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Where To Buy Bourbon Online

Best Places To Buy Whiskey Online

Where To Buy Bourbon Online – 3 Websites I Use Regularly!

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Online shopping is a convenient way to search for rare and limited-edition whiskey bottles. You dont have to put in so much effort to have that special whiskey brand right at your own home.

However, there are a lot of unreliable alcohol stores on the internet, and some have ridiculously marked-up prices.

In this article, youll find the best place to buy whiskey online, where you can browse, pay, and wait comfortably for your order to arrive.

Finding The Best Place To Buy Whiskey Online

Todays world provides us with comfort and convenience in every aspect of our lives, especially in buying alcoholic beverages. We carefully choose websites with good delivery service, great customer care, and a wide variety of whiskey products.

However, there are currently 44 states in the USA that allow delivery of alcoholic drinks, but states like Missouri and Ohio have strict restrictions. Other states such as Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Indiana, and West Virginia have a bit of similarities in their rules in shipping distilled alcohol.


Brothers Bond Official Website

Another option for finding Brothers Bond bourbon would be the official website of Brothers Bond itself. The website does not only have liquors but other merchandise for your drinking experience.

You can also search for the nearest brick-and-mortar establishment near you through the website and pick up your favorite Brothers Bond bottle.

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How Blanton’s Came To Be

Single Barrel Bourbon started with Blantons in 1984. Nearing retirement, Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee was tasked with creating a bourbon of exceptionally high quality. With careful reflection, he recalled the earlier days of his career in the late 1940s when he worked under Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Colonel Blanton was the president of the distillery until 1952. Mr. Lee remembered that when Colonel Blanton would entertain dignitaries and other important guests he would handpick honey barrels from the center cut of Warehouse H and have that bourbon bottled one barrel at a time. As a tribute to Colonel Blantons old tradition, Elmer T. Lee decided to name this new bourbon Blantons Single Barrel.

Elmer T. Lee introduced the world to Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon a year before he retired. In doing so, he revolutionized the industry by creating the super premium category of bourbon with the worlds first single barrel bourbon. This idea was somewhat radical at the time because it challenged the identity of what most folks thought bourbon to be. Today, most distilleries offer one or more single barrel bottlings, but Blantons was the first, and we still believe the finest, single barrel on the market.

Buy Bourbon Whiskey Online At The Bottle Haus

Buy Blanton

If youre reading this, its because youre seeking to have the best quality bourbon delivered right to your door. Were here to let you know that youre in the right place. As the leading online realtor for alcohol delivery and with 25 years of expertise in the business, The Bottle Haus is the best place to find premier spirits packaged with care and shipped straight to you. On our user-friendly platform, you can find a variety of rare and top-quality bourbons that weve hand-selected. Our mission is to ensure that our customers receive only the best alcohol on the market in a timely manner with quality service.

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Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton

Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton was born on a farm near the distillery in 1881. In 1897, at the young age of 16, Colonel Blanton was hired as a clerk at the distillery. As he grew older he became very familiar with the distillerys operations, working in every department. He started as an office boy at the age of 16, and finally in 1921 he was in charge of the entire operation becoming President of the distillery. Colonel Blantons hands-on experience in all aspects of the distillery proved invaluable. His leadership guided the distillery through some of the most trying times of the 20th century, starting with Prohibition. Colonel Blantons savvy business acumen allowed bourbon production to continue during Prohibition, keeping the distillery operating when many others were closing their doors. When Prohibition ended in 1933, the nation was in the throes of the Great Depression. Again, Colonel Blantons leadership allowed the distillery to prevail during the lean times of the Depression. In 1937, the rising waters of the KY river engulfed the distillery. Remarkably within just 24 hours of the flood water receding Colonel Blanton restored the distillery to normal operations. A few years later, during World War II, Colonel Blantons gift for guidance kept the distillery intact at a time when it was required to suspend whiskey making and exclusively produce straight alcohol for military purposes.

