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Where Is Tin Cup Whiskey Made

The Hexagon Bottle Shape Is Designed For The Outdoors

Tin Cup American Whiskey

The bottle of Tin Cup Whiskey is a hexagonal shape. While this is a visually appealing feature of the bottle design, it has a purpose beyond its aesthetic qualities. As the whiskey is targeted at people who enjoy the outdoors, the bottle has been designed with drinking outside in mind. The shape prevents the bottle from rolling down a hill as you can lie it flat on its side in a small space.

Whiskey Review: Tincup Rye Whiskey

Editors Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by TinCup. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. It should also be noted that by clicking the buy link towards the bottom of this review our site receives a small referral payment which helps to support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs.

The TinCup whiskey label out of Colorado was originally created by one Jess Graber, who began distilling almost 40 years ago and is known for being one of the co-founders of Stranahans Colorado Whiskey. The first bottling was an American whiskey with a bourbon-style profile, and now joining it is this rye expression.

The new TinCup Rye Whiskey, according to those behind it, is described as a straight rye whiskey thats been distilled and aged for three years before being cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water. It is said it is crafted to honor the original rye recipes that were enjoyed by settlers and miners in Gunnison County.

This county holds the namesake community of this whiskey, a mining town founded there in 1879 where, reportedly, following a day within the depths of the mines, the resident workers of Tin Cup would often watch the sun go down with rye whiskey in hand.

The whiskey is bottled at 45% ABV and is available nationwide for a price of around $30 per 750 ml bottle.

TinCup Rye Whiskey

Tasting Notes: TinCup Rye Whiskey

Color: Auburn

The Takeaway


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Review: Tincup American Whiskey 10 Years Old

Deja vu? You bet, but while this new release of Tincup American Whiskey comes in the same bottle as the original, youll know the difference by the new, black cup.

To refresh your memory, Tincup is made in Colorado by Jess Graber, best known as the founder of Stranahans single malt. Tincup is a much different product: MGP-sourced bourbon that has a little bit of Stranahans added to the mix. This is why Tincup is labeled as American Whiskey and not a bourbon.

The original Tincup carries no age statement, but this new expression packs a 10 year punch. It also does not include the addition of any Stranahans, which means that, even though it doesnt say bourbon on the label, thats basically what it is. Otherwise, the details are about what youd expect, but Ill let Graber and Co. do some of the talking now:

Sounds good, so lets give it a spin.

The nose of Tincup 10 is rich and soulful, sweet but not saccharine, round around the edges but not at all flabby. Notes of almonds, nutmeg, green bananas, and baked apples all come in and out of focus atop a core of caramel and gentle wood notes.

All told, its a great bourbon er, American whiskey and at a good price, too.

84 proof.

Tincup Whiskey Introduces New Sizes


Tincup American Whiskey has launched two new sizes: Tincup 375-ml. Nugget and the Tincup 1.75-L Motherlode.

Tincup was created by Jess Graber, founder of Stranathans Colorado Whiskey, and is made with Rocky Mountains water. Its a blend of malt, corn and rye whiskies, aged in charred American white oak. The result is flavors of spice and pepper, balanced with sweeter notes from the corn, the company says.

The signature Tincup metal cap is included atop both bottles, inspired by the tin cups originally used by miners in the old Rocky Mountain mining town of Tincup, Colorado. These bottles are nicknamed as a nod towards this same heritage.

Tincup 375-ml. and 1.75-L are bottled at 42% ABV/84 proof and are available nationwide for an SRP of $16.99 and $49.99 respectively.

