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Where To Buy Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka

Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka: Tasting Notes

Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka

Note: This was written in 2012. Cathead has improved their Honeysuckle Vodka since.

I dig Cathead Vodka. I like the outsider art craftiness of the somewhat menacing looking cat on the bottle. I like the little-bitty blue cat heads on the backside of the back label that are visible through the clear spirit. I like that they support live music!. I like that theyre from Mississippi and are doing something good in that state that could use more good things . And I also like that they are the first company to attempt a honeysuckle flavored vodka.

For sons and daughters of the South, there are few memories of youth as fine as that of discovering a good honeysuckle patch and having an older sibling or friend or parent show you the precious prize that rests within each little flower. You mean theres more to that messy bush of tiny flowers than just an intoxicating aroma? Then you try one plucking a honeysuckle flower off the vine, carefully clipping off the end and pulling the stamen on through the flower, hoping and praying that your bit of effort results in a big blob of honeysuckle nectar, then seeing that drop emerge on the end of the string and dipping it onto your tongue. Ahhh, a too tiny touch of heaven. You can see why I might be excited at the prospect of a good honeysuckle flavored spirit the mystical honeysuckle is engrained in my memories.

Let us see. On to the tasting notes:

Cathead Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka70 ProofApprox. $20 Retail

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