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What Brand Of Whiskey Do They Drink On The Ranch

What Is Ranch Water

The 8 Best Cask Strength BOURBONS (according to barrel proof whiskey lovers)

Texas Ranch Water is a simple, three-ingredient cocktail that is nearly impossible to mess up. Think of it as something like a skinny margarita, but even easier. And although the drink itself is unfussy as can be, the name is obscure enough to confuse the uninitiated. So why is it called Ranch Water?

Eloise Bryan is the lead concierge at the Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas, where her White Buffalo Bar is frequently credited as originating the drink.

“A bunch of people out here refer to it as the Ranch Water because cowboys are out there working hard all day, and they want good water, but they want it a little bit spiked,” Bryan told The Washington Post in 2021 as Ranch Water’s popularity was spreading wildly around the country.

More Women Are Drinking Whiskey: Frey Ranch Launches Campaign To Support Womens Health Promote Changes In The Industry

RENO, Nev. – Frey Ranch in Fallon is raising awareness about womens roles in whiskey production, marketing and consumption while also supporting womens health.

Ashley Frey, the Chief Storyteller for the bourbon company, told Morning Breaks Katey Roshetko that whiskey is an approachable drink and more women are coming forward who say they like whiskey and are even becoming the face of whiskey brands.

The consumer segment of women in whiskey is the fastest growing segment out there so you are not alone if you like whiskey and are a woman, Frey said.

Throughout March, Frey Ranch is promoting its Women in Whiskey campaign with displays set up in many of the Raleys, Whole Foods, and Bens Fine Wine and Spirits throughout Northern Nevada. And at the ranch, there are also selling special Women in Whiskey bottles of their single barrel whiskey. A dollar of every bottle sold from either the store or the ranch is donated to Moms on the Run, a local non-profit that supports women battling breast cancer. Its a cause near to Freys heart as her mom is a breast cancer survivor.

Being able to give back in that way is something that I feel very passionate about, she said.

The Frey Ranch Distillery is open to the public for tastings on Saturdays from 12-4 p.m. For more information on the campaign and how to buy some Frey Ranch whiskey, visit their website.

You can also follow Frey Ranch Distillery on and .

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Review: Ranch Rider Canned Cocktails

Newcomer Ranch Rider Spirits Co. seems to be having a decent run in the rising canned cocktail market. Their Texan roots are proudly touted, with a key expression being the ranch water, a Texas bar favorite. Ranch Rider seeks to provide simple, classic, and familiar cocktails with real ingredients and no additives not even added sweeteners.

They are going for bold, so lets see how they fare.

All 6% abv.

Ranch Rider Ranch Water This cocktail is the traditional ranch water recipe of tequila, sparkling water, and lime. This drink is first and foremost quite tart but refreshing. There is not a smidge of sweetness to the lime flavor. The tartness rides on the carbonation, then settles back fairly quickly. Theres a faint malty quality owing to the reposado in the mix. All in all its as advertised, if you are looking for a clean and unsweetened tequila-lime twist to seltzer on a hot day. B

Ranch Rider Tequila Paloma The traditional ingredients for a paloma are featured here tequila, grapefruit, lime as well as a touch of sea salt. The sea salt is a bit curious and seems to bring out a sourness more akin to kombucha or other fermented drinks. This version of sour may not be the most universally appealing, and I find myself in the rare occasion wishing there was more sweetness and fruitiness to a cocktail. B-

each $14 per four-pack of 12 oz cans /

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Iwsr Takes A Closer Look At The Ranch Water Cocktail Trend And Asks Whether It Has The Potential To Further Drive Tequilas Popularity While Leveraging The Rtd Boom

Typically made of tequila, Mexican sparkling water brand Topo Chico, and lime, the Ranch Water cocktail has quickly spread from its west Texas origin across the US. The serve was originally the drink of choice for Texan ranchers after a hard days work however, its easy-to-mix and refreshing characteristics mean Ranch Water now has a much broader appeal.

Central to the serve is Topo Chico sparkling water, which has developed a cult status in Texas and other states that border Mexico. As the brand gained traction in the US driven by the popularity of Ranch Water and a loyal bartender following soft drinks giant Coca-Cola acquired Topo Chico in 2017, and subsequently ramped up distribution. Towards the end of last year, Coca-Cola launched Topo Chico Hard Seltzer as its first global foray into alcohol, although the product is not marketed as containing tequila.

The growing reach of Ranch Water has been enabled by a host of ancillary trends, most notably: the continued growth of hard seltzers and RTDs the strong performance of tequila demand for refreshing cocktails that are easy to make at home and low-calorie/low-sugar beverages.

