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Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review

Final Thoughts & Score/buy A Bottle:

Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review

Score: 84/100

In general, Noahs Mill is a solid, higher proof bourbon offering. However, I cant help but remember the depth of flavor found in the 15-year version that was readily available just a few years ago. The age statement dropped, but the price did not. If Bookers bourbon wasnt going up to $100 a bottle, Id recommend it over Noahs Mill. Even with the disappearance of Bookers from the $50 to $60 price range, Id still recommend Wild Turkey Rare Breed or a Four Roses Private Barrel selectionboth available at many good whiskey shops.

What Does Noahs Mill Bourbon Taste Like

According to the Willett Distillery where Noahs Mill bourbon hails from, this is One of the most lush and rich Whiskeys on the market. Thats saying something alright.

So the flavor is said to be good by consumers and retailers alike but what do the manufacturers say about the smell and flavors of this particular whiskey?

Who Makes Noahs Mill Bourbon

The story of Willett Distilling is a good chunk of Kentucky bourbon history. Sometimes distillers and sometimes non-distillers operate from out of Bardstown, Kentucky. They have been credited with playing a massive role in saving Kentuckys bourbon during the bourbons decline.

Operating as a non-distilling producer, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, purchased bourbon from other distilleries, aged it in their own warehouses, and then bottled it as part of their own exclusive and extensive family of labels. So, they certainly played a massive role in preventing bourbon from struggling in Kentucky.

In 2012, Willett went back to distilling. You can now find Willetts rye whiskey and bourbon released as Willett Family releases. Willet also released their bourbon Old Bardstown Bottled-in-Bond only for sale in Kentucky. Although Willet is now making its own whiskeys, most of their labels are still bottles from barrels created by other Kentucky distilleries.

From Willetts sourced bourbon brands, Noahs Mill is a 114.3 proof bourbon. When Noahs Mill was originally released, it carried a 15-year statement. Now that there have being bourbon shortages, the age of this bourbon has reduced. The age of Noahs Mill Bourbon is now thought to be between four and twenty years.

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Reviews & Tasting Notes

Based on 946 votes, the average rating for Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon is 8.0/10.

Top reviews for Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon:

& horbar One of the best flavor profiles Ive had. Great bottle for the price.

& horbar Love this bourbon. Probably the best Ive had.

& horbar Best mint julep Ive ever had

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Why people love it?

Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon which is carefully distilled at Undisclosed is adored for its cinnamon, caramel, mint and dry flavor notes.

  • Style Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Maturation American White Oak Barrel

First: Our Noahs Mill Review Rundown


No doubt you enthusiasts out there are looking through Noahs Mill reviews in search of a mash bill and age statement. Noahs Mill is one of Willet Distillerys brands out of Bardstown, Kentucky. Originally, Willett Distillery gave Noahs Mill a 15-year age statement.

Now, however, youll find NAS and an undisclosed mash bill because the barrels are sourced. Some speculate that Noahs Mill is a blend of 4-to-20-year-old bourbons, though thats not officially published by Willett. This particular Kentucky Bourbon seems to be available everywhere or nowhere depending on where youre looking.

Noahs Mill is near barrel strength . But it drinks more like 100 proof with a smoother finish than most bourbons in the same $50 to $60 range.

A nice, spicy bourbon, Noahs Mill is sweet upfront with something reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar . Youll pick up a hint of prunes and floral notes followed by cinnamon and spice before a lingering sense of toffee and oak finish Noahs Mill off with a burn.

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A Mystery Bourbon Nobody Understands Is Your New Thanksgiving Date

Who makes Noah’s Mill? What is Noah’s Mill made of? Unanswerable questions what matters is what Noah’s Mill can do for you.

Welcome to Shelf Sleepers, our semi-regular guide to the best booze nobody is buying. This time: Noah’s Mill, a dark and semi-mysterious that makes a perfect Thanksgiving date.

What we know: Noah’s Mill is a high-proof Willett Distilling product that’s a blend of many barrels ranging from four to 20 years old. The distiller is unknown, as is the composition of the whiskey inside.

It’s one of a few Willett-owned brands that source whiskey from other distillers, a collection that includes other deep-cut value buys like Rowan’s Creek and Johnny Drum. But Noah’s Mill is a bit different.

It’s widely speculated that it’s a blend of bourbon ages and many bourbon mashbills, including high-rye, low-rye and wheated bourbon grain makeups. If you were playing whiskey Jeopardy and given only that information as the hint at guessing the producer, you’d likely answer “what is High West distillery?”

It’s also a 114 proof bourbon available on the mid-shelf about $50 to $55 usually. Altogether you have a whiskey that can carry a conversation with family members you don’t want to discuss a particularly searing election with.

Pour over ice and find a dark corner to hide in. The rye, youthful whiskey and extra-aged spirit in this bottle winds up tasting like baking spices, peanuts and pancakes.

Noahs Mill Review From Ig Enthusiasts And Experts

We know that you’re probably wondering what other lovers of bourbon think about this bottle. In this case, as with anything else, Instagram is one of the best places to feel the pulse. Here at Prestige, were excited by the overall price and quality of Noahs Mill, but dont just take our word for it.

Give these folks on IG a chance to share their opinion with you. Check out their profiles. If you have the time, give them a follow. After all, its the whole reason social media is so great with content and product reviews. Especially when it comes to this particular Kentucky bourbon, youre getting all the information from fellow enthusiasts or experts who could be your friends and neighbors.

Again, check out these bourbon lovers opinions and knowledge of all things Noahs Mill, and others. You can also drop in on us on as well.

