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Where Is Redemption Bourbon Made

Whiskey Review: Redemption Wheated Bourbon

Redemption Wheated Bourbon Review

Some of the current highest rated bourbons in the world use wheat as a significant portion of their grain recipe, but this isnt necessarily a common practice among the broader bourbon industry. And now, to the delight of those who dont want to wait in long lines or pay ridiculous prices for a single bottle, Redemption is making a similar wheated bourbon at a much more reasonable price point.


Redemption: A Bourbon For A New Generation

Redemption is a type of bourbon made in Indiana and Kentucky. It is made by Michael Kanbar and Dave Schmier, who also make Bardstown Barrel Selections, and it is inspired by recipes from before Prohibition. Master blender Dave Carpenter has used distinct ryes to create the notes in Redemption, in addition to the rye-forward notes. With this bourbon, an entire new generation can enjoy Americas original rye whiskey.

Premium American Rye Whiskey Brand Releases Limited

Whiskey collectors can now own a piece of American distilling history, with the launch of The Ancients collection from Redemption Whiskey. Known for producing award-winning whiskies across ages and mash bills of high rye content, Redemption is expanding its portfolio with the release of an 18-Year-Old Rye and 36-Year-Old Bourbon. An extremely limited supply of both cask-strength expressions will be available in select U.S. markets.

The Ancients collection features whiskies laid down in barrels in 1978 and 1998 at the old Seagrams distillery in Lawrenceburg Indiana, the same place where every drop of Redemption Whiskey has ever been produced. The 18 Year-Old is a reflection of our obsession with Rye and showcases the ageability of rye, and the 36 Year-Old is a result of our access to precious little cache of bourbon acquired many years ago. Tom Steffanci, President of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

The packaging includes metal labels that are hand patinaed and bottles that are silk screened with Rye fronds. Each is hand bottled and finished with leather cording. Embedded in the wood stopper of each 36 Year-Old bottle is an actual penny from 1978, the year the whiskey was distilled.

At 54.95% ABV, Redemption 18-Year-Old Barrel Proof Rye features a refined balance of sweet cedar, citrus, and spice flavors that linger on the palate. Only 600 bottles of this elegant whiskey are available.

Redemption 18-Year-Old Rye

Tasting Notes: Redemption 18-Year-Old Rye

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Who Makes Redemption High Rye

There is no one definitive answer to this question as there are many different distilleries that produce high rye bourbon whiskey. Some of the more well-known brands include Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and Knob Creek.

The aroma of MGP 95/5 rye, which has traditionally been a dilly, quenching version of that excellent grain, has come to symbolize the resurgence of this excellent grain in recent years. Redemption Rye has the same characteristics as the Redemption Ryes Palate, which has a hint of sweetness that hints at a sweet sugar cookie note. MGPs Redemption Rye Whiskey, which is two years old, is a brand new American whiskey. While it is young, it is also mature enough to carry on. If youve ever used it, youll notice that it has a powerful impact on all of your senses. The Redemption Rye whiskey is fantastic, and there is nothing to be negative about it.

How Is Redemption Bourbon Made

Redemption Wheated Bourbon 750ml

Redemption aged barrel proof selection bourbons are distinguishable by their mash bills which are:

  • Redemption straight rye 95% rye, 5% barley
  • Redemption bourbon 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley
  • Redemption high rye bourbon 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley
  • Redemption wheated bourbon 51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley

The grains are cooked and fermented before being distilled into new whiskey. All these whiskeys are aged between 8-9 years in charred new oak barrels and later minimally filtered before being bottled immediately at full proof. The brands high-rye content and high-proof whiskeys have been consistent crowd-pleasers.

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Redemption Single Barrel Select High Rye Bourbon

Redemption harkens back to the 17th and 18th century, a time when rye was the dominant spirit in America. After the Prohibition forced countless distilleries to close their doors, bootleggers began distilling gin instead of rye, and for good reason gin didn’t require aging under the watchful eye of a master distiller and its true flavors could be hidden behind a mask of botanicals. As Americans grew accustomed to gin, rye whiskey became an anachronism.Today all that is changing and rye is having a proper renaissance. Redemption has made it their sole purpose to return rye whiskey back to its rightful place. They produce award-winning whiskeys in small batches, putting a modern twist on decades-old traditions. Redemption Whiskeys are meticulously hand-crafted in the river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana at Whisky Advocates 2015 Distiller of the Year: the 172-year-old MGP Distillery.Redemption High-Rye Bourbon Single Barrel Select is made from a mash of 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley, leading to a bourbon that is dangerously close to rye whiskey. After distillation, it is aged for 2.5 years on average in new, charred American oak casks before being brought to proof and bottled by hand. The Single Barrel program features the best barrels, selected by Master Blender Dave Carpenter. This one is a Top Shelf exclusive and is bottled at a higher 105 proof.


105 proof.

Redemption Whiskey: The Best Rye Whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, there is always a debate about who produces the best. Some people claim to be bourbon fans while others claim to be whiskey enthusiasts who enjoy Makers Mark. For those who enjoy rye whiskey, there is only one clear winner: Redemption. In terms of price, Redemption Whiskey is typically a little more expensive than other whiskeys because it is a premium rye whiskey. Despite this, the price is well worth it because Redemption whiskeys have a distinct, distinct rye-forward flavor. Redemption Whiskey is batched and aged in Bardstown Kentuckys Bardstown Barrel Selections, and it is derived from the old Seagrams distillery in Lawrenceville, Indiana. Because of its high rye content, the whiskey retains its signature spicy flavor, which is due in part to its high alcohol content. So, if youre looking for a whiskey with a distinct flavor, consider Redemption.

