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Where To Buy Sons Of Liberty Whiskey

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Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. – RI Whiskey Distillery

Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co. was founded in December of 2011 in South Kingstown, RI. Since that time, theyve been impressing locals, visitors and the liquor industry with their growing range of award-winning craft spirits. The crew would love for everyone to spend their days in the tasting room, sampling amazing craft cocktails featuring spirits, syrups, liqueurs & bitters all made in house, using local ingredients. Unfortunately, its a big country and, while we know a lot of people out there would love to visit the distillery, they cant get to the Ocean State just this minute. If you fit in this category, we have some good news, because well ship a little taste of Rhode Island right to you.

Sons Of Liberty Pumpkin Spice Is Truly A Unique Whiskey From The Rhode Island Craft Distiller

32,000 lbs of Rhode Island pumpkins were pressed to create the juice that flavors Sons of Liberty Pumpkin Spice Whiskey. In order to live up to its name, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, vanilla and orange were were also added to a young single malt NAS spirit.

The result bears no resemblance to a sugary synthetic Pumpkin Spice latte. Instead, as you might expect from a craft distiller, you get a young American malt combined with pumpkin juice and a small spice rack. The nose is coffeelike, with a dusting of cloves, tea leaf, tobacco , and roasted grains. The pumpkin is revealed in the whiskeys body, where it truly presents the drinker with a unique experience. The squashs milder nature contrast with the whiskeys harsher ways, making for an experience that is better experienced than described. On the tail end, the cinnamon is revealed before giving way to heavier coffee notes.

Watch how this whiskey is made:

Sons Of Liberty Uprising Stout Ale Review

Uprising Stout Ale

Sons of Liberty Distillery is found in Rhode Island, and in 2016 they joined the growing ranks of the brewstilleries . This combination makes sense in that beer and whiskey share common production roots. If you can make one, you can make the other with a little extra equipment.

Many craft distilleries have been experimenting with using specialized brewing malts in making their American Malt Whiskeys. The Sons of Liberty Uprising Single Malt was already made with the darker malted barleys frequently used in making stout, and fermented with Classic American Ale Yeast, so just making stout is a logical next step. Hence, Sons of Liberty Stout Ale.

The one difference is that when this brew is put to work in a still, it is fermented up to 10 to 12% ABV. In turning it towards an ale, its kept to 7 to 8% ABV instead.

That beer is pleasant in how modest it is. Its got that stout bitterness, but in a restrained sort of way, and quite balanced by silken, honeyed sweetness. Substantial without being heavy, its a nice sipper of an ale.

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Sons Of Liberty: Battle Cry

Despite the title, this isnt about a Game of Thrones or Ice Road Truckers episode, and its certainly not a patriotic Braveheart-esque call to arms about Scottish independence. Having said that, what I am going to write about is an American distillery which sees itself as a bit of a revolutionary, which is pretty apt given today is July 4th, Americas Independence Day. From what I can gather, it thinks of itself as the American whiskey equivalent to Brewdogs ruffling-of-feathers in the beer scene over here. Sons of Liberty is a distillery based in the state of Rhode Island who see themselves as leading the craft spirit revolution in the US and redefining the American single malt whiskey category. Thats a pretty bold statement by anyones standards.

The Sons of Liberty whiskies are produced in rather small volumes, as youd expect from a craft distiller, so theyre only really available in and around Rhode Island and New England. If youre in the neighbourhood, you should look them up.

Battle Cry40% ABV$30ish

Nose: Orange marmalade on toast, rich butterscotch, manuka honey, cinder toffee, sweet malt, treacle cake, coffee cream chocolates and charred oak. Pretty big!

Palate: Caramel fudge, buttered popcorn, pancakes with Nutella, cloves, maple syrup on bacon, BBQ steak flavoured crisps, smoked rack of ribs. Big, sweet and chewy with plenty of depth.

Finish: Long, with sweet caramel and charred wood.


Live: Ris Sons Of Liberty Wins National Whiskey Award Releases Canned Beer

Shop Sons Of Liberty Bourbon Whiskey

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mike Reppucci

Reppucci says while they are honored by the award and intrigued by a potential new audience to their product, they could potentially expand one market at a time but would never turn their back on their friends and loyal consumers here at home in New England.

Continuing to expand their product line in their award winning lineup of whiskies, Sons of Liberty released their first canned beer, Love Handles Double IPA. Love Handles is brewed at 7.8% ABV and is a New England Style IPA with mango and hops.

Reppucci said up next they are going to experiment with canning cocktails or mixed spirits such as a craft made gin and tonic.

Mixologist and Owner of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails, Willa Van Nostrand concocts green drinks without any chemicals.

Van Nostrand says the secret to creating a naturally green drink is the base green syrup she made up.

Van Nostrand says she was looking for a specific color and flavor while mixing her green coloring. She wanted to create a shandy flavor when mixed with beer.