Spying the opportunity presented by Ranch Water, in February 2021, Dutch brewer Heineken unveiled a line extension for its Dos Equis lager brand: Dos Equis Ranch Water Hard Seltzer. Then, in March 2021 Diageo acquired Texan producer Far West Spirits, maker of Lone River Ranch Water hard seltzer.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

Best 10 Alcoholic Drinks

If you’ve never tried Four Roses, make 2022 the year to check it off your list. The Kentucky single-barrel bourbon is a fair price at $45, and it always is reliably tasty . Four Roses Single Barrel is aged between seven and nine years, giving it a heavy oak and tobacco flavor. It also has sweet notes of chocolate and baking spices, with a fruity aroma that balances everything out. As Paste explains, single-barrel bourbons are more defined in flavor, as they only contain alcohol that was aged in one barrel rather than a blend.

As described it, Four Roses’ “low price and ubiquity on liquor store shelves may cause it to be overlooked or taken for granted.” However, it’s a reliable and well-priced bourbon that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you pick up a bottle or order it on the rocks next time you’re at the bar, it’s an easy bourbon to try that will likely become a regular in your rotation.

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Bulleit Bourbon 10 Years

Bulleit Bourbon is one of the most versatile options on the market with an extremely balanced flavor profile, so it’s likely whiskey enthusiasts have sipped it before. However, Bulleit has a 10-year-old bourbon that is underrated and worth adding to your list. Bulleit 10 Year is aged in charred American white oak barrels for a decade, resulting in a depth of flavor unmatched by the original. It’s another good spirit to drink alongside its more basic counterpart, to really elevate your bourbon tasting skills.

Bulleit 10 Year is the rich and complicated cousin of the brand’s original blend. It’s fruity without losing the necessary oakiness, as well as containing notes of sweet baked goods. More than 70 reviewers on Whiskey Base rate Bulleit 10 Year 81/100, so it’s a palatable pick to try something new. It also rings up for about $50 a bottle, so a bottle is a nice way to treat yourself, or the whiskey lover in your life .

% Real Tequila Sourced From Mexico

We went to Mexico to source tequila by tasting it from eight or nine different suppliers, Muph laughs.

That was really freaking fun. Just tasting tequila all day, every day in Jalisco, Mexico.

The entire product line was gonna be Mexican spirits driven, like mezcal variants, but we ended up pivoting from that because its really hard to export. You can only do it in very small increments, so that killed the idea. We also thought mezcal wasnt known enough by the everyday consumer, so we ended up pivoting a little bit and just leaning into these legendary cocktails from Texas in Mexico that were emblematic of a region.

That kind of became Ranch Rider Spirits brand identity. Authentically Western and a product line that was like all-natural: No additives, no sugar, super clean, citrus-forward, and in line with what we wanted in a drink. Quality spirits, no added sugar, premium, citrus-forward.

The sourcing was one thing. When our truckload of tequila got to Austin, we had no idea what to do with it so we hired a guy from a local company, Austin Eastciders. We said, Hey, we have a truck on the way with all this tequila and Texas citrus. With their help, we had six months to turn all this stuff into a product.

And the carbonated water that gives ranch water its bite?

According to Murph, We carbonated ourselves. If you look at our facility, we basically combine everything into these big tanks, which you would find in any brewery, and then mix it all up and can it.

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Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace has been distilling Kentucky bourbon for more than 200 years, so it’s about time to try it if you haven’t already. Its flavor never fails, with equal hints of sweetness, smoothness, and a bit of spice that blend together perfectly . If drinking bourbon straight-up isn’t your thing, this is a perfect new bourbon to try in your classic cocktail to shake things up.

Buffalo Trace sells its bourbon for about $40 . It’s a good option to try at a bar or a friend’s house before buying a bottle, but worth tasting for sure. It’s a staple bourbon on many home bars, so you never know if it might become your new favorite. If not, it’s at least worth checking off your list to figure out what aromas and flavor profiles you prefer in a whiskey, like any good expert would.

Best Age Statement: Eagle Rare

The 5 favorite BEERS of WHISKEY LOVERS

Courtesy of

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Orange, Honey

Eagle Rare goes down smooth and leaves awesome light caramel, toasty notes that make you feel loved, says Katsumi Yuso Ruiz, bartender and co-owner of Curio Bar, Roger’s Liquid Oasis and Brass Tacks in Denver. This bourbon, made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, is aged for at least 10 years. It might cost a little more than other bottles, but who says bourbon beginners don’t deserve the quality stuff?

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Kansas Citys Premier Whiskey Tasting Roomexperience The Whiskey Snug

The Whiskey Snug & Gin Joint carries the Midwest regions and Kansas Citys largest selection of Irish Whiskeys, Single Malt Scotches, unusual bourbons, ryes and an extensive offering of international spirits. You can purchase samples by the shot or take home a bottle to enjoy. Reservations are recommended for our exclusive Upper Snug for whiskey tastings. Enjoy a premium or top shelf shot or enjoy a curated flight of whiskey or create your own custom flight. Memberships are available. The Upper Snug is also available for private party rental. The Celtic Ranch is a certified training facility for the Whiskey ambassador program, the only accredited whiskey training program in the UK. The Whiskey Snug is a liquor store, bar, tasting room, and special event space located in the back of the Celtic Ranch, the long-standing retail store located in downtown Weston, MO. Situated north of the Kansas City area, the whiskey tasting room is a 35 minute drive from downtown Kansas City, and 15 minutes away from the KCI Airport.

