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Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac Extra

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Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP

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Rmy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac

A fine blend, with a warming complexity, the Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne is a wonderful Cognac to own. Comprised of a blend from the two finest regions of the Cognac, 90% Grande and 10% Petite Champagne, it boasts exceptional quality. It is due to this brilliance that the name Fine Champagne was attributed in celebration of its exquisite eaux-de-vie. A 70cl decanter at ABV of 40%, it is a selection you will want to enjoy time and time again.

Established in 1724, the Rémy Martin has plenty of practice in perfecting expertise. Renowned for crafting the highest quality Cognacs using timeless production methods, it is easy to see why this house is famous for its brilliance. Showcasing that with ease, the Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne is a rounded, complex, yet smooth selection embodying all that this wonderful house has to offer.

Presentation of the bottle

Presented in a delightful oval decanter, with a proud gold top, this Cognac immediately captures attention. The instantly recognizable branding is all that is needed to convey the brilliance beneath it. Styled with simple sophistication, it allows both the prestige of the house and the rich mahogany hue to speak for itself. Certainly, one to proudly display for all to witness.

How to enjoy

You will want to savor a finish as long as this one. Enjoy neat and sip slowly, with plenty of time to allow the flavors to unfold. You might also like to add a drop of water to tease the fruity, floral aroma to the surface.

Remy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac

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The initial nosing passes find subtle traces of dried fruit, black pepper and oak aeration time adds potent, off-dry scents of spirits, oak, spice and marzipan. Entry is wonderfully elegant and integrated at midpalate the taste profile becomes more focused, especially on the oak and dried fruit. Finish is graceful, chewy and harmonious. P.P.

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Remy Martin Fine Champagne Extra

Bottle size
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My Father in Law was given this as a gift after a steelworker contract was successful. More than 21 years ago
Text on label
Remy Martin Fine Champagne Extra Exclusively from the two Premier Crus of the Cognac Region
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In a dry place, Lying on its side


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Price Of Rmy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac

Remy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac 35cl

Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac can be bought on auctions and also on some spirit sellers webshops. The price varies with demand, but expect the price to be ranging from 330 USD to 500 USD for 700 ml decanter. Todays price is quite high, so the value is not the best. After all, the XO is much cheaper with just a little bit fewer fireworks.

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Rmy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac Tasting Notes

The dark amber color of Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac immediately stands out. On the nose, I got a bunch of dried fruits with woody hints, and after that a nice subtle cigar tobacco. Entry is an elegant and complex but still well-rounded pallet warming middle with direct dried fruits and oak that lasts for a long time. Aftertaste of Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac is long more than 20 minutes and keeps the harmonious fruitiness in your mouth. Amazing!

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The House Of Rmy Martin

The story of the House of Remy Martin started three centuries ago and is part of five generations. Since 1724, the House of Remy Martin is on their quest to produce the best what region of Petite and Grande Champagne can offer. Now two families with equal share run the business Rémy Martin and the Heriard Dubreuil families.

Rémy Martins family understands the importance of time, and how can spirit develop over the years. So called the eaux-de-vie requires a great number of years to fully express its true character. Time is a master that Rémy Martin respects deeply, and counts on when it comes to the future. That might also be the reason they have one of the greatest cognac eaux-de-vie reserves in the world.

Part of the House of Rémy Martin is also an ongoing tradition to distill all its cognacs on the lees in small copper stills. This traditional process creates a perfectly balanced cognac with a subtle blend of fruity, floral, oaky, and spicy aromas. On the lees means it has a leftover yeast particle from autolysis which is the self-destruction of yeast cells by enzymes created from fermentation. Indeed, this tradition certainly is one of the reasons for Rémy Martin harmonious taste. But is this Cognac harmonious as well?

Remy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac 700ml Bottle

Rémy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac Review

Bottle size

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When Should I Drink This Cognac

This Cognac certainly is one step further from XO and it should be served with serious respect. Sure you can have it just with your favorite cigar, but my thing is more gastronomical. I would enjoy it with a cocked pear in red wine, accompanied with pan-seared foie gras and crispy jamón ibérico on the top. On the side, some sweet smooth port wine espuma and thats it.

Rmy Martin Fine Champagne Vsop

Age: Price: Price Range:

Can be found almost anywhere. Decent if a touch pricey to value.

Notes: Produced in the heart of the Cognac region, Remy only uses grapes grown from the Cognac Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne area for this, their VSOP offering. . Distilled in small classic alembic charentais copper stills the resulting eau de vie is then aged in Limousin oak in their private cellars and then is carefully blended to profile. Remy offers many different cognacs to fit ones taste and/or budget within their portfolio. Remys is also actually one of the few producers who bottle a vintage year release, the latest being their 1989 release. Two other cognacs of theirs that we have reviewed are the 1989 Vintage and 1738 Accord Royal

First Impression: Apricots, figs, apples, vanilla, caramel, leather and oily nuts and some oak. A sweet, concentrated champagne or jam like-like smell to it with an admixture of floral scents. Very distinctive, aromatic with a nice blend of heavier bass notes to it also.

Appearance: Attractive red/gold color, leaves thin coat on swirling. Could be mistaken for a bourbon in color.

Taste: Sweetish entry , then drying pleasantly. Medium silky body, with a lot of ripe fruit notes, with concentrated almost raisin or ice wine type notes with hints of vanilla and oak pepper and a lovely lingering finish.

Other: One of the more outstanding products in large portfolio of products ranging in age and price.


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Remy Martin 1898 Coupe Fine Champagne Cognac

A Cognac kept under the radar, the Rémy Martin 1898 Coupe Fine Champagne boasts an element of mystery. Classified as an Extra Cognac, its middle to old in age. As a Fine Champagne blend, it is composed of eaux-de-vie from the two most prestigious regions of the Cognac, Grande and Champagne. Taking into consideration both its age and blend, this is a selection of exceptional quality. Certainly one for those that appreciate a finer, more mysterious selection.

Each creation from this renowned house, known for best-selling world-class champagne Cognac, is one that you can trust. For nearly three centuries, and from wine-growing origins, Rémy Martin has captured the heart of cognac. It is the only major cognac house specializing exclusively in Cognac Fine Champagne which gives the drink its fruity aroma and makes it a spirit of the highest quality. Embodying each element of this house perfectly, the Remy Martin 1898 Coupe Fine Champagne Cognac is a wonderful display of Remy Martins brilliance.

Presentation of the bottle

An embossed oval shape decanter immediately captures attention with its unique expression. At its heart, the Remy Martin branding stands proud with gold and red detailing. An imposing gold top outlines the premier cru region conveying the sophistication of the blend. A delightful display, true to Remy Martin tradition.

How to enjoy


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