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Tincup American Whiskey Review

Whiskeys from out west have been hitting the market and getting good reviews more and more over the past few years. High West, Breckenridge Distillery, Templeton, and Ranger Creek have all been proving that you dont have to be from Kentucky to know good and make good bourbon. Tincup American Whiskey from Colorado seems to be looking to join those making news from West of the Mississippi. Jess Graber is the man behind Tincup. In researching this whiskey I learned that Graber is the co-founder of Stranahans Colorado Whiskey which is made in small batches in Denver. I have never had Stranahans but the small batch nature of the whiskey means that it is expensive and harder to come by. Right now it isnt available outside of Colorado. Tincup Whiskey is a separate brand from Stranahans, , but knowing about this back story helped me make sense of Tincup and how it came to be.

So what about Tincup American Whiskey?

It meets the technical definition of bourbon but for marketing reasons they are sticking with calling a whiskey. It has a higher rye mash bill and is cut with that Rocky Mountain Whiskey to 84 proof. The mash bill isnt on the website but I have read others that say that it is 64% corn, 32% rye, and 4% malted barley. I have no problem in admitting that this is one of the prettiest whiskey bottles Ive seen. I love the art deco look and the tin cup cover that can double as a cup.

But lets get down to our Tincup American Whiskey review and tasting notes.

Whiskey Stories And The Truth: Review Of Tin Cup And Clyde Mays

Whiskey drinkers today are interested in lots of things good whiskey, of course, but also good stories. And also the truth. Finding good whiskey is actually pretty easy, despite certain labels being practically impossible to procure. Finding good stories? Thats easy too historical figures, prohibition-era recipes, tales of lost this and discovered that, promises of the most locally-sourced ingredients the stories take many forms. What seems to be in somewhat short supply though is the truth.

A lot of this comes from the fact that there are so many labels that dont actually distill anything trying to make you think they do. Go google whats been going on with Templeton Rye, for instance, and youll see that a story that was once a good one has been found to be lacking in the truth . And a whiskey that was once thought to be a good one is increasingly being dismissed as a fraud . I wish we lived in a world where people didnt have to make up stories to sell something, a world in which they could rely on a good product and the truth. And maybe we do live in that world, or at least one thats moving in that direction since as people get more into whiskey and start to learn about whos making it and how and why, they get a greater appreciation for the authentic. And thanks to social media and whiskey blogs and our never-ending access to looking things up, those whiskey hawkers that blatantly make up stories are increasingly caught in the act .

On to the reviews:

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How To Make The Tincup Rye Colorado Mule

Fill up the mini tin cup lid with Tincup Rye. Pour into any glass and add 4 oz of ginger beer. Squeeze in 1 lime and mix.

Graber encourages sippers new and old to savor this refreshing cocktail and let it take you on a well-needed mental vacation to the simple days of mountain living, where adventure and good whiskey reigned. To us, that sounds worthy of a toast.

Tincup Is Named For Colorado But Jess Graber’s Newest Whiskey Is Distilled In Indiana

Tin Cup American Whiskey – Review

Ben LandrethFebruary 11, 201412:36PM

But despite all the marketing about Colorado, Tincup isn’t actually distilled here — and isn’t connected to the state’s craft distilling movement in any way. Rather, it is made in Indiana with Midwest grains and then shipped to Colorado where it is cut with local water and bottled at the Stranahan’s plant.

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The reason is because it costs less to distill in Indiana, which keeps the cost of the product down, Graber explains. Cutting it with Colorado water, however, is important. “I’m proud,” he says. “It’s a real good whiskey, I wouldn’t stand behind something that wasn’t good.”

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From Indiana To Colorado: Tincup American Whiskey

This week Indy and Denver fans may be at odds, but this whiskey collaboration proves that when Colts and Broncos get together they can make something great. What am I talking about? Im talking about Tincup Whiskey and its a beautiful blend.

Tincup American Whiskey is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at the MGP Ingredients facility. The whiskey mash is 65% corn, 32% rye and 4% malted barley distilled in copper stills, then aged for four to five years in new charred white oak barrels. After the aging process, the whiskey is batched and blended for consistency.

