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What Type Of Mint Is Used In Mojitos

Mojito Mint: Tips For Cultivation Care And Use

3 Types Summer Refreshing & Hydrating Drinks | Watermelon Mojito Virgin Mojito Mint Mojito Mocktail

Mojito mint contains less menthol than other types of mint and therefore tastes especially good in the famous Mojito cocktail. In this article you will learn how you can easily grow and use the mint yourself.

The light purple flowers of the mojito mint are an important food source for numerous insects in summer, making it perfect for bee pasture, among other things. However, the hybrid form of mint is particularly common in the classic mojito cocktail with white rum. Thanks to mojito mints low menthol content, it doesnt numb the taste buds quite as much as other types of mint when drunk. Mojito mint is very low maintenance, so you can easily grow it in the garden or keep it as a potted plant.

Planting Mojito Mint: In The Bed And In The Pot

Hardy mojito mint thrives well both directly in the herb bed and in pots. Like most special mint varieties, it is best to buy young Mojito mint from a garden retailer who knows mint well. Before you plant the young plant, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Location: A bright and sunny location is important for the mojito mint to thrive and develop its aromatic flavor. However, you should protect it from blazing sun, especially at midday. In addition, the mint should be in a place with good air circulation, so that its leaves dry quickly after rain or after watering.
  • Soil: Mojito mint grows best in loose and well-drained soil. A high humus content in the soil will also ensure that the plant gets enough nutrients. If you keep mojito mint in a pot, it is best to use potting soil or vegetable soil as a planting medium. Also place a drainage layer of gravel or clay shards at the bottom of the pot to help water drain away.

Should You Muddle The Mint In A Mojito

Though recipes vary, most call for muddling mint. According to Nomad Bar Director Pietro Collina, however, you actually shouldnt muddle those leaves. Muddling will create a bitter taste, he says. All you have to do is remove the leaves from the stem, and throw them into the shaker with the rest of the ingredients.

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Easy Homemade Mint Mojitos

The start of summer means sunshine, warm weather and theses Classic Mint Mojitos. They are so light and refreshing and perfect for cooling off on a hot Summer night! I love tripling this recipe to make for a crowd!

I make my mojito a bit differently than others. Instead of plopping the sugar in the drink, I make a simple syrup. A simple syrup is a mixture of sugar and water that gets simmered. Once the water is hot the sugar will dissolve. Now you wont have all of the sugar at the bottom of your glass. Your mojito will be sweet throughout!

I also like to muddle my lime and mint together instead of just squeezing the lime juice into the glass. It extracts as much flavor and juice from the lime as possible. It also helps the mint release its natural oils. I like to leave the squeezed lime wedges and muddled mint in the drink for presentation. If you are not a fan of the mint and lime in your drink simply strain out before adding in the seltzer.

Cultivate Mojito Mint In A Pot:

Classic Mint Mojito
  • Even with this planting option, let the mojito mint stand in a bucket of water for a few minutes first so that it soaks up.
  • Choose a pot with a capacity of at least ten liters as a planting container.
  • Create a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot and then add some peat-free potting soil on top.
  • Pot up the mojito mint and place it in the new pot. Fill it completely with potting soil.
  • Press the top layer of soil and water the mint thoroughly.
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    What Is The Difference Between Peppermint And Mint

    Peppermint is the most popular variety of mint, and it is known to both adults and children. This is the same common mint that can be found in flower gardens and vegetable gardens. In the wild, it does not occur. Its main difference is a pronounced aroma. Moreover, it is very difficult to confuse this type with others.

    To verify this statement, it is enough to rub a peppermint leaf in your hands, and you can immediately feel the characteristic menthol aroma. It can never be confused with other species. Moreover, sometimes people cant understand what is the best variant of leaves can be chosen for a Mojito or other mint cocktails like Mint Julep.

