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How To Make Your Own Whiskey

How Do You Make Instant Alcohol At Home

How to Make WHISKEY at Home 10 YEAR OLD in ONLY 10 DAYS Homemade WHISKY without tools

It works like this: Pick a juice with at least 20g of sugar per serving, add a packet of specially designed yeast, plug the bottle with an airlock, and wait 48 hours. Just like the fermentation process used in winemaking, the juices natural sugar is converted into ethanol, with a byproduct of carbon dioxide.

Why Do You Want To Make Your Own Whiskey

This might sound like an obvious question to ask.. But, its also an important one. All the subsequent steps and considerations will flow from this starting point. So its well worth sitting down with a dram and carefully reflecting on what your end goal is.

That end goal could be many different things. Perhaps youre getting married, and want to put something on the guests dinner tables. Maybe you want to surprise everyone in your family, or company, with a special christmas present. You might have your own bar, restaurant, club or even social media channel and may want to put something out under your own brand. You could even be planning on becoming an independent whiskey bottler.

Considerations For Adding Flavors

Another option that you have is the ability to add flavors beyond just the charred oak.

One option is to smoke your barrel with some local wood before adding the whiskey. This is something that Ranger Creek in San Antonio does with some of their whiskey, adding a mesquite wood smoke to the barrels that then seeps into the whiskey and makes for some amazing flavors.

Another option is to add flavors to the whiskey by maceration. Basically you grab a bunch of fruit and/or spices, put them in a big tea bag, and make a whiskey tea by letting the components steep in the whiskey. You can speed up the process by adding some heat, or just let it naturally leech out into the spirit. This is actually the exact way that some gin is made, as well as spiced rum.

Adding artificial flavors is possible as well but allowing the real fruits and spices to interact with the whiskey will typically get the best results.

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Heres How To Make Your Own Signature Whiskey At Home Easily

Most of us are aware, that we can make wine at home. If you know how to make wine, you will be able to make whiskey as well. This write up will talk about the steps to make this beverage at home.

Most of us are aware, that we can make wine at home. If you know how to make wine, you will be able to make whiskey as well. This write up will talk about the steps to make this beverage at home.

Whiskey, also spelled as whisky, is an alcoholic beverage made from grains. It can be made from different grains like wheat, corn, rye, barley, etc. Wooden casks are used to age this beverage. These casks are made normally from white oak. Apart from the ones made from corn or maize, all other whiskey types are aged. It is one of the most strictly regulated spirits all around the world. Variation in the quality and taste of this beverage occurs because of the duration for which the grains are fermented, distillation process used, type of wood used for making the caskets and the duration of aging. Although one can buy the best whiskey in the market, nothing beats the taste of that made at home.

By Step Rye Whiskey Mash Recipe

How To (Legally) Make Your Own Whiskey At Home  Thirty ...

1: First, heat the water to 165F

2: Once your boiling water reaches 165F, turn off the heat and add the malted rye and flaked corn.

3: Stir continuously for 7 minutes

4: Once the 7 minutes are up, stir the mixture for 30 seconds every 5 minutes until it cools to 152F

5: Once the mixture drops to 152F, its time to stir in the half pound of crushed malted barley.

6: Now stir the mixture for 30 seconds every 20 minutes until its cooled to 70F. Yes, thats going to take several hours, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use an immersion cooler to help things along.

7: Once the mash has cooled to 70F, add the whiskey yeast according to the instructions on the packet.

8: Now, youre going to aerate the mash by pouring it back and forth between two containers for 5 minutes. Yes, its a workout. But you can do it!

9: And there you go! You just made your whiskey mash. Next will move on to the fermentation process.

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S To Starting Your Own Whiskey Brand

Many entrepreneurs have dreamed of owning their own liquor brand. Maybe you love vodka, you want to come up with the next tequila, or your passion is the brown stuff, whiskey!

If you have ever wanted to know what it takes and how to get started, here are some good tips on where to start! Should you need more assistance after reading the basics feel free to reach out to Johnson Street Partners, where we are helping build brands for the next generation!

The Big Final Piece Of Advice

“If you are even thinking about doing this for real, I cannot stress how much I recommend you visit your local distillery first,” Katz confirmed. And while you now should have a general idea of how you can make whiskey in the comfort of your own home, it certainly doesn’t mean you should. It takes a lot of risk, trial and error, and overall effort to do it right. Be careful! Use this new knowledge to impress your friends over a glass of the good stuff, instead of trying your hand at making it at home.

