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Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Wolf Moon Bourbon: Another Celebrity Bottle

Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Review

I was excited to share the new bottles I picked up with Alie. Riding the high of my new purchases, I immediately dove into my research process to learn about the origins of Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey . Ironically, the story led me to Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line. Im not a country music fan. At all. You could even call me a hater. Many of my friends do. I did at least recognized their names even if I couldnt pick them out of a line-up.

According to Wolf Moons website, the whiskey idea was developed while Aldean was touring with Florida Georgia Line. The artists wanted a bourbon to toast their successful performances at the end of the night. The result is this traditional 80 proof bourbon that doesnt shine in any particular area, but is very drinkable. It is also affordable, which is always a plus in our books.

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Wolf Moon Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Every time I pop into the liquor store, I am on the lookout for good deals. Through my exploring, Ive found that those budget bottles of whiskey are often better than their price point indicates theyre just not subjected to the hype of the higher-priced brands. When I noticed this bottle of Wolf Moon Bourbon Whiskey on sale for $18.99, I knew it would be making the trip home.

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