Once the distilling and aging processes are complete, Tincup is shipped to Denver for the final touches. In Colorado, authentic Rocky Mountain water is used to cut the whiskey. The mineral-heavy water adds a nice crisp clarity to the product. Then its bottled at 84 proof and labeled for purchasing.

The package appearance is very unique among the various whiskey and bourbons out there. The top is an actual tin cup, which turns out to be quite useful for sipping and sharing. The rugged hexagon-shaped box mimics the iconic Rocky Mountains. The name Tincup comes from an old mining town in Gunnison County, Colorado where tin cups were used by the miners.

The Nose

Tincup gives off a delicious spicy aroma with strong notes of cinnamon and butterscotch.

The Taste

The Finish

The finish is long with the lingering cinnamon flavor. Tincup has a surprisingly smooth and sultry taste for such a robust whiskey.

This Simple Rye Whiskey Cocktail Is A Refreshing Summer Tipple

Prohibition-style whiskey plus ginger beer equals good times.

Believe it or not, we think your next summer cocktail should be made with whiskey. Although theres hardly ever a bad time to enjoy one of the best whiskeys, it seems like the colder confines of fall and winter are better-suited to whiskey or are they?

When you want to channel the spirit of summer adventure and the Great American Frontier, we can think of no finer whiskey to drink in the summer than Tincups Rye Whiskey. We asked founder Jess Graber to put his spin on a summer whiskey cocktail, but well get to that in a momentTincup has a story worth sharing.

Ideal for a socially distanced bonfire or even a getaway in the great outdoors , Tincup Whiskey gets its name from a Colorado mining town, which in turn was named after the tin cups that miners enjoyed their favorite spirit in after a hard days work. Its only fitting that current iterations of Tincup are topped off with a mini tin cup, too.

The companys Rye Whiskey is based on pre-Prohibition whiskeys, cut with Rocky Mountain water for a difference you can taste. In fact, rye was the countrys predominant whiskey before Prohibition. Vanilla, caramel and tobacco notes abound for a classic rye whiskey drinking experience when it comes to Tincup, one that a novice or aficionado will surely appreciate.

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It Is A Spicy Bourbon With Complex Flavors

The company describe their whiskey as a spicy bourbon. This has a range of complex flavors, including cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and pepper. They recommend that you drink Tin Cup Whiskey over ice to fully appreciate the depth of flavor in this bourbon whiskey. However, they also say it makes a great mixer and even offer recipes on their website for you to try using this whiskey as an ingredient in your cooking.

The Company Has Set Up A Tracking Adventure

Tin Cup American Whiskey

As part of a marketing campaign, the Tin Cup Whiskey company set up a fun tracking adventure in which potential customers can participate. The company has released 2,000 trackable tin cups to various locations across the globe for their customers to find using geocaching in a GPS-enabled treasure hunting game.

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Original Tin Cup Made In America

Regular price

In the days of the trans-continental railroad. All of the railroad workers drank whiskey. The thing is their glasses kept breaking from the vibrations of the dynamite blasts that came from building the tunnels. They turned to the materials around them to make cups that would not break. So their “tin cups” became the best alternative. The thing is the tin changed the taste of the whiskey, and they actually preferred it over their old drinking glasses. Our Original Tin Cup enhances the flavor profile of Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Rum when consumed from it. It allows for the flavor to build, by muting the beginning notes, and expanding the flavorful aftertaste. This allows for the drinker to have a more rounded drinking experience.Features:

  • “Moscow Mule Style Stainless Steel Mug with handle.
  • Features a design similar to what the Railroad Workers and Miners used over 100 years ago.
  • This cup is the offers the ultimate whiskey drinking experience, matched with historicity behind its inception.
  • Hand-Crafted and packaged in West Michigan.

