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Bourbon With The Horse On Top

Theres A Ton Of Vital Info On The Labels

Quarter Horse Kentucky Bourbon Review

Schools stopped teaching cursive for a while, but its making a comeback. We like to assume its because people realized the next generation wouldnt be able to read the Blantons label . Its good news for Blantons drinkers, since all that flowy handwriting lets you know the barrel number, the number of the rick the barrel was taken from, the proof the bourbon was bottled at, the final bottles ABV, and even the date the bourbon was dumped.

What Bourbon Has A Horse On Top

Blantons Single Barrel BourbonThe horse and jockey on the bottle stoppers are now a recognized trademark of Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon. The set features a horse and jockey in different strides and poses resembling the stages of a horse race. Each stopper is marked with a single letter that spells Blantons when the set has been completed.

Colonel Eh Taylor Single Barrel Straight

Many consider Colonel E.H. Taylor to be the father of contemporary bourbons. The distillery was among the first to introduce the sour mash technique, column stills, as well as copper fermentation tanks. These are just some of the things that add to the refined character of this bourbon.

On the nose, Colonel E.H. Taylor is quite oaky and spicy with just a hint of plums and figs. As you sip, the flavors bring buttery notes, a touch of orange peel, and some tobacco smokiness at the end. The finish is long and its where the tobacco aroma shines through the most. This is one of the best bourbons around. You may want to consider this bourbon before enjoying it.

Grab a bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Bourbon Here

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Single Barrel Isnt A Legal Term

Like the all natural on your bologna or farm fresh, quite possibly also on your bologna, single-barrel isnt a legally defined term in the United States. Yes, that leaves a lot of wiggle room for creative interpretation. So far, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau hasnt set up a legal definition. So for now, were working on the honor system.

Blantons And Its Place In Modern Whiskey

Bourbon and Horses  Riveted

In todays bourbon scene, Blantons represents the same thing it did in the 1940s when it was being hand-selected in minute quantities from the honey barrels of Warehouse H – it was and is a status symbol. The caveat to this is that its a different type of status symbol in modern whiskey collecting. In the 1940s it was a gift bestowed unto those deemed worthy by Colonel Blanton himself, whereas nowadays its an indicator of someones position as a collector of rare and premium bourbon.

Regardless of the semantics around status, it remains an outstanding single barrel bourbon and a whiskey of the highest order. Thousands upon thousands of whiskey drinkers, bourbon enthusiasts and collectors pursue the elusive Blantons bourbon, and while it may not hold the same exclusivity and aura that it was once associated with, it remains an integral part of the Kentucky whiskey scene and is a coveted collectible for good reason.

So, is it deserving of the status it holds in todays bourbon scene? Given its place in history and the innovation and quality that Blantons brought to the whiskey industry, we have to say yes – its an important milestone in the development of American whiskey and its still a damn fine sipping bourbon.

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Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon

Any House of Cards fan knows that this is Frank Underwoods bourbon of choice. And once you get a taste of Blantons, it would be hard to disagree. We also think you should consider picking up a bottle because it’s a conversation piece for your bar!

You may expect minute variations in the flavor profile, but the caramel and vanilla aromas dominate the mid-palate. The finish is where Blantons wins, with a subtle touch of pepper and grassy rye. This is the perfect bourbon to drink neat. Or, if you must drink it on the rock, make sure you made clear ice for your whiskey.

This whiskey can be hard to get. It will pop up occasionally on some of the better online whiskey stores. We are linking to one of your best options below. If you see a bottle is available, you should buy it before they run out!

| See if you can score a bottle of Blanton’s

A Specially Reserved Selection

Blantons is a special blend that its original maker, Colonel Blanton, bottled specifically for the private enjoyment of his most esteemed family, and friends. According to master distillers who worked with the Colonel in the 1940s, Blanton would walk among the bourbon barrels, stacked high in their cool Kentucky warehouses. Hed carefully select special honey barrels, based on their unique aroma, and hed set them aside for his own special use.

After hand-distilling that carefully-chosen barrel into bottles, one by one, Colonel Blanton would open them infrequently to toast visiting dignitaries and beloved guests. It was in Blantons name that Buffalo Traces master distiller Elmer T. Lee made a special Single Barrel reserve in the 1980sthe first commercially produced single barrel bottling. Since then, many other brands have debuted their own similar lines however, Blantons will always be the first.

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Who Makes Blanton’s Bourbon

Blanton’s Bourbon, as well as its many variations and limited edition bottlings, are produced exclusively by Buffalo Trace Distillery. All of Blanton’s whiskey starts with Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2 and is aged 6 to 8 years in the distillery’s metal-clad rickhouse supposed to speed up the aging process.

The story of who owns Blanton’s is a little more convoluted. The George T. Stagg distillery used to manufacture Blanton’s however, Age International Inc. owned the distillery at the time. Age International commissioned Elmer T. Lee to create a premium bourbonthe Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon to gain traction for the blossoming Japanese market.

Age International sold the Stagg distillery and its brands to Takara Holdings in 1992, who then sold the distillery to Sazerac without the Age International brands . So, in essence, Sazerac is contracted to produce Blanton’s and has the right of marketing it within America, but Takara Holdings owns this brand.