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What Happens During Aging

During the storage period changes in temperature and humidity cause alcohol to be pushed into and sometime sucked out of out of the wooden walls of aging barrels. As this natural ebb and flow occurs the alcohol is gently filtered by the wood. Some of the whiskey actually evaporate through the wooden container walls . At the same time, vanillins and tannins are extracted from the wood and impart their unique flavor and color to the whiskey. The cumulative effect of the intricate process of barrel aging is a final product that has more character and less bite than the clear, fiery spirit that went into it.

Determine Your Business Model


If you are new to the industry, it may come as some surprise that to create and own a brand, you dont have to own or operate an actual distillery. In fact, before the craft revolution, there were hundreds of whiskey brands on the shelf produced by only a handful of distilleries. Just like in many other industries, production facilities are expensive to build and not everyone who has a brilliant marketing idea for a brand wants to be responsible for building their own facility.

Of course, as we saw with wineries and breweries, consumers love products produced in their home market. Craft distilleries followed suit and started to pop up over the past 15 years, and now there are nearly 2000 distilleries nationwide. American Distilling Institute keeps an updated list of all the craft distilleries here if you want to take a look.

So, what are your options and which business model makes sense for you? To build your own facility, you will need significant capital. It depends on the size of your production, where your distillery is located and a host of other factors, but regardless its going to cost at least $1M even for a relatively small operation. Many new craft operations are spending more than $10M to build a facility that has an in-house restaurant, bar and enough production capacity for ample brand growth.

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Make Your Own Whiskey Kits Are Fun Easy And Attractive

When you picture a distillery, it doesnt seem like the type of operation that easily scales to the home bar or recreation room for the average hobbyist. But it absolutely does when you use the right whiskey barrel making kit. The whiskey making kits at Red Head Barrels feature White American Oak barrels handmade by our very own in-house coopers, barrel makers dedicated to excellence in this time-honored field.

Our whiskey making kits are not only easy to use, but beautifully handcrafted and compact, ranging in sizes from 1-20 liters. You can even get a personalized whiskey making kit artfully decorated with your family name or business logo on it. We also have barrel head wall hangings, coasters and other decorative items so you can create a barrel-themed bar area for a fun look. Each of our whiskey making kits include:

  • 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 liter American White Oak barrel
  • Bung
  • 3 or more bottles of essence
  • Paper funnel
  • Complete Instructions

Youll love the look of having a genuine American white oak barrel on your bar or counter. Its not only attractive, but is the same wood used at most distilleries and wineries across the United States. Oak is a pure wood as opposed to pine or rubber trees which contain resin canals that can pass unappealing strong flavors to maturing spirits. We source our American White Oak from a variety of forests across the continental U.S., including California, Missouri and sometimes Kentucky.

How To Make Whiskey At Home

Making this beverage can be a great experience. The idea of making it has an old tradition. It dates back to the time when farmers made their own alcoholic beverages. The beauty of making it lies in the way home distilling is done using the natural process of evaporating a liquid into vapor and then condensing it back to the liquid form. The process is similar to the manner in which rainwater is created.

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How To Make Your Own Fireball Whiskey

If you havent heard of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, you havent been partying hard enough recently. The flavored spiritwhich recalls the spicy sweetness of an Atomic Fireball candyis the breakout star of the booze world, surpassing Jose Cuervo tequila and closing in on the ultimate king of the shots scene, Jaegermeister.

Its a favorite of college kids and dive-bar guzzlers everywhere, but it has also gained a surprising following in the bartender community, where its an effective shut-up-and-have-fun antidote to the increasingly self-serious mixology scene.

At ChurchKey in Washington, D.C., the bar staff loves it so much that they make their own DIY Fireball using Evan Williams bourbon, chili flakes, and real cinnamon sticks. Like homemade Twix or from-scratch Phrosties, it maintains all of the lowbrow appeal youre looking for, while allowing for some customization of spice-level and ingredients.

Since homemade Fireball sounds like the ultimate party-starter, we asked the ChurchKey bartenders to share their secrets with us. Happily, they were drunk enough

How To Make Whiskey

How to Make Whiskey at Home: A Guide to Distilling Your ...

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Store bought whiskey can be incredibly tasty, especially if it comes from a local brewhouse or high-quality distillery. However, preparing your own whisky at home will allow you to control exactly what goes into it and find a flavor that suits you perfectly.

