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Where Can I Buy Hendricks Gin

Best American: Dorothy Parker

Cucumber Lavender Sour w/ Charlotte Voisey – The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess – Small Screen

Region: New York | ABV: 44% | Tasting Notes: Elderberry, Citrus, Juniper

There are so many distilleries making American gin these days, from craft distillers waiting for their whiskey to age, to larger operations intent on creating gin using local botanicals.

This American gin is made in Brooklyn by the New York Distilling Company, which named it after the famed poet and writer. This is a thoroughly modern gin with hints of classicism, made using a botanical blend that includes elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus, along with the requisite juniper.

Region: UK | ABV: 54.5% | Tasting Notes: Plum, Baking Spice, Juniper

Navy strength means gin that is higher proof , a throwback to the days when the British navy sailed the seas with gin stored onboard near the gunpowder. If the gin was high proof and leaked into the gunpowder, it would still lighthence, the name. Fords introduced its Officers’ Reserve Gin in 2019.

It is an excellently executed London dry gin made with mostly traditional old-school botanicals that is wonderful in its original all-purpose expression, said Smith. But then they decided to tantalize us with a more concentrated version that they rest in sherry barrels for a touch of authentic British Royal Navy flavor.

How To Alcohol Hendricks Gin

Gins aerial and different complication makes it a abundant spirit to adore neat, and Hendricks Gin is one of the best for accomplishing aloof that. To get the best out of a canteen of Hendricks back adequate the spirit neat, put the canteen in the freezer for a few hours afore serving. As gin heats up, it releases added of the flavours, alms a new acquaintance for tasting every distinct botanical anxiously crafted in Hendricks creations.

If youd rather mix your gin, stick with simple mixers that acquiesce Hendricks addendum to flash through. You cant go amiss with a Gin & Tonic, which adds a beginning access to the canteen while befitting the gins flavours in prime position.

When authoritative cocktails with Hendricks gin, use the rules of accompaniment and contrast. Highlight the cucumber and rose by abacus capacity that accompany out those addendum after demography centre stage. A adumbration of citrus or bough of rosemary can be the final blow back it comes to creating your abutting favourite gin-based cocktail.

If youd rather chase the rules of the Adept Distiller and alcohol the spirit the aforementioned way the one accurate able recommends, do as Leslie Gracie does and mix Hendricks gin with soda baptize and elderflower cordial.

Best Top Shelf: Hendricks

Region: Scotland | ABV: 44% | Tasting Notes: Cucumber, Rose, Juniper

Hendricks really revived the gin category by thinking outside the box, said Smith. This Scottish distillery helped to modernize and innovate the gin category with a floral recipe that includes prominent notes of cucumber and rose in the mix of botanicals used. They injected a real spirit of creativity and inspiration into a category that was hanging on by a thread in terms of market sales and general popularity with the average drinker. They deserve top-shelf status for sure for their quality and their impact.

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The Best Bottles For Your Martinis Negronis And G& ts

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Best for Gin and Tonics: Bombay Sapphire at Drizly

There are just enough floral notes in this gin to make it shine when combined with tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime.

Best American:Dorothy Parker at Drizly

This is a thoroughly modern gin with hints of classicism, made using a botanical blend that includes elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus, along with the requisite juniper.

Gin can be distilled from almost anything, including grain, fruit, potatoes, or grapes. But what defines this ever-popular spirit is the predominant use of juniper, which must be included in the mix of botanicals that flavor this important cocktail component.

Gin, a descendant of the Dutch spirit genever, has been around for centuries. Once known as mothers ruin, gin has been experiencing a renaissance over the past few years, with large and small distilleries alike producing various styles like London dry, barrel-aged, and New Western.

Whether you are in the mood for classic cocktails like a Martini or Gin and Tonic or looking to make something more adventurous, here are some of the best gins out there to try now.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 1 L

More Information

At first after opening the bottle of smooth Hendricks Gin a fine juniper berry scent is released. After a short time the fragrance also uncovers a shade of rose which in combination with the Juniper berry fragrance ensures a sweet smell adventure.

In addition to juniper berry, aromas of roses can also be traced on the palate. However they are accompanied by a pleasant peppery note which is probably due to the botanical black pepper. In the finish the taste of the robust and flavorful Hendricks Gin evaporates very quickly and leaves an interesting sharpness on the palate which in no way interferes with the unique taste of the Hendricks Gin.

The small-batch Hendricks Gin is made in Girvan in Scotland in the traditional distillery William Grant & Sons. William Grant, his seven sons and two daughters began building the distillery in 1860.The distillery has been producing spirits since 1887 and is known primarily for its Blended Scotch Whisky. Today the distillery is the largest in Scotland and is also family-owned. Only about 500 liters of Hendricks Gin is produced annually making this Gin quiet sough-after and great collectors item.

For the production of the Hendricks Gin a traditional method is used which provides for the use of a Carter-Head still dating back to 1948 and a secret recipe.


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Best Overall: Sipsmith London Dry

Region: UK | ABV: 41.6% | Tasting Notes: Lemon, Juniper, Pepper

Sipsmith, the London-based distillery, is making some of the best gin you can find right now.

