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How To Mix Rum And Coke

How To Make A Great Rum And Coke

How to Make a Rum and Coke

Learn what rum to use, how much coke to add, and everything else you need to know to make your best rum and coke

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What makes the rum and coke so popular is how the smooth, slightly sweet flavors come together to create a simple, refreshing cocktail you can drink all night.

There are lots of rum and coke recipes scattered across the internet telling you great they are. What weâre going to try to do is help you figure out how to make your best rum and coke.

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  • Rum and Coke
  • One of the nice things about simple cocktails is that with so few moving parts itâs relatively easy to figure out the right combination of ingredients and techniques that fits your taste. For this one, the variations involve types of rum, types of coke, and mixing ratios.

    A rum & coke is a highball, which is a type of cocktail made with a spirit and a larger amount of nonalcoholic mixer. Highballs are usually served over ice in large straight-sided glasses that hold between 8 to 12 ounces.

    Before getting too far into this we should clear up a popular misconception a rum and coke is not a Cuba Libré, thatâs an altogether different cocktail that involves doing more than garnishing a rum and coke with a slice of lime. Curious, read . We also have a great .

    What Type Of Rum Should You Use

    Rum comes in many different styles from lots of different places, and just about any decent quality rum will be great.

    If you’ve never tried a Rum + Coke start of with a white rum for a crisp classic flavor and then move on from there.

    Rum Spotlight

    Smith and Cross is one of my favorite rums for cocktails. It’s a Jamaican overproof rum that tastes like super ripe bananas, caramel, and toffee.

    The drink is also great with dark, overproof, pot still, and demerara rums, or try it with Rhum Agricole or Cachaca for a funky twist.

    I would only suggest not using spiced rum since there are plenty of spice flavors in coke and it can make the drink come across too sweet .

    What Ratio Of Rum To Coke Should You Use

    Letâs be honest thereâs not a lot of technique that goes into making a this drink. There are no floats, you donât have to shake it or even run it through a blender, itâs just mixing two liquids over ice.

    The reason the ratio matters so much is because the drink is so simple. The classic ratio cited in most older recipes is 1 part rum to 2 parts coke. A number of more recent writers argue for a ratio of 1 to 3 saying its a better fit for peopleâs current preference for sweet drinks.

    For a great rum and coke, we use a ratio of 1 part rum to 2.5 parts coke, which works out to 2 ounces of rum to 5 ounces of coke in a 10-ounce highball glass filled with ice.

    The added advantage of using this ratio, if youâre using cans of coke, is you can make two drinks for each can.

    What we found in our testing is that a 1:2 ratio is very rum forward that will likely overpower drinkers who donât love the taste of rum by its lonesome. On the other end, one made with a 1:3 ratio tastes a lot like a glass a coke and feels like the bartender is skimping on you.

    While a drink made with a ratio of 1:2.5 is nicely balanced and was very much the middle bear in our testing with just the right amount of rum to coke.

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    Flor De Caa 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum

    General Info

    • Alcohol by Volume : 40%
    • Country: Nicaragua


    If you are a true lover of fine rum, hearing the name, Flor de Caña should bring joy and delight to your ears.

    As one of the most sought-after exports from the tropical Central-American nation of Nicaragua, Flor de Caña 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum has definitely made its mark on the world.

    This is a soft and mellow rum that has caramel and spices in equal measure making this is not too sweet, and not too spicy. Beautiful.

    This rum is so bold and refined that it is great to pour over ice and enjoy in the same fashion as a fine single malt scotch. Of course, it never hurts to mix this unique rum with a splash of coke and lime if your focus is more geared towards making the most of any celebratory festivities.

    • Alcohol by Volume : 38%
    • Country: Dominican Republic


    Hailing from the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic, Brugal Añejo Rum is definitely designed to be enjoyed at a party or while relaxing on a tropical beach. Smooth, easy to drink, and has lots of deep woody/spiced notes.

    The bottle, which is tall and slender, is wrapped in a signature threading that is reminiscent of the fishing nets used in the waters surrounding the vibrant island.

    Brugal is also perfect for shots, and its history dates back to the late 1800s. Mix Brugal with coke and lime to start any party off the right way.

    Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

    THE Rum and Coke  A Couple Cooks

    General Info

    • Alcohol by Volume : 40%
    • Country: Puerto Rico


    Aged for at least 10 years in the tropical heat, Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez is inherently Caribbean and is among the best rums for rum and coke.

    Charcoal filtering imparts a distinctive character to this deep amber rum, all while exotic notes of banana, melon, pear, and caramelized vanilla entertain your palate.

    The bottle also helps those who are privileged enough to enjoy this limited liquor realize the grandeur of Bacardis legendary status as pioneers of the modern rum industry.

    As part of their premium range, you should definitely feel lucky as you indulge in the complex flavour of this delectable spirit.

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    Best Rums For Rum And Coke

    Posted on Last updated: May 10, 2021

    Rum and Coke, a simple cocktail that originated on the tropical Caribbean island of Cuba, has since become a hugely popular drink around the globe.

