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Where To Buy Eristoff Black Vodka In Usa

Eristoff Black Is An Alcoholic Drink Made From Vodka And Wild Berry Liquor

Eristoff Black Vodka

By 1806, a time when your family name meant everything and the quality of your vodka reflected your standing in society, the Eristoff family had perfected their secret recipe for a premium vodka that they were proud to call Eristoff. The recipe remained a close secret of the family, kept with them at all times.

They chose a wolf steeped in folklore and legend to become the icon for the vodka born out of ‘The Land of the Wolf’. The wolf itself was highly revered by the noble Eristhavi for its physical and mystical power. Tales were passed on of the legendary Wolf King, Vakhtang Gorgasali, an honoured ruler who wore a helmet featuring a wolf as a symbol of his valour. Legend has it that his enemies in battle would cry ‘Beware the wolf-head!’

For more than 200 years the family’s heritage lives on in every bottle of Eristoff. From the closely guarded secret recipe within and the wolf icon, whose spirit embodies a raw, brave and instinctive attitude to life, to the unique bell-shaped bottle, which is embossed with the imperial crown and Prince Eristoff’s signature. Around the base of the bottle in Russian Cyrillic characters are the words: Original Family Recipe of Prince Eristoff 1806

Even the darkest of nights can’t compare to the jet-black colour of Eristoff Black. This intriguing and alluring spirit, blends the delicious flavours of wild berries with an aroma of blackcurrant, and just a touch of apple. A dark drink for dark nights.

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You Will Like To Know That

Eristoff Black is a surprising vodka with a black colour and a taste of blackberries. It is made from the best grains of rye, wheat and barley and has an alcohol content of only 20%. Eristoff Black is sold in bell-shaped glass bottles and is recognizable by its wolf’s head logo, the imperial crown, Prince Eristoff’s signature and the mention “Prince Eristoff’s Original Family Recipe 1806”.

Eristoff Black has chosen the colour black to express the powerful taste of wild berries. It is ideal for cocktails or just with lemonade.

Eristoff Black


  • Colour: Black Eristoff is surprising for being so dark and slightly bluish, giving a touch of mysticism to drink.
  • Nose: Clearly berry aroma.
  • Taste: In the mouth, Eristoff Black surprises us again by the good balance between sweetness and notes of wild fruits thanks to a little touch of acidity.

ALCOHOL: 20% Vol

Eristoff Black Wild Berry Vodka

ERISTOFF vodka is named after one of Georgia’s oldest and most noble families and is inspired by the original recipe first created by the Eristoff family in 1806. At that time Georgia was part of the Russian empire, a place where nobility had perfected the art of producing the finest vodkas, and the wealthy Eristoff family were no exception.

The original recipe has since been passed down through generations of the family and the signature of Prince Eristoff can still be found embossed on the unique bell-shaped bottle.

The Persians originally named Georgia ‘Virshan’ meaning the ‘Land of the Wolf’, as the wild and rugged landscape is the home of the roaming wolf. Today the iconic wolf logo of ERISTOFF recognises this heritage and is a clue to the brand’s origins.

ERISTOFF vodka is made from a 100% pure grain, triple distilled and charcoal filtered for absolute purity to create a clean, smooth tasting spirit.

The ERISTOFF portfolio includes Eristoff vodka, as well as Eristoff Black , Eristoff Red , Eristoff Limskaya and Eristoff Gold .

Today, ERISTOFF is one of the fastest growing vodka brands in the world and the growing number of awards and accolades given to ERISTOFF vodka are a true reflection of its great quality taste and outstanding performance.

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