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Where To Buy Whiskey Barrels

How To Buy Your Own Private Barrel Of Whiskey

Single Barrel Whisky – The Rarest Whiskey You Can Easily Buy

December 1, 2016 | Fred Minnick

How would you like to own a barrel of bourbon? Or batch two barrels together for your own unique small batch? Once the exclusive domain of bourbon clubs and choice bars, now any whiskey lover with the desire and some determination can buy a barrel of bourbon.

The U.S. three-tier liquor laws require that a wholesaler purchase from the supplier and then sell to the retailer, who sells to you. In other words, you cant just walk into the warehouse, grab a barrel, and check it in your airport luggage. Fortunately, because youll be spending between $5,000 and $12,000 in their store, most retailers will gladly help make your dream come true by cooperating with your chosen distillery.

The goal is to achieve something uniquely suited for your groups palate. No two barrels taste the same, so this is a true tasting study.

Places That Sell Used Whiskey Barrels Online

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Barrels are more than just containers for aging your favorite wine and liquor. Sure, theyre most commonly used as such, but there are other ways to make use of these wooden containers.

One of the most common uses of barrels other than for aging alcoholic drinks is for furniture. Head over to your local rustic-themed restaurant and youll more often than not find a barrel or two in the store put up as decoration. They make for great tables, chairs, or even just pure decoration.

Even if you arent using barrels for the sake of furniture, though, there are still some ways to make use of them particularly if theyre aged. If youre running a professional brewery or distillery, used barrels are great for aging, as they add more flavor and body to the drink.

Even coffee beans have been known to be aged in used whiskey barrels. So not only are used barrels great for home decoration, theyre also useful in businesses that need that extra flavor when aging.

So if youre looking for a place that sells aged barrels, but you dont know where to look, youve come to the right place. Weve listed 8 online stores that ship their used whiskey barrels to locations all over the U.S. of A. But before you pick one from the list and order immediately, here are a couple of pointers.

These online stores are different in their own way some stores are more budget-focused, meaning that you can get a good deal out of them, especially if you live close to their physical locations.

How To Order Used Whiskey Barrels

Our rustic whiskey barrels are sold exclusively by truck load. Each truck holds 288 whiskey barrels per load. The barrels are shipped from Ontario, Canada. We can provide you with the most competitive cross border shipping options to the United States .

Please note we only sell and ship truckloads of barrels and cannot accommodate order quantities under 288 Barrels. Payment must be completed through wire transfer in US Funds. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks order processing time from receipt of payment.

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All About The American White Oak & The Cooper

The American white oakQuercus speciesisunique to North America and is one of the most popular species in export markets from American hardwood forests. The white oak classification is the most common species group, accounting for about 33% of the American hardwood resource. The characteristics of white oaks vary depending on the where theyre grown. Southern regions grow faster and produce wood with more open grain and texture than northern regions, which have a longer growth season and produce less sapwood.

The trees are harvested in a sustainable manner that promotes regeneration. For barrel-making purposes, logs are sawed in quarters to produce staves with the maximum strength and leak resistance. This is where the cooper comes in. Coopers are the craftspeople who make the wooden barrels. When it comes to brown spirits especially, the barrel is arguably the single most important step in the production process.

Coopers date to Celtic times and were valued craftsmen in colonial America and throughout our history. The skilled coopers at Red Head Barrels make each barrel by hand and each is as unique as the tree and stave its built from.

Each of our barrels come with a wooden spigot, bung and stand. Our oak aging barrels come in 1 Liter, 2 Liter, 3 Liter, 5 Liter, 10 Liter and 20 Liter sizes. Some of the other barrels we offer:

Selected Cask Purchase Schemes

Oak whiskey barrels £50 and half barrel planters £28

This is a simplified guide to some of the cask purchase schemes on offer. Contact the distillery and visit its website for further details, including those vital terms and conditions.

Estimated final bottle prices have been calculated using todays UK rates of excise duty £28.74 per litre of pure alcohol, or £9.24 per 70cl bottle at 46% abv but this is likely to be materially higher in, say, 10 years time. Also included is UK VAT at 20%. Overseas purchases will incur local tax liabilities instead. You may also have to pay extra for shipping.

Cask variation: Ardnamurchan has a variety of wood types available for sale

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Our Most Popular American Whiskey Barrels

Woodford Reserve Distillers Select Bourbon Barrels

Crafted, toasted, and charred at Brown-Forman Cooperage, these single-use, white oak barrels are vital in contributing flavor, complexity, and balance to Woodford Reserve Distillers Select Bourbon.

Recently declared the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve is a highly acclaimed, award winning bourbon of exceptional richness, depth, and character.

With the barrel as its key ingredient in the distilling process, this super-premium, small batch bourbon delivers a rich, smooth flavor with complex citrus, cinnamon, toffee, chocolate and spice notes.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

Meticulously handcrafted, toasted, and charred at Jack Daniels Distillery, these single-use, American white oak barrels play an important role in contributing flavor, complexity, and balance to Jack Daniels Whiskey.