    Made with cola, light rum, and garnished with lime, it is one of the most refreshingly straightforward mixed drinks in existence. Here in this review, we explore the 10 best rums for rum and coke you should consider.

    What is the best rum for a rum and coke? A sweet yet spicy blend of molasses, caramel, nutmeg, vanilla and other exciting ingredients makes the best rum for a rum and coke. A strength of at least 35% ABV is recommended to ensure the tastes can shine through the cola mixer.

    Originally called the Cuba Libre, or Free Cuba, this traditional cocktail paid homage to the Cuban victory in the Spanish-American war when the country gained its independence from Spain. Lets check out 10 of the best rums to get the party started.

    Best Rum For Rum + Coke

    One of the most noticeable facts about Rum & Coke is that many order their favorite combination by mentioning the brand name. For instance, Bacardi Coke or other brands.

    The reason for this is that the taste of your typical Rum + Coke combination will highly depend on the Rum you pick. So make a wise choice to get the suitable one for you.

    Heres an overview of possible selections of Rum in your cocktail. This includes white, gold, aged, and the rarer types like spiced and overproof Rum.

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    What Do You Mix With Captain Morgan White Rum

    Captain Morgan White Rum Recipes

    • White& Cola. 1.5 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. 5 oz. cola.
    • White& Lemon-Lime Soda. 1.5 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. 5 oz. lemon-lime soda.
    • White Madras. 1.5 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. 2 oz. cranberry juice.
    • White Mojito. 1.5 oz. CAPTAIN MORGAN WHITE® RUM. 0.5 oz. fresh lime juice.

    Cherry Coke And Rum Recipe


    This recipe is super quick and easy and mainly requires pitting the cherries, turning them into a puree, and mixing them with rum.

    Once you have your cherry puree and rum mixed, pour it into ice-filled glasses and then fill the rest of the way with Coke. Or Diet Coke. Or really, the cola of your choice.

    And this is delicious. Not overly sweet , but very flavorful. The flavors of summer. And childhood. Minus the rum. Really, I promise. I was a goody-two-shoes growing up and definitely didn’t drink rum. But now I’m all about the rum .

    I’m really treasuring my Cocktail Fridays when I can have them. And I won’t lie, sometimes cocktail Friday happens in the middle of the week and sometimes it’s just with wine or beer or water. It gives Chris and I a time to just sit outside and chat without the distraction of the computer, television, or kitchen .

    Can I tell you how excited I am that it’s finally cherry season again? I can’t resist buying cherries whenever I spot them at the grocery store. And even though they always seem to be on sale, they’re still ridiculously expensive. Especially when it’s only at the register that you realize you’re purchasing 2.5 pounds. Oops. Worse things have happened.

    Happy Cocktail Friday, to everyone!! I’m really looking forward to a low-key weekend that involves a BBQ my dad is throwing and hanging out with my mom. I wish the weather was going to be a bit more fantastic, but I won’t complain. It’s the weekend, after all!

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    The Best Rum To Mix With Coke

    May 25, 2021

    • Pin

    The rum and coke holds its own in the world of top-tier cocktails and mixed drinks, despite having such simple ingredients. While its a basic, popular drink to order at the bar and enjoy with friends, it has a rather meaningful history. The drink originated in Cuba, where its actually known as a Cuba Libre which means free Cuba.

    This became the battle cry of the nation during the Spanish-American war, after which Cuba gained independence from Spanish rule. As the story goes, the soldiers brought back stock of Coca-Cola with them, which was becoming popular among Cubans. Supposedly, the U.S. Army captain was celebrating at a bar in Havana, he ordered a Bacardi to be mixed with said coke. Caught up in the moment, many soldiers followed suit.

    Once they all had their drinks, they toasted Cuba Libre! to celebrate a now-free Cuba, and so the drink was coined. The best rum to mix with coke is one with a bit of sweetness and spice. Look for flavor notes such as molasses, nutmeg, caramel, vanilla, and the like.

    Best Rum For Rum And Coke

    Most rum and coke recipes use white rum, but dark rum or spiced rum works as well. Don’t get the cheapest rum. You want to use a high-quality rum, one that you would be happy to drink straight. Happily, that doesn’t necessarily translate to expensive rum there are great inexpensive rum brands that are perfect in this most low maintenance of rum cocktails.

    Here are three of the best rums for rum and coke.

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    Get The Perfect Pour Every Time

    You’re busy when you entertain, which is why Coke Mini-Cans are the perfect solution to the perfect pour for every guest.

    Don’t guess when it comes to mixing the perfect cocktail for your guests, simply pre-mix your rum and pour in a Coke Mini-Can for that delicious classic flavor.

    And be prepared for all-weather entertaining with more great Rum cocktails found here!

    Perfect Rum And Coke Ratio

    Rum N Coke  MiX

    The perfect ratio of Rum and Coke is between 1:2 and 1:3. As it is a classic Highball recipe, proportions are essential for getting things right. As I said, Highballs are mixed drinks based on a spirit, lots of ice, and a filler only. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to every detail. Its all about choosing the right ingredients, using enough ice, and having the correct ratio.