Our Whiskey Snug collection began as a table with a dozen Irish whiskies we sampled in the Celtic Ranch, located in Weston, MO since 2004. Our selection expanded into single malt Scotches and Irish liqueurs, and soon enough we ventured into bourbons and ryes and became a full-fledged whiskey bar. We added an upper level in 2018 and renovated it for expanded seating in 2021, and now we boast one of the widest selections of whiskey and gin in the Midwest.

Best Peated Scotch: Bowmore 15 Years Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The quintessential crowd-pleaser, Bowmore 15 effuses enough smokiness to entice peat lovers while also serving a profile thats approachable for those new to the style. A prominent characteristic though it is, smoke is but one feather in this single malts cap. Expect vibrant aromas of red berries and violets, followed by the rich, powerful character of dried fruits and honeyed nuts on the palate. Average price: $90.

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Best Bourbon: Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon

With an average price of close to $70, this release doesnt qualify as an everyday sipper for most drinkers. Yet so enticing and characterful is its profile that you might struggle to reach for anything else in your bourbon collection after buying a bottle. At 12 years old and 50 percent ABV, it finds a powerful yet balanced sweet spot, overdelivering on age and quality compared with similarly priced bottles . Average price: $68.

Best Wheated: Makers 46

Tennessee Whiskeys That Earn The Label: The Top 4

Courtesy of

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Cherry, Vanilla, Caramel

Maker’s 46 is a great entry-level bourbon, says Brendan Bartley, head bartender at Bathtub Gin Speakeasy Bar. Like regular Makers, this is a wheated bourbon , but French oak staves are added to the barrel for a few months to augment the flavor. The French oak gives the whiskey some more interesting notes, like baking spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, with the addition of soft fruits like apple and pear, says Bartley. For those starting out or those well versed, this is an interesting, rich and layered whiskey for everyone.

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Visit The Whiskey Snug

This is a very neat store along the main street in Weston Mo. What makes this store a must stop for me is the “Whiskey Snug” shop in the back of the store. They specialize in Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Scotches. The have a large selection for purchase by the bottle, and a nice selection to try by the drink/shot. The customer service was second to none and I enjoyed my time chatting with staff while trying a bourbon or two. Such an unlikely place for a place with this quality and quantity of great spirits. Oh and they do have have nice items throughout the rest of this store base on a Celtic theme.


During a resent visit to Weston we discovered this store. Upon walking in you are greeted by the toe tapping music of Ireland. You can spend quite some time there examining the lovely Gaelic merchandise. There are even two separate rooms, one for a lovely whiskey selection the other for wine, tea and other little treats. Lovely place to visit.

This is a great store to gander about. The Whiskey tasting was spot on and the store has lots of Irish goods. This is a store I would and will spend lots of money in. Definitely worth a visit while in the area.

Great Irish store. Great selection of goods from Ireland from whiskey to clothes, and dishes stop in and browse, something will become a need that has to go home with you.

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon

Being the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, Garrison Brothers are by far the best and only use 100% food-grade Texas corn. This completely uncut and unfiltered bourbon is personally selected by Donnis Todd.

All the whiskey bottles are further numbered by hand and signed by the master distiller himself. With a quick sniff, you will recognize sour mash and sweet pipe tobacco, and it has a taste of toffee, vanilla, and cherry.

This 135-proof straight from the barrel limited edition spirit is certainly not for casual drinking or the faint-hearted. While the cost is slightly on the higher end, savor it if you manage to get your hands on one, as they sell out quickly.

The flagship bourbon of Ironroot Republic is a must-buy for a whiskey that is less than three years old. It is rich and smooth with its nose of maple syrup, orange marmalade, and mixed red fruits. The grains are distilled in the orthodox Scottish-style pot still using French Brandy making techniques to deliver a compelling aroma and palate.

The taste is a rich caramel sweetness alongside dried red fruits and baking spices, achieved by aging the spirit in American and European virgin oak casks. While it has a bitter and quick finish for a 115-proof, the bourbon will surely be an immediate favorite for many. The distillery has come a long way through the years and winning the Worlds Best Bourbon in 2020 has only skyrocketed the fame of this Texas-style whiskey.

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Best Overall: Knob Creek

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 50% | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Corn, Fruit

Knob Creek is part of Jim Beams Small Batch Collection. This 9-year-old bourbon is a great place to start for anyone interested in the category. You will get a bit of oak on the palate here, but nothing that overpowers the classic flavors of vanilla, caramel and dried fruit. This bourbon works as well in a cocktail as it does sipped in a glass neat.

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