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How Much Does Teremana Tequila Cost

Is Casa Dragones A Good Tequila

Teremana Tequila Reposado – “Taste Watery”

Casa Dragones is a small-batch tequila distiller founded in 2009 by Bertha Gonzalez, the first woman to be certified as a tequila master distiller and MTVs Robert Pittman. In this article I will answer all your related questions, will offer you an in-depth review and will answer the question Is Casa Dragones a good tequila?.

How Is Tequila Made

Tequila starts with the blue agave, a spiky succulent that grows throughout the five Mexican regions where distilleries make Tequila. To make Tequila, the sugary sap in the heart of the blue agave is fermented, distilled, aged , and then bottled.

  • Tequila making takes patience as blue agave grows slowly. The plant must be six or seven years old before it develops a sugary sap called aquamiel that forms the base of Tequila.
  • Once the plant is old enough, the heart of the agave plant, which is called the piña , is harvested with machetes. Then the heavy hearts, which can weigh 100 pounds or more, are steamed or baked in a clay oven. Experts say old-school baking is better because the cooking process is slower, which helps create a smoother spirit.
  • After steaming or baking, the cooked hearts are shredded and pressed to extract the juice. That juice is fermented, and then the fermented juice is distilled in either a column still or an old-fashioned pot still. During the distillation process, Tequila retains much of the vegetal, floral, and earthy flavors coming from the agave. The flavor characteristics of the blue agave vary depending on the region and altitude of where it was grown.
  • Depending on the intended style of Tequila, the finished distilled spirit can be bottled right away for a Blanco. Reposado Tequila is aged a few months up to a year in oak. Or it can be aged a year or more to create an añejo Tequila.
  • Tequila: Where Does It Come From

    Tequila owes its name to the area it originated: a city called Tequila. The volcanic, red clay that is found in the region provide the perfect conditions for growing the premium blue agave.

    Mexican law indicates that tequila is only made from blue agave grown in the state of Jalisco, Mexico and certain other locales in various states throughout Mexico. Jalisco features an area called, Los Altos, which is a highlands area. Tequila taste can be impacted depending on which region the blue agave come from – some sweeter than others.

    You may notice that there are a couple of tequila products on our list from outside of Mexico. The Tequila Rose is a blended tequila product, that utilizes tequila made in Mexico . Number Juan is a tequila distilled in Mexico that undergoes some parts of the aging process in the US. Rest assured, anything called tequila has at least 51% blue agave and is distilled in Mexico.

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    What Is Teremana Tequilas Return Policy

    Its easy enough to get that money back as this company offers a 30-day return policy from the delivery date. At any time within that period, customers may submit a request for a full refund.

    What is needed for a return? Its quite simple, really:

    • Items must be in the original condition
    • Include the original packaging
    • Provide a receipt or proof of purchase

    Once all of that is in order, head over to the Teremana Tequila website to start off the process with a request.

  • Head over to the return portal
  • Fill in the order number and postal code
  • Submit the request and wait for acceptance and follow up instructions on the return process
  • Thats all it takes. All items other than final sales or gift cards can be returned for a full refund. Exchanges are done through the online portal as well, so be sure to select whether return or exchange is the goal at hand before selecting submit.

    Any damaged items will be accepted as returns or exchanges. For damaged pieces, contact customer service immediately and wait to hear back from the representatives for further instructions.

    What Is The Tequila By The Rock

    70 teremana tequila price in indian rupees 159512

    The Rock Johnson partnered with Terremana Tequila Blanco to create a luxury tequila. The Teremana Tequila brand represents years of effort that have resulted in a Tequila that is a celebration of life, positivity, and hard work. Terramana Blanco is made from 100% pure blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Mexico. It is distilled using copper pot stills hand made in Mexico.

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    What Is The Most Expensive Don Julio Tequila

    The 10 Most Expensive Tequila Bottles in the World1800 Coleccion Tequila $1,800.Clase Azul Extra Anejo Tequila $1,700. Rey Sol Anejo Tequila $400. Tres-Quatro-Cinco Tequila $379. Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila $360. Don Julio Real Tequila $350. Gran Patron $250. More items

    The Agave Harvesting Process

    In addition to increasingly limited supply, harvesting and preparing agave is still a very manual process. Many spirits have seen a mechanization and automation of this part of the process, with the advent of modern farming methods. Tequila making, specifically harvesting blue agave, continues to be a human-driven task.

    The process of harvesting agave is still passed down generationally, rather than via a manual or online training modules. Tending to agave is arduous, as the plants require constant monitoring and pruning . Only those who work the agave fields know when it is ready to be harvested, as there are no obvious indicators for those lacking experience.

    Harvesting agave is not as simple as observing that a plant looks mature and ready to be turned into a fermented product called wort. The jimadores are experts, with vast experience, in knowing when the agave plant has just enough carbohydrates and just enough sugar to ferment properly.

    As you can imagine, with so much experience and manual labor required, a product like agave can be quite expensive. Thus, the labor intensive and specialized harvesting process alone can drive the cost of tequila.

