has allowed the increase in cost of the plant, to the tune of six times what is cost just a couple of years ago. As you can imagine, this cost is passed on to the consumer down the line.

Is White Or Dark Tequila Better

Pin on Hack Yourself

When it comes down to it, silver tequila is better for margaritas than gold tequila. They are aged differently, with silver tequila boasting a stronger, purer taste while being clear in color. It is aged in barrels for months or years, resulting in a range of light to dark amber and caramel colors.

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Tequila Ley 925 Diamant

Price: $3.5 million per bottle

Tequila Ley .925 Diamanté is rested in barrels for seven years. This Premium Extra Añejo is 42 percent alcohol. It is bottled in a flask made from 4.4 pounds of platinum and 4.100 perfect white diamonds. The overall design of the bottle is a dragon theme. Glass dragon scales cover the bottle, and a dragon tooth hangs from its neck.

The tequila inside Tequila Ley .925 Diamanté is neither Añejo nor Extra-Añejo. It is aged 18 months in oak barrels and reportedly has both butterscotch and vanilla flavors. This tequila is the Tequila Ley .925 that sells over the counter for $3,499,947.01 less in liquor stores everywhere.

This makes Tequila Ley .925 Diamanté the single most expensive tequila in the world.

Its A Brand Thats Won Multiple Awards For Its Delicious Bottles

and it keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to premium quality. Before Don Julio took to the scene, tequila was generally either considered Blanco, Reposado or Añejo. The arrival of Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila took to the stage as the worlds first Añejo Claro tequila, while the brands Real Tequila broke the ceiling of ageing the spirit and helped to create the Extra Añejo category. With its velvety smooth Blanco qualities and honeyed vanilla and toasted oak flavours, its a one-of-a-kind sipper thats among the best of the best.

Part of the reason as to why this premium tequila is so good can be attributed to its growing region. Intellectual property laws ensure that tequila can only be made in one place: Mexico. And Don Julio is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, one of the countrys most fertile agave-growing regions.

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How Is Tequila Made

Distilled in wooden casks for periods of time ranging from a few months to a few years, the pina of the blue agave plant, or its central stems are cut out, steam cooked and fermented, then distilled at least twice before it reaches the bottling process.

If we want to get technical, Mexican law requires all bottles of tequila to contain at least 51% Weber Blue Agave in its distilled product. This plant can be found in several regions of Mexico, but it grows on red soils that are elevated at more than 1500 feet from sea level.

Once the pinas are baked or steamed, the sweet juice is crushed from the stems, then yeast is added in order to begin the fermentation process. The tepache, or the juice from the baked pinas is fermented in containers until the mixture reaches 5%, or ten proof alcohol. Then it is distilled until the mixture reaches 55% alcohol or 110 proof, but to make the end result 76-80 proof, water is added when bottled.

Is Tequila More Potent Than Vodka

Don Julio 1942 Review & Tasting / Is it worth $150 ?

Tequila must have an ABV content of 35% to 55%, whilst vodka can be as strong as it likes as long as its over 40% to be sold in America. In terms of taste, the strength of the drink is determined by how you drink it. As most people drink tequila neat or as a shot, some would argue that tequila is the stronger liquor.

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