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The Whiskey Rocks Verdict

Is it good?

Redemption Bourbon has a distinct taste thats maintained by meticulously managing the aging and batching process. The sweet finishing taste creates a lighter experience that makes the Redemption Bourbon a spirit that even the most novice drinker can enjoy.

Youd love this whiskey if you enjoy sipping on bourbons that are a true reflection of what it means to be a classic American whiskey. Theres a smooth texture to it that makes for an enjoyable drinking experience. If you prefer that your whiskeys be given a few more years to mature, then maybe you wouldnt enjoy Redemption Bourbon.

Redemption Bourbon Whiskey Variations

Whiskey Review #85: Redemption Bourbon

The Deutsch Family, Wine & Spirits company, has built a pretty impressive portfolio with barrel-proof Bourbon and high-rye Bourbon bottles. Some of the Redemption Bourbon variations include:

  • Redemption Wheated Bourbon – This is a 96 proof spirit with a delicate vanilla custard scent.
  • Redemption Straight Rye Whiskey – This limited expression is aged 8years and bottled at 122.2 proof.
  • Redemption Straight Bourbon – This series is aged nine years and is a 110.6 proof whiskey.
  • Redemption High Rye Bourbon – This variation is aged nine years and is a 109.2 proof whiskey.

Others include Riverboat Rye, White Whiskey, and Limited Edition Barrel Selections. Their bottles have straight walls and a rounded shoulder tapering to a short straight neck. This shape is suitable for bar shelf appeal, and the fact that it doesnt hide the spirit makes the design more appealing the bourbon inside the bottle is always the star of the show.The brand name is embossed into all the bottles, and the label on the front contains all the relevant information about the bourbon series.

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Where Is Redemption Bourbon Made

Redemption, like so many other budget or beginner spirit companies, doesnt have a distillation facility. Instead, they purchase their spirit from a large mass production facility for alcohol in Indiana.

The bourbon is today distilled at the infamous 172-year-old MGP distillery in the river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Its then bottled in small batches in Bardstown, Kentucky. Each batch and bottle number on every label is hand-written.

Redemption Bourbon Vs Bulleit

There are a few key differences between redemption bourbon and Bulleit bourbon. For one, Redemption is aged for a minimum of four years, while Bulleit is only aged for two. Additionally, Redemption uses a sweeter mash bill, meaning that the bourbon has more natural sugars. This makes Redemption a bit more syrupy, while Bulleit is more dry. Finally, Bulleit is charcoal filtered, while Redemption is not. This gives Bulleit a smoother flavor.

Bulleit Bourbon has filed a lawsuit against Redemption Bourbon for alleged infringement of its trademark. According to Diageo, Redemption copied Bulleits packaging and brand in its packaging and branding. The clear canteen-shaped bottle with rounded shoulders and an embossed brand name, for example, are also similar. In addition to branding, the lawsuit claims that Redemption was a saloon whiskey before prohibition and that it was a saloon era whiskey. According to Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits, the lawsuit filed by Diageo is devoid of any merit. Several concession agreements have already been reached in a similar case between Diageo and Sazerac. According to IRI, dollar sales at stores at the brand increased by 17.8% in the 52 weeks ending May 14 to $46.6 million.

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Where Does Redemption Bourbon Come From

Redemption Bourbons spirit line is unique because it is made with rye from the Midwest Grain Products Company in Indiana, USA.

In 2015, the MGP Distillery in Pennsylvania received Whisky Advocates Award for Distiller of the Year, making them the oldest distillery in the United States. For the whiskey, 95% rye and 5% barley is used, and it is aged for two and a half years in new charred oak barrels. The bold, spicy notes of this drink create a refreshing cocktail without overpowering the drink. The Redemption High Rye Bourbon is made from 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley and aged for about two and a half years in charred oak barrels. Whiskey tastes like thyme and a whisper of clove, but lacks a lot of character.

If you enjoy bourbon and want a good, affordable whiskey, this is not the whiskey for you however, if you want to try something new or a great deal, Id recommend Redemption.

As Demand For American Whiskey Continues To Soar Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits Has Acquired The Redemption Whiskey Family Of Products For An Undisclosed Sum


The US company now owns the entire Redemption Whiskey portfolio, including Redemption Straight Rye Whiskey, Redemption High Rye Bourbon, Redemption Bourbon, Riverboat Rye, White Whiskey and Limited Edition Barrel Selections.

Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky, Redemption Whiskey was launched by Michael Kanbar and Dave Schmier under their Bardstown Barrel Selections company.

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits portfolio also includes Luksusowa Vodka and Spanish liqueur brand Licor 43.

Six years ago we entered the spirits business after almost three decades as a wine company and we have been very selective about what brands we brought into our portfolio, said Peter Deutsch, CEO of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits.

The addition of Redemption provides a high quality entry into the most dynamic segment of the spirits business: American whiskey.

The premium and ultra-premium segments within the whiskey category remind me a lot of premium wine, with consumers being open to experiment, focused more on quality than slick marketing and interested in learning more about the product itself.

The Redemption Whiskey stable has tripled in size over the past two years, with demand consistently exceeding supply.

We are very excited to see what Redemption can achieve in the future under the stewardship of the Deutsch Family, said Kanbar. We know the brand is in good hands and that they will build on the strong foundation we created.

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