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Where Can I Find Skrewball Whiskey

How Much Is Skrewball Whiskey

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Review

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is available in the more standard 375 ml and 750 ml bottles. Its also very popular in small single-serve 50 ml bottles, 200 ml bottles, and in a Krew Pack.

Whats a Krew Pack you ask? A Krew Pack is an 8 Pack of 50 ml bottles. Perfect for a party or tailgate.

  • 50 ml, From $3.99
  • Krew Pack 8 Pack of 50 ml Bottles, From $19.99

Who Made The Original Peanut Butter Whiskey

At San Diegos OB Noodle House Bar 1502, co-founder Steve Yeng was known for his peanut butter whiskey, which was made by combining Jameson and peanut butter.

Skrewball Whiskeys: A Type Of Bourbon And Gin

The flavor of Scottish whiskey is defined by its combination of spiced rye whiskey, sweetened condensed milk, and cinnamon. To serve it, a straw is used. Skowball whiskey is made by combining spiced rye gin with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon, just as Skowball gin is made by combining spiced rye gin with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon. You can also drink it over ice by blowing a straw.

How To Store Peanut Butter Whiskey

I prefer to store my peanut butter whiskey in the freezer. Super cold peanut butter whiskey makes delicious shots all on its own. However, I also prefer cocktails and mixed shots with super cold whiskey.

The exception to this rule is when youre adding the peanut butter whiskey to a hot drink or baking with it. I like to keep one bottle at room temperature, and leave another in the freezer.

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What To Mix With Peanut Butter Whiskey

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Learn the best peanut butter whiskey drinks to make with your favorite mixers.

If you love peanut butter whiskey , then learn the best drinks and shots to make with this spirit. There are many delicious liqueurs, mixers, and liquors that mix well with peanut butter whiskey. Learn about what shots and drinks can you make with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey.

You probably know by now that Im full-out obsessed with peanut butter whiskey. I have multiple recipes using Skrewball like shots, ice cream, and more! Its by no means a traditional whiskey, but it provides a really fun and flavorful twist on a spirit we all know and love.

Ive made a handful of peanut butter whiskey shot and drink recipes, but I wanted to provide a guide for people who want to be a little more creative. This post will cover lots of ideas about what to mix with peanut butter whiskey. If you have any brilliant combinations that youve tried at home, throw a comment below so I can try it out too!

While there are many brands of peanut butter whiskey on the market my all-time favorite is Skrewball. You can find many of these brands at your local liquor store, or on Drizly.

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Screwball Whiskey Peanut Butter Cup Shots

Skrewball Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey 750ml

These shots are an output of peanut butter whiskey, milk, and coffee liquor. So take a shaker, add whiskey, milk, and coffee liquor, add some ice cubes and shake it. Now add the liquid into your desired glass and serve it. Before doing this, if you want to make it look more appealing, melt some peanut butter cups and take some golden sprinkles. Take the glass, dip it in melted chocolate, and immediately dip it in sprinkles. Take extra peanut butter cups, dip them in melted chocolate and directly keep it on the glass and leave it to dry, now pour the drink, and enjoy.

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A Brief History Of Skrewball Whiskey

The story of Skrewball Whiskey is almost as wild as its flavor combination. Skrewball is a family affair that started with one of the founders named Steven Yeng.

Steven was working as a bartender at OB Noodle House 1502 in Southern California when he had his first lightbulb moment.

As an immigrant from Cambodia, he discovered peanut butter later in life. This late-in-life flavor obsession led to him incorporating peanut butter in a non-conventional way.

He had the wild idea to create a cocktail made with peanut butter and whiskey. The cocktail became a big hit at OB Noodle House 1502.

A big hit may be an understatement because the success of the peanut butter whiskey cocktail led to the next lightbulb moment. This cocktail needed to be bottled and sold to a wider audience.

He partnered with his wife, also a lawyer, chemist, and co-founder to formulate and start selling Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey in 2018.

Their goal all along was to get their product out in the world and to have it celebrated by people like the people who hung out at OB Noodle House 1502: Misfits and Skrewballs.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey embraces the weird with its product and its marketing. And its working. Skrewball is seeing excellent growth by advertising on popular podcasts and embracing their messages like Heres to the Skrewballs.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey starts like most whiskey. A variety of grains are heated and fermented to create a mash.

Why This Recipe Works

This peanut butter whiskey is super rich in peanut butter flavor and absolutely delicious in so many peanut butter whiskey drinks!

While it takes a couple days to make, it is a very easy recipe and only requires a couple of ingredients. You can also modify this recipe to make it sweeter based on your tastes.

Once you learn the method of fat washing, you can make many other different flavors of whiskey.