    Sweet Mint Vs Spearmint For Mojitos

    This type of mint can be a substitute for peppermint. It has the same pleasant aroma but does not differ in its freshness as it does not contain menthol. Spearmint has only 0.5% menthol in its composition, which is also not quite enough for the freshness that a mojito requires.

    If the choice is not great, then use mint to make your cocktail more precious and spearmint if you want to refresh yourself a little. But, lets pay attention to the important qualities and usages of mint.

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    Is Mojito Mint Regular Mint

    + This mint, rather than spearmint, gives the authentic mojito taste. Mojito Mint has a much milder flavor with hints of citrus whereas spearmint is much stronger . Mojito Mint has large leaves which make it great for muddling. + It grows to approximately 2 tall & spreads to 2-3.

    What plant is in a mojito?

    Make Real Mojitos with Mojito Mint! Characteristics: Mojito Mint is a spearmint native to Cuba essential in making the refreshing summer drink. Mojito is easy to grow and makes a wonderful potted plant for beginners. Light: Plant in full sun to partial shade. Water: Water when soil seems dry to the touch.

    Is all mint leaves edible?

    No, not every type of mint is safe to eat. Some are grown as trees or shrubs, while others are purely decorative. The best way to tell if its edible is by seeing how it smells. For instance, peppermint and spearmint have a strong wintergreen aroma.

    Are mint leaves spearmint or peppermint?


    Tips For Growing Mojito Mint

    How to Pick Mojito Mint for Cocktails & Mocktails

    My favorite herb is actually a toss-up between mint, basil, and thyme but mint is the one I use almost every day. I love lemon in my water and when I throw in a few leaves of mint, then alls well in my world. I love Mojito Mint and was so happy when I found it at the Tucson Farmers Market. But, truth be told, is the name just a marketing ploy???

    No, its not! This is the mint used to make Mojitos in Cuba, where they originated.

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    Grow Your Own Cocktail Mixers

    Whether you are making mojitos or juleps, mint is extremely easy to grow. Start from seed, young nursery plants, or cuttings from an established plant. Cuttings from mint family members, including spearmint and Cuban mint, will root quickly in a glass of water and can then be transplanted to soil-filled containers.

    Mints vigor may also be its greatest liability in garden situations. In rich, moist soil mint spreads rapidly and may take over increasingly large areas in beds and borders. To keep the plants within bounds, grow them in containers filled with a good potting medium, like Fafard Natural and Organic Potting Mix. You can sink the containers in the ground, or simply keep them near the kitchen door for those times when you want to make mojitos, juleps, or other minty specialties.

    Harvest mint leaves regularly, as this keeps mints compact and full. Aim to harvest before the plants flower, as flowering tends to make the mature leaves somewhat bitter. If you cant use those leaves right away, preserve them by air drying or freezing. Homegrown, preserved mint almost always tastes better than the dried product available on store shelves.

    Mints die back to the ground in cold climates but return in spring and also self-seed readily. You can also bring potted specimens indoors, and overwinter them on sunny windowsills. Take cuttings from those plants in spring and root them, ensuring that you will have a supply of healthy young specimens for the growing season.

    Best Mint For Mojito Does Taste Matter

    It is known for sure that Mojito was a favorite cocktail of Ernest Hamenguya. It is worth noting that the history of the emergence of such a wonderful cocktail isnt so rosy.

    The idea of mixing white rum and mint came to the mind of English pirates, and they did it to kill the bad taste of rum of poor quality. This happened back in the XVI century. Then the idea of mixing ingredients migrated to local bars in ports. And from there, it has already spread to other bars.

    The recipe for this cocktail appeared on the territory of the capital of Cuba Havana. It was in this place that Ernest first tasted this excellent, refreshing, and fragrant beverage. Traditionally, the cocktail includes 6 ingredients: white rum, sparkling water, mint, lime, sugar, and ice. But the drink can be prepared without alcohol.

    The main part is a mint! Mint, in general, has some advantages and disadvantages. And its time to consider them.