As one of the worlds most well-known Tennessee Whiskey brands, Jack Daniels stands out due to its rigorous, time-consuming crafting process in which the whiskey slowly drips through 10 ft of hard sugar maple charcoal to achieve its distinct smoothness.

Once aged to perfection inside the barrels, this premium, one-of-a-kind whiskey delivers subtle notes of caramel and spice with bright fruit notes and sweet aromatics.

Templeton Rye Whiskey

Templeton Rye is distilled in Templeton, Iowa and ages for 4 years in new, American oak barrels to achieve its unmistakable flavor and clean, balanced finish.

Thank You For Visiting Our Online Barrel Store

Here at Mystic Barrels, it is our mission to bring YOU the barrels and barrel furniture you need for your home, business, event, or project.

For over 2000 years, wooden barrels have been a crucial container for the storage and transport of wood and beverage products. And 2000 years later, there is still a craze for all things barrel aged! Not only is there an obvious love for aged whiskey, bourbon, rye, rum, gin, brandy and wine, but there is also a huge trend into bourbon-aged beers, barrel-aged ciders, and aged cocktails.

The life of a barrel extends far beyond its time aging. Barrel spend their retirement being used in all sorts of different ways. Some customers leave the barrels as is, embracing the barrels rustic or natural beauty to set the scene of their home or business. Others create their own barrel furniture masterpiece, by refurbishing the barrels, or crafting their own tables, vanities, and cabinets! Yet others gravitate towards the use of the barrel staves, hoops, and heads for limitless possibilities in creating their own exciting works of art!

If outside of our delivery zone or need the barrels fast, do not fret! We have partnered up with some incredible shipping and freight partners to get you competitive rates on shipping. Simply follow through the checkout process to get an instant quote.

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Unforgettable Excursions For Your Whisky Club

After youve chosen your barrel, the distillery will bottle the whiskey and work according to U.S. laws to get it to a retailer, who sells it to you. Toasted Cooper Society works mainly with Stadium Liquor in Covington, Kentucky. Talk to your local liquor stores and build up a relationship with them, Weigold suggests. Depending on your state, the laws and regulations could be different and theyll be able to help you along the journey.

Here Is What Customers Have To Say About Us

ScotchNSniff : How to buy a barrel (with The Whiskey Library DC)

DENISEI searched for barrels for my daughters wedding all over the place! The shipping, most of the time, was more than the barrel itself. This company was quick to answer my emails and the shipping was FAST, friendly and affordable! The barrels are fantastic we love them! Great local company!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

LAURAAwesome customer service and great barrels. Mike was very very quick to respond to my email and a pleasure to work with.Do not waste your time researching another company – this one is top notch Thank you mike !

BRITTANYOh my gosh…your barrels were sitting on my front porch when I got home this evening. You truly made my day! Thank you again for everything…you have been amazing to work with and this is the best $400 I have spend in years! I am so happy!!

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Where Canbuy Whiskey Barrels

View Images Library Photos and Pictures. Unbranded 26 In Dia X 17 5 In H White Oak Wood Whiskey Barrel B100 The Home Depot Personalized Whiskey Barrel Mini Oak Uncommon Goods Personalized Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel Wine Enthusiast 1 X Whisky Barrel Whisky Barrels

. Oak Barrel And Oak Spirals For Aging Whiskey And Other Spirits Wine Whiskey Barrel Holiday Decoration Simplemost Craft Whiskey Barrels Available To Home Beer Makers Craftbeer Com

Oak Whiskey Barrels Full Load Of 195 Barrells Whitford Reclamation

Types Of Whiskey Barrels

  • Must be produced in America
  • Must be made from 51% corn
  • Must be stored in new, oak-charred barrels
  • Must be distilled to no more than 160 proof
  • Must be barrel aged at no more than 125 proof
  • Must be bottled at no less than 80 proof
  • Must not contain any added flavoring, coloring, or any other additives

Tennessee Whiskey

  • Must be produced in Tennessee
  • Must follow filtering process known as the Lincoln County Process prior to aging
  • Must be filtered through maple charcoal to mellow the flavor during fermentation and aging
  • Made with 51-79% corn
  • Must be produced in America
  • Must be made with at least 51% rye
  • Must be distilled to no more than 80 percent alcohol by volume
  • Crisper, spicer, and sharper flavor than sweeter, smoother bourbon
  • Aged in charred new-oak barrels for at least 2 years

Scotch Whiskey

  • Must be produced in Scotland
  • Must be made from malted barley
  • Must age in oak barrels for no less than 3 years
  • Must have an age statement on each bottle to reflect the youngest aged whisky used in each blend

Canadian Whiskey

  • Must be produced in Canada
  • Must be barrel-aged for no less than 3 years
  • Must possess the aroma, taste and character generally attributed to Canadian whisky
  • Lighter and smoother than other types of whiskey
  • Distillers can follow their own production process and methods

Blended Whiskey

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Become A Barrel Expert

Investing in quality used oak barrels for your brewery is only the beginning of you barrel-aging journey. What happens when there is a problem with a barrel? Can you maintain and repair the barrels you have? Do you know how to spot problems before they start costing you product? Barrels Direct is here to help.

