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Where Can I Buy Agavero Tequila

How Is Tequila Made

Tequila & Classics Episode 5 – Honey Ginger Margarita Chiles en Nogada

Tequila starts with the blue agave, a spiky succulent that grows throughout the five Mexican regions where distilleries make Tequila. To make Tequila, the sugary sap in the heart of the blue agave is fermented, distilled, aged , and then bottled.

  • Tequila making takes patience as blue agave grows slowly. The plant must be six or seven years old before it develops a sugary sap called aquamiel that forms the base of Tequila.
  • Once the plant is old enough, the heart of the agave plant, which is called the piña , is harvested with machetes. Then the heavy hearts, which can weigh 100 pounds or more, are steamed or baked in a clay oven. Experts say old-school baking is better because the cooking process is slower, which helps create a smoother spirit.
  • After steaming or baking, the cooked hearts are shredded and pressed to extract the juice. That juice is fermented, and then the fermented juice is distilled in either a column still or an old-fashioned pot still. During the distillation process, Tequila retains much of the vegetal, floral, and earthy flavors coming from the agave. The flavor characteristics of the blue agave vary depending on the region and altitude of where it was grown.
  • Depending on the intended style of Tequila, the finished distilled spirit can be bottled right away for a Blanco. Reposado Tequila is aged a few months up to a year in oak. Or it can be aged a year or more to create an añejo Tequila.
  • What’s The Difference Between Tequila And Mezcal

    While both Tequila and Mezcal are Mexican distilled spirits made from agave, but there are several differences. Tequila can only be made in five specific Mexican states, and it must be made with blue agave. can be produced anywhere in Mexico from up to 30 different kinds of agave.

    The finest Mezcal comes from the state of Oaxaca it’s cultural home. is a more rustic process, and many makers roast their agave piñas in a pit with fire and rocks and then crush the piñas with a large stone pulled by donkeys. Letting the hearts smoke this way often produces a subtle, smoky, and earthy flavor in Mezcal.

    What Are Popular Tequila Cocktails

    When it comes to classic Tequila cocktails, there are just three you need to know. Master the recipes for the Margarita, the Paloma, and the Tequila Sunrise, and you’ll be welcome at any party. Plus, you can always substitute Tequila for other spirits in favorite cocktails like the or .

    Here are some of the best Tequila cocktail recipes:

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    If You Equate Tequila With Salty Shot Glasses And Regret It’s Time To Try Sipping Instead Of Slamming These Premium Tequilas Are A Good Place To Start

    Scan the shelves of your local liquor joint and youll likely see tequila bottles embellished with snakes and scorpions, deer heads and donkeys, or in the shape of skulls and handguns.

    Its no wonder many people still approach tequila with a little bit of fear and much loathing, especially the day after slamming back shots at some beachside bar. The problem isnt whats on the outside of the bottle, unless its an absence of the all-important words “100% agave.” If the label simply reads “tequila,” then its mixto, a blended spirit that has a minimum of 51% agave sugars. Whats the other 49%? Lets just say thats where the post-drinking hammering in your head comes from.

    Rule no. 1 about tequila: Read the label. Only buy 100% blue agave, unless youre hankering for a hangover.

    Here are five superb sipping tequilas you can sample at the Vancouver International Tequila Expo, running May 24, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, guaranteed to leave you with a proper appreciation of the agave spirit. Salud!

    Where Does Tequila Come From

    Liqueurs and Liquors in Washington: Agavero: Tequila Liqueur

    Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant, and it only comes from Mexico. To be called Tequila, by law, it must come from one of five Mexican states: Jalisco , Guanajuato, Nayarit, Michoacán or Tamaulipas.

    There are other spirits distilled from agave, but those are called either Mezcal or Destilado de Agave. Similar to the rule in the US for bourbon whiskey, all Tequilas are Mezcals, but not all Mezcals are Tequila. The oldest Tequila distillery is Grupo José Cuervo, which distills the famous José Cuervo Tequila, founded in 1758.

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    T1 Tequila Uno Estelar Aejo

    It’s quite common for añejo tequila to be compared to cognac or single-malt scotch for its depth of flavour. T1 Tequila Uno Estelar Añejo, crafted by master distiller Germán González of Chinaco fame, easily earns that distinction thanks to the robust flavours suffused into the spirit from sitting in scotch barrels for two years . The result is a smooth spirit that, bottled in a tear drop-shaped crystal decanter, belongs on the top shelf of the bar.

    Aroma + taste: Aroma of toffee and herbs. Bittersweet cocoa flavours and hits of ripe peach and citrus, with lingering spice. Reserve Estelar Añejo for evenings in the man cave spent debating stock futures or cursing the Canucks .

    Rule no. 4 about tequila: Dont go for the “gold.” A tequila with the word “gold” on the label is mixto the colour comes from additives . Reposado and añejo tequilas get their golden and carmel hues from the aging process.

    Liqueurs And Liquors In Washington

    With the large number of liqueurs and spirits available, it’s often difficult to know what you’re getting when you buy a bottle. This blog can help provide information about some of the lesser known alcohols, giving you an idea if a spirit is worth buying and how you might end up using it. I’m a Washingtonian who’s collected a number of bottles so as to enjoy better liquors and cocktails. Some of these spirits may be hard to find in Washington State with the privatization of liquor there.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Tequila

    Tequila is classified according to the length of time the spirit was aged. As Tequila ages, it goes from a young Blanco to a more mature Añejo. During the aging process, the Tequilas color and flavors deepen, and the spirit develops a smoother taste.

    Here is a deeper dive into the five types of Tequila:

    • Blanco Tequila, more commonly known as silver Tequila, can be bottled immediately or aged up to two months and is the purest flavor of Tequila because it contains no added flavoring agents and is the best representation of the blue agave plants natural sweetness
    • Joven Tequila, or more commonly referred to as gold Tequila, derives its name from the golden color imparted upon the liquid from agents that add flavor to the Tequila beyond the blue agave plant
    • Reposado Tequila is aged for two to 12 months in an oak container, giving it time to turn a pale golden color
    • Añejo Tequila, where añejo means “aged,” spends one to three years in an oak barrel similar to the ones used for aging whiskey or wine. It gets smoother, darker and the taste is sweeter thanks to the barrel
    • Extra Añejo Tequila is barrel-aged for more than three years. The spirit becomes a dark amber color, and the flavor is rich with nuts, caramel, fruit, and spice, similar to whiskey or an older rum.

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    Really delicious

    Agavero tastes like taking a shot of excellent tequila with the lime and salt and a bit of sugar. Really delicious, and, I discovered you can make a fabulous margarita with it. But it’s a wonderful sipping drink! I’m happy to have discovered it while in Mexico for a wedding, and happy to be able to order it here!

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    Is Tequila Keto

    Yes, “pure” Tequilas are considered keto-friendly. Some people following a ketogenic diet prefer drinking Tequila on the rocks since Tequila is naturally low in sugar, and it doesn’t have any carbohydrates. With a keto diet, it is best to reach for a Blanco Tequila that has no added flavors to ensure you’re sticking to the game plan.

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