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Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey: The Best Of Both Worlds

The company claims that the Peanut Butter Whiskey is a 70 proof American whiskey made from corn and barley and infused with premium natural flavors created specifically for Skrewball that are sweetened with pure cane sugar. Bourbon is whiskey that is made from a base spirit that is used in the manufacturing process. Despite this, because it has caramel color and natural whiskey flavors, it is distinguished as a flavored whiskey rather than a straight bourbon.

For More Recipes Check Out The Skrewball Whiskey Drink Recipes Website Here

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Review!

* Skrewball is available for purchase at Kroger, Albertsons, Walmart, Safeway, Rite Aid, Target, CVS, BevMo!, Total Wine and online at Keg N Bottle. Prices for start at $26.99. Also, Skrewball has just released 50ml bottles in time for the holiday season.

Born in Ocean Beach, California, Skrewballs story is just as unique as the contents of the bottle. Skrewball started from the passion of a bartender and foodie who owned a local watering hole. His bar and restaurant is known for its band of misfits, black sheep and Skrewballs that have always encouraged the community to join the nightly partybut more importantly, were always there to support the community when anyone needed a helping hand. Read More

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Best Online Liquor Delivery In San Diego

Additionally, Quality Market opened around 1949 as a local San Diego convenience store. Over the years, we got famous for our great selection of craft beer, wine, and liquor. Soon after, came overwhelming support for the quality products weve always carried led us to bring our passion to a wider audience. Finally, thats how our online liquor store was born. As an extension of our family-owned outlet in San Diego, California.

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Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey 750ml

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On one side, you have good ol whiskey a bold, loud, and strong partner-in-crime who exudes confidence. On the other, we have peanut butter a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread thats as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings.

In stock

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey 750ml

On one side, you have great ol whiskey a striking, loud, and solid unruly accomplice who oozes confidence. On the other, we have peanut butter a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread that is out of this world tried and true for all your late night yearnings. Much to your dismay, these two blend together extraordinarily. Truth be told, they go together so well, they make PB& J jealous. Its almost difficult to simply have one of this delightful treat. But they have to warn you a night with Skrewball will undoubtedly get somewhat nutty.

Born in Ocean Beach, California, Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey story is just as unique as the contents of the bottle. Skrewball started from the passion of a bartender and foodie who owned a local watering hole. His bar and restaurant is known for its band of misfits, black sheep and Skrewballs that have always encouraged the community to join the nightly partybut more importantly, were always there to support the community when anyone needed a helping hand.

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What Does Peanut Butter Whiskey Taste Like

Peanut butter has a thick, sticky texture. It tastes very sweet, with a strong peanut finish and notes of caramel, coffee and vanilla. Honestly, its more like drinking Baileys than bourbon! In fact, dont expect it to taste much like whiskey at all. Its more like drinking a liquid peanut butter cup, with a hint of that whiskey bite.

How much alcohol is in Skrewball peanut butter whiskey? It is 35% ABV . It has a high alcohol content thats similar to whiskey, which weighs in at 40%. Technically whiskey is supposed to be bottled at no less than 80 proof , so some may claim this product is not whiskey.

Are there any Skrewball substitutes? There are several brands of peanut butter whiskey on the market. Skrewball is the original, and considered by many to be the best brand in its category. But you can try Skatterbrain, PB & W, Sheepdog, Ole Smokey, and Shepherds PNutty.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Review: Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

On one side, you have good ol whiskey a bold, loud, and strong partner-in-crime who exudes confidence. On the other, we have peanut butter a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread thats as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings. Little did you know, these two blend together quite phenomenally. In fact, they go together so well, they make PB& J jealous. Its nearly impossible to just have one of this delicious treat. But we have to warn you a night with Skrewball is bound to get a little nutty.

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Who Distributes Skrewball Whiskey

The renowned spirits distributor Infinium Spirits announced an exclusive distribution agreement with premium spirits distributor Webb Banks, which will allow the distribution of its portfolio, including Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, around the world

Steven and Brittany Yeng, the husband and wife team behind Skrewball Whiskey, founded the company in 2018. Last years growth in the whiskey category was impressive. The San Diego Padres and Buffalo Bills are two of the teams official whiskey sponsors. A peanut butter made by the founders is a taste for freedom. In the United States, the brand has grown at a rapid pace. Yengs experience as a Cambodian refugee, in addition to his personal story, has served as the foundation for the brands mission. For each bottle of Skrewball, we sing a song dedicated to the misfits, black sheep, and stinkyballs.

After struggling to obtain investors and distributors, Brittany Yeng and her boyfriend launched Skrewball. Each bottle of Skrewball was individually bottled and labeled by the couple. Vern Underwood owned Youngs Market Co., which was instrumental in the creation of Titos and Cazadores. Skrewballs ready-to-drink cocktail is now available to order. Although each can contains two shots of whiskey, no mixers are added. The companys mission is to assist those who need it the most. Scaggsy donated $500,000 to the U.S. Bartenders Guild, CORE , and the California Restaurant Association as part of his annual Give Back campaign.