Van Nostrand says the green mix is made of honey and water. Its Spirulina and matcha powder that give it the green color.

To celebrate St. Patricks Day, Van Nostrand makes The Emerald Isle, concocted with Whiskey, Ginger Beer, green syrup and garnish.

Van Nostrand says to make a green beer, light beer holds the color better than any other.

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Latest Issue: Issue 12

Sons of Liberty Spirit Company

Proof: 92Price: $25-$49.99

Rob Allanson 8.5

Nose: A hot minerality at first, then shelves of old books, dusty and sweet mold. Fruit, damsons and plums. A little mac and cheese.

Palate: A sweet and sour effect, mandarin slices and a lemon citrus edge. Grilled chop with cinnamon and apple sauce. Gentle oak grip.

Finish: Sweet and juicy and then at the end the oak makes itself known.

Sam Coyne 8.5

Nose: Lots of cereal to begin. Oats, malt and spice. Ripe plums and a banana hint.

Palate: Banana skins, before the warmth of oak grips. You get a lashing of vanilla before something faintly smoky. Cereals make their presence felt.

Finish: Sweeter, but its more caramel than fruit.Intriguingly smoky.

This Sons Of Liberty Apple Whiskey Was Just Named Best Flavored Whiskey In America At The 2017 World Whiskies Awards By Whisky Magazine

Sons of Liberty Gala Apple Whiskey is an expansion of Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co.s seasonal whiskey lineup. They used more than 9,000 gala apples from Blue Hills Orchard of Wallingford, Connecticut and Drazen Orchards of Cheshire, Connecticut to make a sauce shaped mash at New England Cider Co. That mash, called pumice, was then added to a barrel-aged whiskey made for this release.

The process worked and Sons of Libertys desire to create seasonal whiskeys just as beer brewers create seasonal beers has brought the company fame and fortune. Not only was Gala Apple Whiskey named the Best Flavored Whiskey in America at the 2017 World Whiskies Awards held by Whisky Magazine, but the whole company was named American Craft Producer of the Year.

Check out our entire selection of Sons of Liberty products here.

For more information, check out the Sons of Liberty website.

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About Sons Of Liberty Beer & Spirits

We brew a stout beer and distill it into whiskey. We brew them, then distill them.

True to its name, Sons of Liberty Spirits Company began with a revolutionary thought. While observing the proliferation of microbrews and seasonal craft beers, the company’s founders wondered why the same model of constant innovation had yet to translate to the world of whiskey distilling. With a horizon-chasing attitude, they set out to fill that voidand haven’t looked back since. Rather than deriving flavors from squeezing out every bar rag in Rhode Island, their small-batch, single-malt whiskeys are distilled from their own flavorful craft beers. Double-distilled from darker strains of pure malted barley and aged in charred and toasted oak, Uprising captures the complex, aromatic punch of its stout beer origin Battle Cry blends malted barley, rye malt and honey malt for a more complex tasting single malt derived from a Belgian ale. And like many breweries, Sons of Liberty concocts a seasonal Gala Apple variety reaped from locally grown apples.

Welcome To Sons Of Liberty Beer And Spirits Co

Sons of Liberty Uprising | The Whiskey Dictionary

Our curbside pick up is available Thursday & Friday: 3pm – 6pm.Order any time, and pick up without having to leave your car.

Our tasting room is currently closed and the building is not open to the general public. At this time we do not have a date set for reopening. Follow our social media pages for updates as we have them.

You must be 21+ to order spirits, and they are available for pick up only. The name on the order must match that on the legal ID shown at pick up. No substitutes.

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Kanes Donuts And Sons Of Liberty Spirits Co Collaborate To Craft Whiskey Glazed Donut In Honor Of Fathers Day

65-Year-Old Iconic Massachusetts Handcrafted Donut Brand Joins Forces with Rhode Island Craft Distillery to Create the Ultimate Donut Glaze for Dad

PRESS RELEASE / June 1, 2020 Kanes Donuts and Sons of Liberty Spirits have come together again to create the ultimate Fathers Day treat. No, its not another tie or power tool, its a Whiskey Glazed Donut! This year, give dad something that wont get lost at the bottom of a closet a dozen whiskey donuts wont last long enough for that. This bad boy will be available at all Kanes locations beginning Monday, June 1st through Tuesday, June 30th.

The whiskey glaze is created using Sons of Liberty Spirits award-winning Battle Cry Whiskey, an American Single Malt born from a Belgian-style ale. Using 100% malted grains, Battle Cry incorporates rye malt and honey malt for added spiciness and sweetness, respectively. Fermented with a Trappist-style yeast strain and aged in newly charred American Oak Barrels, Battle Cry is a unique experience from beginning to end hints of dark fruit and spices, such as anise and black licorice, with a distinct sweetness.

Kanes boiled down the Battle Cry to cook out most of the alcohol and then blended it with sugar, local organic honey, and butter to craft a divine whiskey glaze fit for a king, like dad! Since this donut is too good to only serve for one weekend, they have made it one of their June flavors of the month!