Sipsmith didnt reinvent the wheel, but they managed to thread the needle by taking an innovative small-batch craft approach to making a historically spot-on, top-quality commercial gin, said Alex Smith, partner at San Franciscos gin palace Whitechapel. You can choose from the original London dry gin, the higher proof VJOP gin, or some flavored options like Zesty Orange and Lemon Drizzle.

Best Craft: St George Terroir Gin

Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Pine, Sage, Juniper

Californias St. George Spirits has been making excellent craft spirits in different categories for decades now. The trio of gins it produces are truly excellent, with the Terroir expression leading the pack. This offers a taste of California, made with Douglas fir, California bay laurel, coastal sage, and juniper of course, making for a piney and woodsy spirit.Try this in a Martini to experience what using an altogether different style than London dry can bring to the drink.

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Best Budget: Haymans London Dry

Courtesy of wine

Region: UK | ABV: 41.2% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, Orange, Coriander

Hayman’s is spicy, it’s my winter London dry gin with an excellent aftertaste, says James DeFrance, bar manager at Refectory Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

This gin launched in 2008, the creation of descendants of the Burrough family behind Beefeater Gin. The core London dry gin is distilled in a pot still called Marjorie and is made from a recipe of ten botanicals. At less than $30 a bottle, this is a great budget gin to keep in your home bar.

Best To Drink Neat: Gray Whale

Hendricks Lunar Gin Review!

Courtesy of Wine

Region: California | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Mint, Lime, Juniper

While gin is not ordinarily considered a sipping spirit, there are a few bottles out there that taste great neat. Californias Gray Whale Gin is one of these, made with six sustainably sourced botanicals from the state: juniper, mint, limes, fir tree, almonds, and kombu. This combination of flavors results in a light and crisp gin that works well in any cocktail, but can also be enjoyed in a Glencairn glass, or perhaps in a tumbler with some ice.

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The All Important Pickle

We began with the idea of marrying the attributes of Katzs legendary half-sour pickle with the botanical profile of our gin. Master Distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie collaborated with Katzs owner and chief pickle auteur, Jake Dell through a lengthy transatlantic process of refinement and experimentation. The two landed on a brine that featured gin standard juniper and cubeb berries, with an additional emphasis on coriander a botanical shared by both Katzs pickles and HENDRICKS GIN.

The resulting pickle goes beautifully with a pastrami sandwich and is surprisingly divine as a cocktail garnish, yielding a new world in which pickles can taste like gin and gin can taste like pickles.

Our certain-to-sell-out, limited-edition Gin-Inspired Pickles may be acquired via commencing the 27th of September. To remain au currant as to our upcoming pipeline of gin-inspired pickled products, follow #HendricksKatzsPickles

Hendricks Gin And Katzs Delicatessen Gin

What does unusual gin from Scotland have in common with a deli in the Lower East Side of Manhattan? Cucumbers! What started as an outlandish April Fools joke, has now become a reality

Pickles, which of course are just cucumbers in another form, are a staple of Katzs Delicatessen, and cucumbers are one of the two key essences that make HENDRICKS GIN unlike any other .

Although Katzs has been pickling since Benjamin Harrison was president, they never considered brining pickles with gin botanicals.

Indeed no one has.

HENDRICKS originally launched the pickles as an April Fools joke, whereupon the mass of informed humanity otherwise known as the internet responded by imploring the gin-maker to turn the novel concept into a novel reality. Not ones to stand in the way of progress, the Scots at HENDRICKS said, challenge accepted! To bring the delightfully unusual idea to life, HENDRICKS joined forces with the most premiere pickle purveyor on the market: Katzs Delicatessen, the quest to create a radically new kind of pickle.

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Best London Dry: Beefeater London Dry

Region: UK | ABV: 44% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, Lemon, Almond

There are many well-known brands that make the classic London dry-style of gin, but Beefeater is one of the best and most ubiquitous. While London dry gin does not have to actually be made in London , it does need to meet other requirements that govern the distillation process. In short, these gins need to be made from pure grain spirit, with no flavor or artificial additives added after distillation.

Beefeaters nine-botanical recipe includes juniper, Seville orange, orris, and lemon peel, creating an easy-sipping gin that works well in any cocktail.

Best For Gin And Tonics: Bombay Sapphire


Region: UK | ABV: 47% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, White Pepper, Citrus

Another example of a widely available London dry-style gin is Bombay Sapphire, instantly recognizable in its light blue bottle. Along with the upfront juniper notes, youll find hints of almond, lemon peel, and licorice, making this a fantastic choice for the simple but refreshing Gin and Tonic. There are just enough floral notes in this gin to make it shine when combined with tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime.

Region: UK | ABV: 47.3% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, Coriander, Licorice

A classic can be tailor-made to your specific preferencesand every great Martini has to start with a good gin. Tanqueray is another well-known London dry style.

Obviously, the company isn’t going to give away their secret recipe, but the main botanicals in Tanqueray are thought to be juniper, angelica, coriander, and licorice, giving this gin a crisp, dry flavor that works perfectly in a Martini with a twist, a couple of olives, or any way you choose to make it. It’s a very juniper-forward gin, which may taste familiar to you if you’ve tried other classic London dry gins before.

Region: Germany | ABV: 47% | Tasting Notes: Berry, Juniper, Cinnamon

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