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    What Is Difference Between Peppermint And Spearmint

    While peppermints menthol content is a whopping 40 per cent, spearmint contains just 0.5 per cent. Therefore peppermint is especially pungent and even spicy, hence the pepper in its name. Spearmint, on the other hand, contains a compound called carvone, which gives it a much subtler, sweeter flavour.

    Whats The Difference Between Peppermint And Spearmint Mojito

    Free Photo

    While both are members of the Mentha family, theyre vastly different in the amount of menthol they contain. At 40% for peppermint versus .05% for spearmint, you can see why things went south. Menthol is responsible for the cool sensation you get when you brush your teeth or chew a piece of mint gum.

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    What Makes This Mojito Recipe So Great

    • Its super simple to make! Just combine the drink ingredients together, muddle the mint, shake, and pour over ice!
    • Its so light and refreshing a great drink for a warm day.
    • Its really versatile add more or less sugar, mint, or rum to customize it to your liking!

    Even though this mojito recipe is so simple, people often have loads of questions. Here are some of the more common ones.

    The Right Care For The Mojito Mint

    Even as an amateur gardener with little experience you can get the Mojito mint in the garden, because the hardy potted plant is very robust and easy to care for. With a few care tips, you can ensure that the mint multiplies rapidly.

    • Watering: Neither waterlogging nor too dry soil is good for the Mojito mint. Especially in a pot, you should therefore water it regularly. Drooping shoots indicate a lack of water. In general, the soil should never dry out completely. Water the mojito mint in winter best only moderately and on frost-free days. Also, be careful not to hold the water spray directly on the leaves, as this will make them more susceptible to fungal diseases.
    • Fertilizing: Outdoors, mojito mint does not require additional fertilizer. If the soil is poor in nutrients, you can just mix in some compost from time to time. Mojito mint grown in pots, however, should be fertilized regularly from May to September with a special vegetable fertilizer rich in potassium and nitrogen.

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    What Kind Of Mint Is Used In A Mojito

    SpearmintSpearmint. Spearmint is most commonly used in cooking for many recipes, including lamb, vegetables, and of course, mint juleps and mojitos.

    Are mint and Yerba Buena the same thing?

    It is said that the proper mint to make mojitos is called yerba buena. The name is most commonly used to refer to spearmint , but it is also used to refer to a relative of mint, Satureja douglasii. The latter is a trailing plant with mint-scented leaves.

    The Mojito: A Taste Of Havana

    How to Make a Mint Mojito With Vodka : Mojito Recipes

    There are many origin stories associated with the mojito , but one thing is clearit was popularized by novelist Ernest Hemingway, who first enjoyed it in the 1950s at a favorite Havana bar. The cocktails fame spread, and by 2002, even super-spy James Bond tossed one back in the film Die Another Day.

    A classic mojito embodies the flavor of the Caribbean in a fizzy mix of white rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, and club soda or sparkling water. Ice cubes keep the drink cold. Nonalcoholic versions omit the rum.

    Until early in the 21st century, mixologists looking for mint to flavor mojitos often used spearmint , which has a familiar, piquant mint flavor. Some drink makers also used peppermint , but the mint flavor in peppermint leaves is much stronger and spicier than that of spearmint.

    Around 2006, Cuban mint , native to the island, began making appearances in the United States, and bartenders started using this original mojito mint in the rum drinks. Since that time, Cuban mint has become more readily available, especially for those who are willing to grow their own.

    Mint connoisseurs say that Cuban mint has a somewhat milder flavor than spearmint, along with citrus notes that marry well with the lime juice in the cocktail.

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    Why Virgin Mojito Is Called Virgin

    Variations. Many hotels in Havana also add Angostura bitters to cut the sweetness of the Mojito while icing sugar is often muddled with the mint leaves rather than cane sugar, and many establishments simply use sugar syrup to control sweetness. A Mojito without alcohol is called a Virgin Mojito or Nojito.