Q: What’s The Most Valuable Or Rarest Bottles You Don’t Own But Are Hunting Down

Booker’s Bourbon Horse Soldier Bourbon

There’s five LMDWs I need. The ’98 and ’99 Paris By Day & Paris By Night as well as some others. There’s something called the Frankfurt 200th Anniversary bottle, and it’s supposed to be the first special bottling of Blanton’s ever, done in celebration of Frankfurt, Kentucky’s bicentennial. It has a unique topper and doesn’t even say Blanton’s on the label.

There’s one that was sold or given I don’t know the true story to readers of a German magazine I can’t pronounce well . It’s hard to find, for sure. We just call it the German Bottle.

There’s also the My Only Blanton’s bottle. In 2006, Takara released a private barrel program. You could buy a barrel yourself or you could buy an allotment of a barrel with a group of 20 people. Both of those labels are extremely unique. The shared offering is actually more rare now. I only know of one bottle.

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Straight From The Barrel

Straight From the Barrel is specially curated by a discerning bourbon connoisseur. It is bold and a cask-proof whiskey.

The nose has the scent of caramel and nuts. The taste is scrumptious vanilla and oak.

It is the stallion of the Blanton bourbon range that finishes boldly with the high alcohol content unmissable.

Breckenridge Blend Of Straight Bourbon

Unlike most bourbons on this list, this one doesnt come from Kentucky. Actually, Breckenridge is a mix of high-altitude Colorado whiskey and blends from Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky.

This results in a specific flavor profile, dominated by nutty and toasty aromas. At mid-palate, you also get sesame and banana notes which work well with the nutty flavors. This is a truly unique bourbon and deserves a spot on any list of the top bourbons to buy.

Update: There is a special release from Breckenridge that you should know about. The “Dark Arts Malt Mash” is a limited edition. This isn’t bourbon, but it’s from a great bourbon producer and is a unique single-malt American-made whiskey. You can check it out here.

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Legal Or Not Single Barrel Still Really Matters

Sure, well roll our eyes at single-stalk corn syrup and single-pig salami when they inevitably enter the market, but we take the implications of single-barrel bourbon seriously . While bourbon in general is blended by brand and distillery to create a desired flavor profile, a single-barrel bourbon categorically rejects blending. Instead, we embrace whatever inimitable magic the aging process has done to the whiskey inside one particular barrel.

It Tastes Like No Other

Gifted Horse Bourbon  Review  The Whiskey Post

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is a unique bourbon that tastes like no other. It is a deep amber color with a gorgeous red hue. The bourbon starts off with a creamy feel with notes of vanilla and caramel. Do not be fooled: While this bourbon does gain some sweetness from its corn-based mash, it is pleasantly dry. Blanton’s goes on to have rich and spicy notes with hints of nutmeg and, appropriately, corn. All of this works together to create a harmonious and enriching pour.

This bourbon is perfectly balanced and the critics agree about its quality and desirability. Whiskey Bible referred to it as “liquid gold” and bottles of Blanton’s have won a staggering number of awards. Blanton’s has figured out how to balance the sweet and spicy notes of bourbon and reach perfection without blending barrels. They rely entirely on quality ingredients and production to produce an excellent bourbon.

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What Horse Is On Top Of Blantons

The Stoppers The horse and jockey atop the bottle stoppers are now a recognized trademark of Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon. The rich heritage and tradition of horses in Kentucky parallel that of bourbon. This is our way of paying homage to this Kentucky heritage.

How many Blantons tops are there?

eight stoppersStill, Blantons assures fans that it produces the same number of each every year. There are equal numbers of all eight stoppers, Amy Preske, public relations and events manager at Buffalo Trace Distillery, told The Bourbon Babe in 2012. They are in random order when they are put on.

Why is Blantons so expensive now?

One reason why Blantons costs more than other whiskeys of its class is simply because it has been marketed as something of a luxury brand of bourbon. In order to note this, you need to look no further than their bottle design.

Four Roses Small Batch Select

Four Roses Small Batch Select is made from a blend of recipes with five yeast strains. It is an upper-premium bourbon with an herbal-forward flavor profile and aromas of clove, nutmeg, and raspberries.

The Four Roses Small Batch Select is aged six to seven years and features 104 proofs . Like Four Roses single barrel, it is non-chill filtered.

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Woodinville Cask Strength Bourbon

Woodinville Cask Strength bourbon is a small-batch bourbon with high rye content. The distilled spirit is made from different grains that are mashed, and after the fermentation process, it undergoes distillation and aging.

Woodinville Cask Strength bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon aged in charred American oak barrels for a desirable flavor profile.

How Many Blantons Horses Are There To Collect

Blanton’s Single Barrel (no. 469) Review

Image credit:

There are no less than eight horse bottle toppers to collect. They come with all 375 ml. and 750 ml. bottles of Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon.

Although you get to enjoy the same super-premium quality bourbon with the 50 ml. bottles, they, unfortunately, dont come with the collectible stoppers.