Monday, June 1, 2020 Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sons Of Liberty Announces Pumpkin Spice Whiskey

Sons Of Liberty Battle Cry American Single Malt Whiskey ...

The Sons of Liberty continue to lead the American craft whiskey revolution and is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated 2015 release of Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey rated Worlds Best Flavored Whiskey at Whisky Magazines 2014 World Whiskies Awards.

Just one year removed from becoming the first U.S. craft distillery to take home a Worlds Best honor at Whisky Magazines World Whiskies Awards, the Rhode Island craft distillery is proud to continue the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies with their 2015 Pumpkin Spice release, which will be available at retailers and bars throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut this September.

We are extremely proud of the 2015 Pumpkin Spice release, said Sons of Liberty Owner, Mike Reppucci. Now in its fourth year of production, we feel were putting a more flavorful and enjoyable product on the shelves every fall.

The 2015 release of Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whiskey will make use of 30,000 lbs. of Rhode Island-grown pumpkins from Carpenters Farm. The Sons of Liberty, along with many loyal volunteers throughout New England cut, cored, roasted and pressed the load of pumpkins in pursuit of hundreds of gallons of fresh pumpkin juice, which was blended with a barrel-aged whiskey.

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An American Single Malt Whiskey Made Right Here In Rhode Island

Sons of Liberty Battle Cry is made with 100% malted grain and then fermented with a Belgian Trappist yeast. The wash is double distilled and then matured in a mix of freshly charred American oak barrels and lightly toasted French oak casks.

Expect oak and vanilla in the nose with a hint of chocolate that comes out in the finish.

Check out our entire selection of Sons of Liberty products here.

About Sons Of Liberty Spirits Co

Opening in December of 2011 by cousins Mike Reppucci and Chris Guillette, the distillery was started with a couple questions: Why is no one distilling single malt whiskies from the beers we love? and Why are there so many seasonal beers, but no seasonal whiskies?

Since then, the company has grown tremendously, adding new products and winning a few awards along the way.

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Awards For Sons Of Liberty Battle Cry

Gold 2016 World Whiskies Awards Silver American Craft Spirits Associations 2016 Judging of Craft Spirits Silver 2016 North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition Silver 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition Bronze 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Bronze 2016 Washington Cup Spirits Competition Silver 2015 World Whiskies Awards Best in Class 2015 Whiskies of the World Awards Silver 2015 Whiskies of the World Awards Bronze American Craft Spirits Associations 2015 Judging of Craft Spirits Bronze American Distilling Institutes 2015 Judging of Craft Spirits Best of Category American Distilling Institutes 2014 Judging of Craft Spirits Gold American Distilling Institutes 2014 Judging of Craft Spirits Gold 2014 Craft Awards International Competition Bronze American Craft Spirits Associations 2014 Judging of Craft Spirits Bronze 2014 New York International Spirits Competition Bronze 2014 Whiskies of the World Awards Bronze 2014 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

For more info check out the Sons of Liberty website.

Sons Of Liberty Spirits Company

Sons of Liberty Battle Cry | The Whiskey Dictionary

Review Highlights

I get beer about 50% of the time here, the rest is straight-up whiskey or their wonderful beer/whiskey 35 reviews

We both had the tasting flight and the vanilla bean vodka was surprisingly 6 reviews

They also sell their products at Town Wine and other liquor stores throughout the state!in 7 reviews

Location & Hours

Mike R.

Business Owner

At the Sons of Liberty, we brew finely crafted beers and distill them into revolutionary spirits.$12 whiskey or beer flights, $8 craft cocktails and $6-$10 beers on tap.100% of our ingredients are made right at the distillery making them extremely unique and delicious.Live music every Friday and Saturday night.

COVID-19 updates

“Please note that the tasting room is closed until further notice. However, we are open 7 days a week for curbside pick up. Order on-line only , no walk-ups.”

Ask the Community

  • Hi are dogs allowed?

    Hey Colette, we love them, but dogs are not allowed in the tasting room service animals only.

    Bryan R., Business Owner View question details

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Review: Sons Of Liberty Uprising And Battle Cry Single Malt Whiskeys

Weve covered a number of products from Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Company, located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, a company thats best known for seasonal whiskeys like its annually released pumpkin spice-flavored whiskey. The company also runs a small brewery , and lately its been turning those beers into whiskey, too.

Today we look at two of SoLs single malts, Uprising and Battle Cry . Originally released at 80 proof, the whiskeys have been revamped a bit and are now being bottled at a bolder 92 proof. We never saw these whiskeys in their original form, but were not letting that stop us from writing about them. In fact, with the samples it sent out, Sons of Liberty took the unique step of also sending the beers from which the whiskeys were made, so the original and the finished product could be tasted side by side. Lets give both duets a try.

Again, both are 92 proof.

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