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Collecting Your Bourbon Distillate

Now comes the delicate step of collecting your bourbon distillate. This is where your practice and patience comes in very handy. When you start the process of distilling your bourbon, you will collect the distillate in 4 stages. The foreshots, heads, hearts, and tails. Each of these stages will look, smell and taste differently. Being able to detect the subtle changes between each of these 4 stages take lots of practice and experience.

Distilling Your Whiskey Mash

1: Prep Your Still

Many experts will tell you that distilling the best quality spirits is all about the details. And one of the most important details is cleaing your equipment.

Even if you cleaned your still thoroughly after its last run, you should plan to clean it again. Also, be sure to make sure all of your equipment is properly attached.

If your still has a condenser, youll also want to hook up your water input and output.

2: Now, siphon your mash water into the still using a cheesecloth to make sure there are no solids or sediments.

3: Turn on the still and slowly bring the temperature up to 150F.

4: If you have a condenser, turn it on once you reach 150F.

5: Now turn the heat to high until your still starts producing 3 to 5 drops per second. Once youve reached this drip rate, turn the heat back down to medium to maintain it.

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How To Make Your Own Whisky

Ever fancied creating your own, bespoke whisky, to your own, bespoke tastes? Nows your chance, as Edinburghs Holyrood Distillery launches a new cask programme offering customers the opportunity to craft their own custom-made single malt.

Working alongside the Holyrood Distillery team, participants will be involved at multiple stages throughout the whiskys production process, choosing everything from the cask in which itll be matured to the types of malted barley and yeasts used in the distillation and fermentation processes.

The programme will be offered either as an in-person consultation at the distillery in Edinburgh socially distanced, of course or an online session with samples delivered to participants in advance.

Following the consultation, the whisky will be developed and created before participants are invited to the distillery for the cask filling. Three cask sizes are available a 200-litre barrel, a 225-litre barrique, or a 250-litre hogshead. Once filled, the cask will be stored in the Holyrood warehouse until ready for bottling.

Holyrood is the first single malt whisky distillery in Edinburgh in almost 100 years .

We know that our customers appreciate the opportunity to dive into the creative process, says Robertson. This programme allows people to share that journey with us and create something truly customised to their individual taste. Its an invitation to own a piece of history.

Develop A Unique Concept

A Simple Trick To help Make Your Own Whiskey Wash Recipe

This is one of the hardest steps, especially with all the new products on the shelf these days. However, if you dont have a unique idea then why would consumers purchase your brand? Do some market research and understand the size of your total market. A good first step is to checkout the economics on the Distilled Spirits Council website. Here you will find trend data for major spirit categories over the past few decades. Many new brand developers believe that the liquid inside the bottle must be different from everything else already being sold. A little secret in the industry is that many of the products you purchase are actual very similar.

So if the liquid is so similar how can you create a unique concept? Well, there are many pieces to the puzzle including the brand, target consumer and retail price along with the package design. It is the culmination of the entire product that makes it unique, along with the quality of the liquid inside!

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Design And Create Your Own Whiskey At These Distilleries

March 30, 2020 | Ted Simmons

Distilling your own whiskey at home can end badlypossibly in injury or arrest. But for those interested in crafting a custom dram, including whisky clubs, there is an increasingly available and legal option designed to take you from drinker to distiller. Craft distillers like Foundry Distilling Co. in West Des Moines, Iowa and J. Rieger & Co. in Kansas City, Missouri allow customers to design and execute their own whiskey, from mash to maturation.

Theres a lot of mystique, especially for the vast majority of people, about what it is to make whiskey, Nathan Perry, head distiller at J. Rieger, says. So many people dont understand the process. You get to actually do it, be involved, give your input.

Heres how it works: a distiller will sit down with you to discuss your ideas and flavor preferences. Some distilleries offer only their tried and true proportions of grain, called mashbills, while others will work with you to create your own recipe. Once the details are decided, it is up to the customer how hands-on they want to be.

Folks that come through and do a private barrel with us, its more of a graduate level whiskey education. They really get into the weeds on every part of the process and learn, Scott Bush, founder of Foundry Distilling, says of their program, estimating theyve had 50 participants in it, calling it one of their main offerings.

What Youll Need To Distill Your Whiskey

Youre almost ready to distill your mash water. During the distillation process, youll be separating out unwanted substances such as methanol, acetone and other alcohols that can be harmful if consumed.

When youre finished, youll have a pure, more concentrated alcohol. But first, youll need a few supplies:

  • A Whiskey Moonshine Still

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