    What alcohol is best for mojitos?

    The 5 Best Rums for Your Mojito

    • Bacardi Silver Rum. Probably the most well known of them all, Bacardi Silver is the perfect mix-in for your Mojito.
    • Appleton White Rum.
    • Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum.

    What Is Sweet Mint Good For

    Sweet or mojito mint can normalize the water-salt balance, remove puffiness under the eyes, removing excess fluid from the body, improve the digestive processes. Due to the absence of a menthol component and a sweet aroma. Cooks love it for making craft cocktails, lemonades, sauces, salads, desserts and even mint oil.

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    What Type Of Mint Is In A Mojito

    So what makes a mojito so special? The key ingredient is mint, which not only gives the mojito its refreshing flavor, but also its bright green color. There are over 600 varieties of mint, but the two most common types used in mojitos are spearmint and peppermint. Spearmint is more mild, with a sweetness to it, while peppermint is more strong and has a cooling sensation. It’s certainly a thing of personal preference, but when we’re making a mojito we use spearmint.

    Is Spearmint The Same As Mint Herb

    chocolate mint mojito time

    But they call for just that: mintthey dont specify which kind. And despite the fact that most recipes and even grocery stores refer to mint as if its singular herb, there are over 15 types of mint, including spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, apple mint and more. Peppermint and spearmint are the most popular.

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    Can I Use Mint Extract Instead Of Peppermint

    This question of great popularity. Well, the answer is straightforward you can and should. If you cant find fresh mint or dont want to get a headache mint extract is an excellent solution! Moreover, many bars use Mojito syrup, which includes peppermint extract. It gives the cocktail an excellent and delicious taste.

    Here, for example, is an example of a mojito with the addition of simple syrup:


    Plant Mojito Mint Directly In The Bed:

  • Place the young mojito mint in a bucket of water first until no more air bubbles rise.
  • Dig a planting hole at the site that is slightly larger than the root ball. If necessary, you can then insert a root barrier to prevent the mint from growing too much later.
  • Be careful not to place mojito mint in a bed with slow-growing plants, as it will quickly overgrow them.
  • Mix the excavated soil with some humus or compost.
  • Pot up the mojito mint and place it in the planting hole. Fill the hole back up with the humus-soil mixture.
  • Lightly press down the top layer of soil and water the mint plant generously.
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    What Is A Good Substitute For Mint

    Mints closest cousin is basil. Basil has similar refreshing flavors like mint, but it also has a peppery sweetness to it. The World of Food and Wine suggests substituting one tablespoon of chopped fresh basil for every one tablespoon of fresh chopped mint if you are making either a sweet or savory dish.

    Mojito Mint Use: Alcohol

    Mint Mojito Drink Recipe – A Favorite Summer Cocktail

    Mojito mint refines many different drinks and cocktails, but especially in the summer Mojito it may not be missing. You can prepare it quite classically with white rum. But the drink also tastes good as a non-alcoholic cocktail, especially on hot summer days. Below we present you the recipe for a delicious apple mojito without alcohol.

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    Types Of Mint To Grow In Your Garden

    The Spruce / Michelle Becker

    Species from the mint genus are among the most commonly grown plants in North American gardens. They belong to a broader family of plants, Lamiaceae, that is called the “mint family.” This means that the true mints are related to such landscape plants as Salvia and catmint . It’s easy to tell whether you already have one of these plants growing in your yard: Mint family members always have square stems.

    It is easy to see why mints are so popular. While they do bloom , their value is generally not in how they look but in the functions they serve. Mints serve as flavorful herbs in the kitchen and as ground covers in the yard. Their strong scent keeps deer from eating them. But this is only one reason why they are so easy to grow. They are also tough, cold-hardy perennials that spread on their own. In fact, if you plant mints in the wrong place , you may end up with too much of a good thing. So plant them somewhere where their ability to spread is a benefit, not a drawback. Here are 11 of the best types of mints to grow in the garden.

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