Loved And Respected

What Is The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey

When it comes to defining bourbon, people often wonder how its unique from whiskey. Earlier, we explained what defines bourbon, but how is it actually different? This is essential to know, especially when youre at the liquor store trying to decide which one to buy!

The reality is that bourbon is actually a type of whiskey, and not all whiskeys can be considered bourbon. Whiskey and bourbon are both brown or auburn liquors and sometimes have a very similar taste. However, they are vastly different.

Unlike bourbon, whiskey could be any mixture of rye, wheat, corn or barley, while bourbon must contain a minimum of 51% corn. Also, it is not required that whiskey is aged in new charred white oak barrels. This is actually required by law for bourbon because these barrels are so critical to the liquors unique nutty and sweet flavor. Its also required by law that bourbon is produced exclusively in the United States.

To put it simply, the process for bourbon distillation is significantly more extensive than that of whiskey!

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How Is Bourbon Made

The way that bourbon is made is a tried and true practice that goes back for many generations. Believe it or not, nearly 95% of all bourbons are distilled in Kentucky due to historical prevalence. The other reason is because of how the fluctuating seasons allow the charred oak barrels to expand and contract, therefore releasing more of the sweet wood sugars into the alcohol.

Buy Bourbon Whiskey Online

Where to BUY Whiskey Online | Top Whiskey Online Retailers

Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey that is a barrel-aged distilled liquor made mainly from corn. The name comes from the French Bourbon dynasty, although it is still debated till today whether the Kentucky county or New Orleans Street inspired this whiskey’s name. Bourbon has been produced since the 18th century, but the name “Bourbon” was not used until the 1850s. You can find this liquor being made anywhere in the United States, but bourbon is strongly identified with the American South in general, and Kentucky in particular.

Bourbon has a long ageing process that allows for that great flavor you love. After maturing the bourbon in the process, the bourbon is taken from the barrel and usually diluted with water. The bourbon is then bottled to at least 80 US proof. Some higher-proof bottles are marketed as “barrel proof”, which means that they have not been diluted or have been only lightly diluted after removal from the barrels. Bourbon whiskey may be sold at less than 80 proof but must be labeled as “diluted bourbon”.

Bourbon can be served neat, diluted with water, over ice cubes, or mixed with juice or soda into delicious bourbon cocktails, including the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, the whiskey sour, and the mint julep. Bourbon can also used in cooking. Buy whiskey online and use this versatile bourbon for many different things. Get out that bottle of bourbon for any occasion.


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How To Drink Bourbon

So much goes into the process of distillation, and there is much to be appreciated about the carefully-curated flavor profile and natural tones that emerge from the synergy of mash bill and barrel. With that being said, our favorite ways to drink bourbon include either neat or on the rocks. Bourbon afficiatandos are often purists, as these are the best ways to enjoy the bourbon in its purest form. When we say neat, we mean as is – without anything added and at room temperature. That way you will be able to enjoy its genuine flavor. If youd like, you can add just a few drops of water to help open up the aromas. If drinking the bourbon neat feels a bit too extreme, you can always pour it over ice. Although this will dilute the alcohol, you will still be able to appreciate the unique notes and qualities. If youd still like to mix the bourbon with something additional, we highly suggest going as simple as possible. An Old Fashioned is a great way to go with a simple addition of sugar and possibly even a cherry and piece of orange peel if youre feeling daring.

What Is Bourbon

A spirit that has stood the test of time, bourbon is a rich and oakey alcohol that is a long-standing symbol of American tradition. What defines bourbon is the fact that it has a mash bill of at least 51% corn, and this has remained the standard percentage throughout time.

Other grains in the mash bill consist of wheat, rye and sometimes a small amount of malted barley. Another defining quality of bourbon is the fact that the mash bill must be distilled at 160 proof or less and put into the barrel at under 125 proof.

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