The entire set depicts jockeys riding horses in different stages of a race. Each top features a different stride marked by a letter representing the individual letters in the brand. When you line up the entire collection, it spells out Blantons, and shows how a horse and jockey finish a race.

Make sure to check the horse marked with the letter N carefully. There are two N toppers to collect: one with a plain N and the other marked with a colon.

You only need eight horses to complete a set, but note that these bottle toppers spelling comes out to be BLANTON:S. The second N: has the colon right after it.

After youve completed your collection, you could put them in a zip lock bag and send them to Buffalo Trace Distillery by mail. They will then be mounted onto a barrel stave and sent back to you. These make excellent conversation pieces for your man-cave, den, or bar.

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The Famous Warehouse H

Following the repeal of prohibition with the 21st amendment in 1933, liquor production across the United States skyrocketed, with the distilleries that survived the arduous 13-year dry spell that began in 1920 seeing a meteoric rise in demand for their spirits.

Blantons distillery , was immediately faced with a problem that it would need to overcome to satisfy the almost unquenchable thirst and appetite for their products – storage space. The distillery had quickly run out of space to store barrels, with Colonel Blantons solution of a metal warehouse thought to be the fastest way to navigate this issue and create more room.

At the time, warehouses were almost exclusively made of timber, and the metal used by Blanton had a noticeably different effect on the bourbon that he was producing at the distillery. The metal walls of Warehouse H were thinner, with the climate inside much closer to the outside temperature. This essentially exposed the bourbon barrels to the true elements of Kentucky and all four seasons, meaning the liquor interacted with the oak of the barrels at a higher frequency, translating to more rapid ageing of the whiskey and thus creating a greater depth of flavor and a heightened degree of complexity that is still found in Blantons bourbon today.

Are There Fake Blantons

Buffalo Trace Warns Buyers of Fraudulent Whiskey Being Sold Online. Specifically, Buffalo Trace says that though various brands have been involved, the scams appear to be primarily targeting Blantons and Double Eagle Very Rare. Weve had fans from across the U.S. contact us to tell us theyve been duped.

How much should a bottle of Blantons cost?

Blantons whiskey costs between $65 and $110 per bottle.

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It’s Sorta Owned And Produced By Buffalo Trace

As we mentioned above, Buffalo Trace is the parent company of Blanton’s while this is mostly true, company ownership is a bit more complicated than that.

It all started in 1983 when Age International was formed. Age International witnessed the surging bourbon market in Japan, hoping to capitalize on it. The company hired master distiller Elmer T. Lee to create a premium bourbon at what was known at that time as the George T. Stagg Distillery for Age International to market in Japan. In 1992, Age International sold everything to Takara Holdings. Bear with us here. Takara Holdings then immediately turned around and sold to Sazerac, the company that owns Buffalo Trace and its sister companies.

This is where things get a little bit sticky.

When Takara Holdings sold to Sazerac, they sold the distillery, which came with the sale and distribution rights for Blanton’s but they did not sell the Buffalo Trace trademark. This means that, while Sazerac owns the Buffalo Trace distillery and does the production, sales, and distribution, technically Takara Holdings owns the Blanton’s name. Isn’t corporate business fun?

You Can Collect The Horse Stoppers And It Will Drive You Mad

Pin on Bourbon

Theres an adorable horse stopper atop every bottle of Blantons single-barrel Bourbon. Each one has a letter inscribed on it that you can find in a little circle on the lower left part of the stopper. Collect all eight and you get B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S . FYI, the S shows the horse crossing the finish line you can tell because the jockey is fist-pumping. But dont join him in the winners circle just yet double-check that your Ns arent identical. The first is a regular old N, but the second should have a colon after it, as shown here.

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Deadwood Tumblin Dice 3

Deadwood Tumblin Dice is a three-year-old straight bourbon aged in charred oak barrels for distinct flavor and appearance. It was distilled at MGP and is made from a mash bill that contains 36% rye.

Deadwood Tumblin Dice is a bold bourbon with peppery spice and smoked balanced from rye and corn and oak casks. It is bottled at 100 proof and bears an age statement since it is younger than four years old.

Widow Jane 10 Year Old Bourbon

Do you ever think about how important water is when making great bourbon whiskey? Most of us don’t give the water source a second thought when picking out a bottle. Luckily, the folks behind Widow Jane do think about these details.

The Widow Jane 10-year bourbon uses water sourced from the Rosendale Mine in NY to craft this exception whiskey. You will notice it in the silky mouthfeel. Expect aromas of toffee and cream. On the palate, you will experience honey flavors followed by charred oak and spicey orange.

You can order a bottle by clicking here

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Where Can You Buy Blantons Bourbon

In the U.S., wholesale and retail distribution of liquor is limited to only 17 states. This limits the number of retailers where you can get high-quality bourbon of Blantons caliber. In any case, you should be able to find Blantons in the following states:

Furthermore, existing laws in the U.S. prevent Blantons from selling their liquors directly to consumers. Consequently, you can only purchase this super-premium bourbon from authorized resellers.

There are fewer restrictions for the distribution of liquor on the international market. But the high demand and aging requirements mean that Blantons is only available to select distributors and resellers worldwide.

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