Skrewballs Peanut Butter Whiskey Is Now Availablein A Can

Skrewball Whiskey is shaking up the canned RTD cocktail scene with their newest product launching this summer.

The brand, known for its iconic peanut butter whiskey, is introducing 100-mL cans for consumers who prefer to drink the spirit neat. Each mini can approximately 3.38 ounces contains two servings of the brands signature whiskey.

Privacy Overview

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Hot Peanut Butter Toddy

Are you in search of something hot, light, and also hydrating? Then pick this one. Hot Peanut Butter Toddy, as the name, has hot water as the main ingredient. It also has lemon, honey, peanut butter whiskey as other ingredients in it. So people drink this mix of all these ingredients and sip it slowly. This is also a drink that is best to be taken when you have symptoms of cold and cough.

About Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey Review: Worst Whiskey Watch

Skrewball Whiskey is the original peanut butter flavored whiskey. Bottled in California, it can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or in a variety of delicious, premium craft cocktails. Recently expanding internationally into both Canada and the Caribbean, consumers can now indulge in this boozy peanut butter deliciousness in the U.S. and beyond. It was developed by a husband-and-wife duo, perfecting the peanut butter flavor, which is unmatched in the spirits industry. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey has already won several awards, including the Best Flavored Whiskey award at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition. The product is 70 proof and made with premium ingredients. For more information, visit

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Skrewball Whiskey Debuts Straight Up 100ml Can Size

Skrewball Whiskey, a pioneer in peanut butter whiskey, just introduced a 100ml can to its product lineup, which includes 750ml, 375ml, 200ml, 50ml and 1L glass bottles.

With a boom in the canned spirits category, a staggering 123% growth in the past year, many whiskey drinkers look for convenient and portable products.

This, coupled with the flavored whiskey category growing at four times the rate of unflavored, the team at Skrewball Whiskey are looking to merge the two areas of consumer demand with their new 100ml can.

Skrewball in a 100ML can

Skrewball Whiskey was the first-to-market with peanut butter flavored whiskey and galvanized the recent growth of the flavored whiskey category, so we knew the next step was to offer a unique product that breaks the mold of whats on the market already, said Skrewball Whiskey President Carl Carlson, in a prepared statement.

Skrewball Whiskeys 100ml can contains whats described as the same juice, and its nutty flavor, that consumers can expect from the brand. The whiskey makers suggest the drink is best served cold.

As the 100ml can presents new lifestyle options, were excited to welcome more members to our Skrewball family, said Brittany Merrill Yeng, co-founder of Skrewball Whiskey. This new addition to our lineup is another step in the development of not only our company, but our community.

For more information, check out

The History Of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Skrewball whiskey is a unique and innovative spirit that has been taking the culinary world by storm. The combination of rich, creamy peanut butter and smooth, distilled whiskey is unlike anything else on the market, and its quickly becoming a favorite among bartenders and mixologists.

Skrewball was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team, Ryan and Jenny Skrebowski. The couple had the idea to create a peanut butter whiskey after Ryans grandmother passed away and left him her recipe for peanut butter fudge. They decided to put their own twist on the classic candy by infusing it with whiskey.

The result is a smooth, creamy, and unexpectedly delicious spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or used to create inventive cocktails. Skrewball is quickly gaining a cult following among those who appreciate good booze and unique flavor combinations.

If youre looking to try Skrewball for yourself, you can find it at select liquor stores and bars across the country. Or, if youre feeling adventurous, you can make your own peanut butter whiskey at home using the recipe below.

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The Company That Helped Expand Titos Caught Wind Of The Skrewball Frenzy

Vern Underwood, owner of Youngs Market Co., one of the largest wholesale alcohol distributors in the Western United States, quickly learned of the frenzy surrounding Skrewball. Underwood whose company helped to build Titos, Cazadores, and fellow flavored whiskey Fireball into the household names they are today was confident the spirit was about to blow up. Shortly after, with the help of Underwood, Skrewball had grown large enough for the brand to sign a contract with the Infinium Spirits, which prepared the spirit for a national release.

Apple Cider Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail

Where Can You Buy Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

This must be taken drink when the temperature is low because this is a warm drink. Are you having a party tonight? Want to impress the guests with your presentation? Then take the glass to apply some peanut butter on the rim, and dip it in sugar made of cinnamon. Now time for the drink pour some peanut butter whiskey into the glass on the top of it add some warm apple cider vinegar. Put some apple slices into the drink and garnish it with a cinnamon stick. It is ready to be served now.

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