Tin Cup 10 Year American Whiskey

Name: Tin Cup 10 Year American Whiskey

Color: Copper

Nose: Corn, orange, vanilla, green grass

Taste: Corn, citrus, vanilla, white pepper


Tin Cup 10-Year-Old American Whiskey is made in Colorado by Jess Graber. Mr. Graber is also the founder of Stranahans whiskey, which is nice stuff but I think it is way overpriced here in NYC. Tin Cup is a blend of 1/3 rye, 2/3 corn, and some malted barley. It is aged in American oak char #3 and is bottled at 42% abv.

Tin Cup is considered an American Whiskey, not a bourbon. There is an ongoing debate in the United States on the actual and legal definition of American Whiskey as it is currently up for debate and does not have as many requirements as bourbon.

As expected, Tin Cup 10 is smoother than the regular Tin Cup due to the aging process. It has a nice balance and is much richer and thicker than the regular Tin Cup. It is good, but does not have a deep complexity when you really nose and taste the whiskey. I would have expected a bit more with the 10 years, but the whiskey overall is not a deep rich type of flavor. Probably a blend of decent 10-year American whiskey. It is basic and decent stuff.

Priced around $60 and worth the money if you like the flavor profile. Its a good summer outdoor whiskey.

If you like it, drink it! Christopher

If you like it, drink it!

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The Bottle Cap Is Usable

If you have ever bought Tin Cup Whiskey, you might have noticed that the bottle top is in the shape of a miniature tin cup. While this has been designed as part of the theme to coordinate with the brand name, it also has a functional purpose. You can use the cap as a measure or to drink the whiskey straight as a shot.

Tincup Mountain Whiskey Announces The Release Of New Tincup Rye

Tin Cup Straight Rye Mountain Whiskey Review

TINCUP®s Newest Partner In Adventure Celebrates American Whiskey Tradition and the Extraordinary Bonds Forged In the Great Outdoors

DENVER TINCUP®, the Mountain Whiskey, is proud to introduce TINCUP® Rye, a bold and smooth straight rye whiskey inspired by the daring settlers of the American west and the partners with whom they clinked their cups. In celebration of the launch, the brand is putting a spotlight on notable adventure duos through the release of its new Partner In Adventure campaign, which brings to life true stories of adventure and the powerful bonds forged when people come together in its pursuit. TINCUP® is encouraging consumers and their partners in adventure to share their stories for the chance to win an adventure exploring the Rocky Mountains and the rugged town of Tin Cup, Colorado.

TINCUP® Rye is a straight rye whiskey, distilled and aged for three years before being cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water. It has been crafted to honor the original rye recipes that were enjoyed by settlers and miners in Gunnison County. The brand takes its name and inspiration from Tin Cup a mining town founded there in 1879 on the Western slope of Colorado, in the adjacent valley to where Jess Graber, founder of TINCUP® Whiskey, first began distilling. Following a day within the depths of the mines, the resident workers of Tin Cup would often watch the sun go down with rye whiskey in hand.

Tasting Notes

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Tin Cup Whiskey Review: As Good As Kevin Costner In Bull Durham

Lets establish a few things first. Whiskey is delicious. Irish, Scotch, Tennessee, Canadian, Japanese, Kentucky fine bourbon, are all listed among my favorites of the brown liquor. Whiskey is also my favorite clear liquor, but thats another discussion for another day. Whiskey is great in the drift boat whiskey is great on the flats boat whiskey is great on a wading trip. There really isnt a fishing situation that wouldnt be made better by a slug. I prefer mine neat in a glass or pulled from a bottle. A little bit of ice is okay, but please dont ever mix whiskey with anything unless that whiskey came in a plastic vessel, and even then consider what youre doing carefully. You might offend someone.

This brings us to Tin Cup American Whiskey. At first glance, Tin Cup appears to be another in what seems to be a long line of ubiquitous American small batch whiskeys. The recent whiskey boom seems to have matched our demand for decent whiskeys . This Colorado whiskey is a revelation. As soon as you unscrew the Tin Cup from the top of the bottle, you realize that someone in the marketing/packaging department over there is a freaking genius, the likes of which we might never see again for generations to come.

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