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    How Fast Can My Order Get There

    If you place your order before 3pm PST , Monday Friday , you can take advantage of having your package shipped out of the warehouse that day, as all shipments out of the warehouse occur prior to 3pm PST. This means that you get to take advantage of same day shipping, with tomorrow being the quickest we can get a BroBasket to your recipient.

    It is good to note that overnight shipping is guaranteed! Any overnight delivery order that does not arrive on time will allow you to receive a refund in the shipping cost.

    If your order is placed after 3PM PST , you can still choose any delivery method, but you will not be able to choose next day shipping being that the warehouse is done with shipping for the day.

    Teremana Tequila Reposado Review

    Teremana Tequila Review (Blanco and Reposado)

    To those in search of something a bit sweet, the Teremana Reposado covers every desire.

    Ready for these highlighted flavors? The Reposado offers each drink layers of oak and vanilla. Warm, soothing, sweet, and smooth, what more could you want at the end of a long day?

    With more of a Fall and Winter vibe to this one, wed recommend sipping it straight for those warmer tones to really come through.

    The difference in this drink compared to the last? The aging process is done in American whiskey barrels. It really seals in the oaky taste that makes this bottle so good.

    Prices arent available on the company site, so look around for a better idea of the cost.

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    Comparing Brands And Their Pricing

    So why is a Patron considered a Premium tequila by our standards, while a popular brand like 1800 comes out as a Standard offering? Lets compare some of the brands on our list and look at what might make one more expensive than another.

    Patron tequila is often seen in night clubs and is considered an ultra premium brand in the marketplace. Easily identified by its uniquely designed bottle, Patron is one of the higher priced tequilas available on the shelf.

    One major reason Patron is seen as a premium brand, and is more expensive, is because of their unique agave handling process. Rather than simply using agave grown on their property, Patron selects from an array of blue agave producers around the region. This ensures that only the perfect blue agave make it into their tequila.

    Most would argue that Patron is worth the price as this is one of those tequilas that can be enjoyed sans salt and lime wedge.

    On another note, Patron is incredibly environmentally conscious for a major tequila producer. They compost all the agave hearts after use and utilize natural gas to reduce carbon emissions.

    Don Julio joins Patron as a Premium tequila on our list. It is also considered a super premium brand by the market, as well.

    Jose Cuervo falls into the Standard category by price point, however, that does not mean it is significantly less quality. It has long been one of, if not the best selling tequilas world wide.

    Is Tequila Cheap In Mexico

    There are many good tequilas available at a reasonable price in Mexico, and you can expect to pay half as much for different brands as you would in the US. There are good prices, but some items arent as cheap as they are in poorer countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Bolivia, for example. Tequila prices in Mexico are hard to beat, however.

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    Is Teremana A Real Tequila

    Yes, Teremana is a real tequila and a serious project in which not only the much beloved Dwayne Johnson is involved. He is surrounded by a staff of former Avion Tequila executives who made a lot of money selling the company to a French conglomerate.

    With Teremana Dwayne Johnson has joined the tequila bandwagon. Many famous actors and athletes inspired by George Clooneys success have followed his steps by endorsing a tequila or mezcal brand. Some have found success while others have flopped badly.

    What I like about Teremana is the fact that Dwayne Johnson and his team are producing this tequila by themselves. They bought and old distillery in Jalisco, Mexico which is now exclusively distilling Teremana. This adds a deeper level of commitment as opposed to finding a distiller and having him produce a tequila as most of those who joined the tequila bandwagon do. Clase Azul, Michael Jordans Cincoro, Avion and many others are crafted at distilleries that produce a ton of other tequilas.

    Teremana is currently producing three tequilas: blanco, reposado and añejo.

    What Are The Different Types Of Tequila

    Teremana tequila reposado total wine 194042

    Tequila is classified according to the length of time the spirit was aged. As Tequila ages, it goes from a young Blanco to a more mature Añejo. During the aging process, the Tequilas color and flavors deepen, and the spirit develops a smoother taste.

    Here is a deeper dive into the five types of Tequila:

    • Blanco Tequila, more commonly known as silver Tequila, can be bottled immediately or aged up to two months and is the purest flavor of Tequila because it contains no added flavoring agents and is the best representation of the blue agave plants natural sweetness
    • Joven Tequila, or more commonly referred to as gold Tequila, derives its name from the golden color imparted upon the liquid from agents that add flavor to the Tequila beyond the blue agave plant
    • Reposado Tequila is aged for two to 12 months in an oak container, giving it time to turn a pale golden color
    • Añejo Tequila, where añejo means “aged,” spends one to three years in an oak barrel similar to the ones used for aging whiskey or wine. It gets smoother, darker and the taste is sweeter thanks to the barrel
    • Extra Añejo Tequila is barrel-aged for more than three years. The spirit becomes a dark amber color, and the flavor is rich with nuts, caramel, fruit, and spice, similar to whiskey or an older rum.

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    Teremana Tequila Blanco Review

    The brighter of the two options in this Teremana Tequila review, the Teremana Blanco hits all the right notes with each sip.