Barrels Direct is part of the River Drive Cooperage & Millwork family as a result, were not only experts at barrel brokerage and logistics, but also at maintaining, repairing, and building custom barrels. Were now offering a new series of educational cooperage classes to share our knowledge and teach your team to keep your barrels at their best.

Why Oak Matters When Aging Whiskey

Authentic Whiskey Barrel Rustic Decor

The American white oak barrel is what accounts for whiskeys unique flavor profile. Due to its natural strength and durability, the American white oak is also ideal when youre looking for wooden whiskey barrels for sale. The wood cells of white oak trees contain tyloses that make it waterproof and a large volume of medullary rays that contribute to its strength.

White oak also lets oxygen in, helping diffuse the contents. Chemical reactions change the color and mellow the flavors, just as the charring and curing add different flavor notes and affect the mouthfeel. American oak is denser than French oak and has different lactone levels. American oak also doesnt have resin canals that can pass along unappealing flavors to maturing spirits.

American White Oak is used at most distilleries and wineries across the United States. After aging whiskey in Tennessee, and bourbon in Kentucky, American oak barrels travel over to Scotland to mature Scotch and Ireland to age whiskey. While in the U.S. whiskey is aged in only new barrels, in Ireland, used barrels are the norm.

At Red Head Barrels, our wooden whiskey barrels for sale are handcrafted by our own coopers using a medium char, which we have found is the most universal for aging spirits. We source our American White Oak from a variety of forests across the continental U.S., including California, Missouri and sometimes Kentucky.

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Distilleries Where You Can Buy An Entire Cask Of Whisky

Buying a good bottle of whisky is always a pleasure, especially when you have the chance to open and drink it. Over time, you start to become attached to certain favorites , and many whisky geeks these days are making pilgrimages to their favorite distilleries to finally be able to visit the source of their favorite drink.

A few distilleries these days are letting you go one step further, however.

You can buy entire casks of whisky that will be stored and matured at the distillery warehouse just for you. Whenever you want you can then bottle the cask and enjoy your very own single cask release, often consisting of a few hundred bottles. Whether you want to give them to friends, keep them to yourself, or sell them on is up to you!

Selling casks allows the distillery to collect a large amount of capital quickly to fund its operations, which is why new whisky distilleries often have a cask program in place.

The distilleries that I include in this list are indeed mostly new and smaller operations, though theres a few established names in here too.

With that disclaimer issued, here we go:

Annandale distillery has just released its first single malt.

Annandale Distillery

Annandale – £2,580+

Located in the south of Scotland near the English border, new whisky distillery Annandale recently released its first single malt whisky, with a new edition on the way. It offers a wide variety of casks, including bourbon , sherry , and and red wine .


Ardnahoe – £7,000


Innovating The Way We Roll

The Rocky Mountain Barrel Company team is excited about barrels. Seriously, our team loves supporting our customers across the country and world.

When working with traditional spirit and wine barrels, we put service before anything else. As a small business, we do our best to meet your needs with honesty and transparency but also excitement. With years of experience in the barrel industry, our team always loves educating our partners. We also love pushing the envelope on what is possible. Some of our recent barrel finds include barrels once used to age hot sauce, soy sauce, tea, and even maple syrup

The Rocky Mountain Barrel Company is proud to partner with 1400+ breweries across not only the United States, but also internationally. With all our partners, our team is proud of providing breweries great new and used barrels, casks, and other brewing items from around the world. No matter the partner, our team prides themselves on their customer service, our barrels, and our capabilities to build personal relationships with every customer.

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Barrel Aged In A Bottle

For centuries the worlds most celebrated distillers have known charred oak barrels are essential for aging the best spirits. Now, the ability to achieve similar results directly in the bottle – adding color, complexity, smoothness and subtle overtones is made possible with Oak Infusion Spirals from The Barrel Mill. You can quickly and easily make a top-shelf impact on any bottle.

Whiskey Barrel Wholesale Pricing For Our Once Used Whiskey Barrels And Our Outside Rustic Barrels Is Now Available For Delivery To Most East Coast Usa States For $60 Per Barrel Delivered In Full 53′ Truckload Quantities Full 53′ Truckload Quantities For The Standard Full

How to get Whisky from old Whisky barrels

We offer the lowest pricing for the best quality barrels in the used whiskey barrel industry. Barrel pricing as low as $40 per barrel for 288 barrels. contact us today!

We offer the lowest pricing for used barrel heads in the barrel industry. Barrel Head pricing as low as $2 per barrel head for a minimum of 2000 barrel heads. contact us today!

We offer the lowest pricing for used barrel staves in the barrel industry. Barrel Stave pricing as low as $.25 per barrel stave for a minimum of 10000 barrel staves. contact us today!

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Business Or Home Use Whiskey Barrels

These authentic whiskey barrels are perfect for use around a hotel, bar or restaurant. They are also great for professional party planners and interior decorators for weddings, and large venues.

For homeowners these barrels can be used for straight decoration or custom made whiskey barrel furniture. They are great for planters, rain barrels, fountains, custom furniture , construction fixtures , or increasingly popular and trendy rustic decor.

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