    I suggest you start with a Highball glass and fill it up with quality ice. Pour in 2 ounces of your Rum of choice followed by 4 ounces of Coke. That means you start with a 1:2 ratio, and from there, you can gradually increase the amount of Coke until the mixture is to your liking.

    As a rule of thumb, the higher the quality of your Rum, the fewer Coke you want to use. Generally, in a recipe based on white Rum, your ratio should be more like 1:3. In a version made with aged Rum, you better aim for a ratio of 1:2. That allows the Rum flavors to create a more complex drink.

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    How To Make The Perfect Rum And Coke

    Rum and Coke is one of the most popular long drinks in the world. The unpretentious Highball is a smooth mix of sweet flavors chilled with lots of ice A refreshing cocktail known all over the world.

    The mix of fizzy and bubbly Coke with warm Rum notes make for a delicious drink thats easy to prepare. But still, you wont get the best Rum & Coke without paying attention to detail to the recipe. That means getting the ideal ratio of Rum and Coke, choosing the best Rum, using enough ice, and ultimately also choose the best Coke to go with your Rum.

    Hang on and read my tips to make the perfect Rum and Coke.

    Raspberry Goat Cheese Crostini Recipe

    Start with a fresh baguette or skip the slicing and grab a bag or box of pre-sliced crostini crackers.

    If opting for a fresh baguette, cut bread into 1/2″ slices, brush with olive oil and toast in a 350 degree oven for 5-10 minutes, flipping once.

    Next, whip 4 ounces of goat cheese and 4 ounces of mascarpone cheese with a teaspoon of milk and a dash of salt and pepper. Whipped goat cheese is light and delicious as well as easy to spread and serve.

    Combine 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar with 1 tablespoon honey.

    Now spread whipped goat cheese on toast slices, drizzle with balsamic honey mixture and top with 1 or 2 raspberries and a mint garnish if desired.

    Serve on a platter and delight your hungry guests!

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    Who Created The Long Island Iced Tea

    The story of Long Island iced tea is as sordid as its ingredient list, and its true origin may be lost to history. One Prohibition-era story credits Charles Bishop, a 1930s moonshiner in then-dry Tennessee. Jump to the 1970s, and the concoction’s creation could go to Robert Bott, a bartender from Long Island. Then there is the tale that the Long Island was an original drink of the T.G.I. Friday’s franchise. It is entirely possible that Bishop made the drink and that it was forgotten for a few decades until Bott remade it and gave it the now-famous name. At some point, the restaurant probably caught wind of it and claimed it as their own .

    Optional: Use Clear Ice

    An Amateur’s Guide to Rum & Coke | 3 Easy Cocktails

    Last tip to throw in if you want to really take your rum and coke over the top: use clear ice! What is it? Clear ice is artisan-style ice thats crystal clear, instead of cloudy like most ice youd make in an ice tray. You can cut this beautiful ice into large, organic-looking shapes that makes your drink look like it came from a fancy bar. Heres the fun part: you can make clear ice at home. All you need is a small cooler and 24 hours!

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    Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

    Average Price:$20

    The Rum:

    Name for Norman Sailor Jerry Collins, an old school tattoo pioneer, this 92-proof, bold, spicy, sweet rum has been on the market for awhile now. In that time, its gained popularity with bartenders and drinkers alike. Its cheap, flavorful, and designed for mixing.

    Bottom Line:

    Sometimes spicier rums can be a little too dominant as a base for a simple cocktail. This one manages not only to shine but make the other flavors stand out even more.

    Best Rum For A Rum And Coke

    One of the things that sets this cocktail apart is that it is one of the few drinks people order using the name of their preferred rum, ordering it as a Bacardi Coke or Captain Coke. This is due in part to effective marketing campaigns by Bacardi and Captain Morgan and to how much the drink changes based on the rum being used.

    There are four main types of rum white, gold, aged, and spiced. Each of them brings something different to the party.

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    Plantation Xo 20th Anniversary Rum

    General Info

    • Alcohol by Volume : 40%
    • Country: Barbados


    Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum Rum is just delightful to admire while it is in its anniversary bottle which honours Alexandre Gabriels 20th anniversary as Master Blender.

    The ultimate blend from Plantation uses a combination of quintessential extra-old rums from Barbados. The double ageing process and use of sugarcane and toasted coconut & banana are sublime. Enhanced even further by cocoa and orange. Stunning.

    As with most rums that are produced in Barbados, the quality of this particular spirit is impeccable, with the perfect balance of robustness and smoothness.

    How Strong Is A Cuba Libre

    Rum and Coke

    The Cuba libre is a rather mild mixed drink. Its actual alcohol content will vary depending on the strength of your rum and the amount of cola you end up pouring. On average, though, it will mix up to just 11 percent ABV . That’s perfectly normal for highball drinks and about as strong as a glass of wine.

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