    The best part of this lighter drink? The hint of citrus that underlines the flavor. Bright, acidic, and somehow smoother than ever, this drink has zero carbohydrates and sugars for a guilt-free drink for people watching their numbers.

    Did we mention its crafted from 100% Agave straight from the Blue Weber Highlands? While some may complain of the strong agave scent, most appreciate the true beauty of each breath and sip that comes from this delight.

    Prices are currently unavailable for the Teremana Tequila Blanco on the brand website, so check local stores for a better idea of what cost to expect.

    Handmade Copper Pot Stills

    After our open tank fermenting process, Teremana is then distilled using our handmade copper pot stills. These stills were made by a local artisan on the premises of the distillery. The nature of the handmade copper stills not only harkens back to the days of traditional tequila making processes, but also produces a cleaner, smoother tequila.

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    Is Teremana Tequila Sustainable

    This Teremana Tequila review is happy to announce that this brand puts sustainability at the forefront of their work.

    Using leftover fibers from production to compost the agave fields, this company has also begun incorporating a water filtration system to save water waste in the manufacturing process. Working hard to produce quantity while maintaining quality, eco-friendly production comes first at all times.

    What Is Teremana Tequilas Shipping Policy

    Teremana Blanco Tequila Review/It’s all about the Cocktail/shelter at home with liquor

    Our Teremana Tequila review searched far and wide, but this brand doesnt offer a lot of info regarding shipping practices.

    The most weve found is orders will typically ship within 48 hours of being submitted and to expect delays due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the brand doesnt offer up much more than that regarding timelines, services, or costs.

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    Buy Teremana Blanco Tequila

    Prop 65 Warning


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    Teremana Blanco Tequila

    Distilled Handmade in copper pot stills. Gluten Free. 100% Pure De Agave. 750 Milliliters. 40% ALC/VOL. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons new tequila line. Teremana Tequila. Coming March 2020

    Very Smooth with a great flavor.

    Smooth tequila and its great stuff.

    Perfect gift

    Sent a bottle to my brother in NY where its not available yet. Super easy to order and was delivered with no problems even in this hectic time.He loved it!


    Birthday present! Shipped on time…..delivered as promised. My son is really enjoing it.

    Who Owns Kapena Tequila

    Mike Goto founded Kapena near Seattle and is a West Coast entrepreneur. Nevertheless, he gravitated to people from the Islands while attending college in Oregon since he comes from a Hawaiian family. Li hing mui is a local Hawaiian spirit they added to their budget tequila in college to make it better.

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    Teremana Tequila Origins: A Key Focus On Transparency And Sustainability

    Known as the tequila of the people, Teremana is crafted in small batches from Teremana blue agave, maturing in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It brings together handmade copper pot stills created by a local artisan in the region with a state of the art water filtration system that cleans the waste water left over from production.

    Once the agave has exhausted its potential, its turned into a natural compost thats used as an organic fertilizer for the agave fields. So you could say that Teremanas approach is a constant cycle of production, bringing out the best at each crucial point.

    In fact, every step of the production process behind Teremana is as transparent as its Blanco offering. Unlike many tequila brands, Teremana casually lays out every step of the journey on the bottles label, right through from its roasting methods, barrel information and a complete nutritional breakdown.

    Those who are interested in the specifics would be impressed to note that Teremana is crafted from 100% mature blue weber agave using plants that are between six to eight years old. Then, its brick oven-roasted for three days, fermented in an open tank and is finally distilled. If it wasnt such a reasonably priced bottle, the clear-as-tequila instructions mean you could almost give it a go at crafting it yourself.

    The Distillery Doesnt Show Up On Google Maps

    Teremana tequila reposado total wine 194042

    On, a database designed to search and discover tequila, Destilería Teremana de Agave is indicated to be on Highway 316, running south from Highway 314 in Jalisco, Mexico. In Google Maps street view, this location is surrounded by agave fields, but theres no distillery in sight. Instead, when starting a fresh search for Destilería Teremana de Agave in Google Maps, the results present Destilería Casa De Piedra, which is nearly three hours away from the apparent address. Long story short, we know the distillery exists, but we cant find it.

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    Overview Of Teremana Tequila

    Teremana Tequila is new to the scene, having launched in March of 2020. Despite opening at the beginning of a global pandemic, the brand seems to have started strong and made headway due to their owner, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

    Johnsons fame for his wrestling and acting career gave the company a head start in terms of advertising. Fans were quick to catch on to a brand started by this popular figure and the company gained traction for its products and practices.

    Teremana Tequila may have used a big name to get going, but its process depends solely on small-time businesses. Working with family-owned distilleries in Mexico, this company keeps things local with small-batch production of each product.

    Sticking to traditional methods of making tequila, Teremana has focused on sustainable sourcing as their mission to set course and work towards. The name Teremana means spirit of the earth, guiding their goal of sustainably sourcing and producing each bottle.

    Using composting, small-batch manufacturing, and organic materials, Teremana puts care into each bottle sold. Recently, the company has begun using a water filtration system in their process. This recycles the used water and reduces water waste in the process to lessen the carbon footprint being made during the typical manufacturing process.

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