Finishing a long day with a favorite|@ben.stvns

Noah’s mill review by @ben.stvns | Image credit: Ben.Stvns

Capping a great, long day with one of my favorite bourbons. — @ben.stvns

Down the Right Path | @shamrockwine

Noah’s mill review by @shamrockwine | Image credit: ShamrockWine

Noahs Mill is a bourbon of extraordinary character and smoothness not found younger whiskies. — @shamrockwine

A delicious review from | @thescotchbear

Noah’s mill review by @thescotchbear | Image credit: TheScotchBear

Toffee and caramel, perhaps some rum and raisin ice cream. — @thescotchbear

Sits near the top of the list | @lastcallreviews

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What Makes Noahs Mill Bourbon So Special

It is one of the small-batch, craft, boutique bourbons that the Willett Distillery produces.

Its a bit of a mystery liquor though, as not much is actually known about the origins of the particular whiskey other than it is made in the bourbon capital of Kentucky, and consequently in the world, which is famously Bardstown.

The manufacturers do state that Noahs Mill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey contains 57.15% alc./vol. This is 114.3 proof and it is speculated that these small-batch barrels are aged from anywhere between four and twenty years before you get to get to sip it.

Its not known specifically why there isnt a definite age time for this whiskey which just adds to the mystery.

Neither is there a mash profile published for this bourbon which is unusual but it must have a corn content of at least 51% to be labeled as bourbon and be aged in new white American oak barrels to gain the straight title.

Theres more that we dont know about this whiskey than what we do, but what we do know is that for whatever reason people love this bourbon.

The only reason we can imagine this Bourbon is rated so highly and raved about, is because of the flavor, and really what else matters?

While the price might make some people clutch their wallets protectively and inhale sharply, there are many people who will pay plenty more than this bottle is retailing at for a premium full-bodied whiskey with the perfect blend of subtle and sharp tasting notes.

Tasting Notes: Noahs Mill Bourbon

Noah’s Mill Genuine Bourbon Whiskey (No Bull$h!t Bourbon Review)

Vital Stats: As mentioned above, Noahs Mill no longer includes a 15-year age statement, and its bottled at 114.3 proof. On a shelf, Noahs Mill generally retails for $50 to $60. Because Noahs Mill is made from sourced barrels, the mash bill is undisclosed. In fact, the final product includes bourbons of different mash bills, including bourbons with rye grain and wheated bourbons.

Appearance: In a Glencairn glass, Noahs Mill appears as a medium honey brown. However, the bourbon appears darker in the green-glass tinted bottle.

Nose: Sharp notes of cinnamon and allspice jump out of the glass, and subtle notes of vanilla, yeast, and seasoned oak make an appearance underneath. For higher-proof bourbon, the nose is not overwhelming or unpleasant, but the youth of the bourbon is noticeable in the sharp spice notes.

Palate: The front of the palate reflects the nose with warm spice notes of cinnamon, mint, and allspice that blend with barrel notes of seasoned oak, toasted pecan, and burned sugar. In the mid-palate, the spice notes subside and the bourbon takes on more barrel flavor characteristics with soft notes of cream, caramel, and slightly bitter toasted pecan notes.

The medium duration and slightly dry finish continues the barrel driven flavor profile with seasoned oak, toasted pecan, and light cream with a touch of rye grain driven flavors such as mint and black currant.

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Bourbon Thoughts: Noahs Mill

By: Ross | Last Major Update: May 8, 2022

A hands-on review of Noahs Mill Bourbon. The good, the bad, and the delicious.

We may earn an affiliate commission when you click on one of our links to sites like Amazon and other major retailers. Each product is still personally chosen by one of our editors because they love it. Learn why you should trust us!


A Small Batch Bourbon distilled by the folks at Willet. It is a surprising smooth pour for a bourbon bottled at 114.3 proof.

The nose is smokey and woody with some spicy rye notes showing through. The taste is filled with rye, yet somehow still smooth. The finish is long and rich with some of the sweeter, caramel notes creating a nice balance with the spicy rye.

A really enjoyable pour that is well balanced and smooth, especially for high ABV.


The Whiskey Rocks Verdict

Is it good?

Noahs Mill is an exceptionally well-made and balanced bourbon. It is complex on your nose, but the complexity doesnt follow the palette. It does, however, still taste great. If you werent aware of the ABV beforehand, you would probably be surprised that it is as high as 57.15%.

When searching online, you may come across a lot of hate for this Bourbon. However, you cant deny that past the strong smell it tastes delicious. Its decent proof for a reasonable price and can be found in most stores. Thats not the case with many Bourbons on the markets today. It is certainly worth hunting down and adding to your list of new Bourbon to try.

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Noahs Mill Bourbon Review

Color: Tarnished gold or rusty orange.

On the nose: Immediately, this has the sticky-sweet and exceedingly pleasant aroma of brown sugar simple syrup. A hint of cumin and some vanilla extract hide just beneath the surface, along with roasted chestnuts procured from street vendors in winter. Further sniffing yields scents of baking spice and crushed red peppercorn, as well as some characteristic rye aromas of aloe vera, key lime, and dill. Based on the nose alone, I would have wagered that Willett had eschewed the wheated mash bill for one including rye.

In the mouth: Pert, sharp, and angular, this enters the mouth like Tybalt enters the scene: with a brandished blade and a bad attitude. I am getting a heavy dill emphasis combined with some radiant heat at the front of the palate. Toward the middle of the mouth theres a rich brown sugar flavor and a distinct note of water chestnuts, though this transitions immediately into the vegetal taste of celery stalks. Theres a momentary flavor of campfire before this shifts again into the finish, where a sense of polished wood fades abruptly, being replaced by a stale woody note, a residual hint of black tea, and a more intensely mouth-puckeringly acidic texture.

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