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What Is The Longest Aged Whiskey

Best Aged Whiskey Recommended By An Expert

Whiskey Aging VS Finishing

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Is Older Scotch Always Better

And it isnt just because theyre old, though age makes the whiskys taste better. The wood from the barrels a Scotch is aged in tends to break down the rougher flavors in the alcohol, leaving you with a smoother taste. The longer the alcohol is in there, the smoother it gets. And yes, that is lovely.

What Is The Best 12 Year Old Whiskey

Drink Deep of These Dozen-Year DramsRedbreast 12 year old96 points, $60. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof94 points, $65. Powers Johns Lane94 points, $75. Highland Park 12 year old90 points, $46. The Macallan Double Cask 12 year old90 points, $65. Balvenie DoubleWood 12 year old88 points, $55.More itemsNov 19, 2018

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Macallans Newly Launched 81

Macallan just released the worlds oldest whiskey to date, an 81-year-old single malt. Named The Reach, the whiskey was distilled beginning in 1940, during World War II. There are only 288 bottles for sale and retails for $125,000 or almost P6.5 million.

In 2018, the Scottish distillery released a 60-year-old bottle, which would be sold for almost $2 million in the auction a year later. With that amount, you might wonder why is whiskey more valuable the longer its aged.

According to Glenlivets, another top Scottish distillery, brand ambassador Craig Bridger, the longer the scotch is in the barrel, the more of it evaporates. He explains to Insider that by the 21-year mark, 30 to 40 percent of whats in the barrel is gone. The natural part of the process is called the Angels Share, when the liquid evaporates into the atmosphere within the years.

So not only is aged whiskey pricey because its old, but because its rare. Although you can drink whiskey fresh, it wont be as good. The wood that makes up the barrels where theyve stored breaks down rougher flavors in the alcohol.

Over time, you get a smoother taste, and leveled flavors are one of the things that make great whiskey. As Macallan launches their eight decades-old bottles, weve listed the other ultra-aged fine whiskies that are smoother with age but also just as pricey.

The Last Drop 50-Year-Old Double Matured

Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Only three bottles were ever made, hence the name trintas.

How Long Does An Unopened Bottle Of Whiskey Last

Whiskey Review: Kindred Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey  Thirty

Theoretically, an unopened bottle of whiskey will last forever if kept in the right conditions. Distilled spirits dont spoil as wine or beer does. However, this is somewhat dependent upon how the whiskey is stored.

If an unopened bottle of whiskey is exposed to UV light for long periods, it can cause organic compounds in the whiskey to undergo catalysing reactions that cause them to break down. Some of these organic compounds are responsible for the wonderful flavour and aroma of whiskey. Once they break down, the whiskey loses some of its flavours and aroma.

Exposure to UV light may even cause free radicals to develop in the whiskey, which can tarnish the flavour of the whiskey. Eventually, exposure to sunlight can cause evaporation, reducing the amount of whiskey remaining in the bottle and changing its flavour even more. It is also common for whiskey exposed to sunlight to lose its colour.

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Is There A Limit In Aging Bourbon

Yes, theres a limit you need to follow to age bourbon. Under federal standards, it states that bourbon shouldnt be matured for more than 25 years.

Older bourbons with more than 15 years of age statement are usually bitter and lose their complex taste.

Bourbon aged for two years is called Straight Bourbon. In contrast, a bottled-in-bond bourbon should have at least four years of the aging process.

How Does Whisky Gets Its Age Discover Every Step

Traditionally, Whiskys age comes from how long the distiller has kept it in charred oak barrels. Once the whiskey is in a bottle, the age no longer changes. Legally, whisky gets its age based on the youngest whisky in the barrel, as each barrel often contains a variety of whiskeys.

In this brief article, were going to take a closer look at whisky. Well be looking at the science, the history, and the marketing of the ageing process, so that the next time you open up a thirty-year-old bottle, youll already have the answer to your question: How does whisky gets its age?

Get to know everything about How Scotch Whisky is Made!


Now the distillers beer needs to become more alcoholic. Stills come in many forms, but all achieve the same result. By washing the mixture through a repeating process, the alcohol is extracted. This repeats until the distiller is left with a highly alcoholic spirit almost mistakable for whisky, but it hasnt quite matured yet.


This process makes whisky what it is, and is the most important step in the question of how does whisky gets its age. With a few exceptions, the distiller will introduce the spirit to a barrel. The type of wood, where the storage area is located and the age of the whisky will depend on what variety of whisky they are after. It is important that a distiller always stays aware of local statures and classifications.

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The Worlds Oldest Whisky Maybe Or Maybe Not

Gordon & MacPhail, Generations 80-Year-Old from Glenlivet Distillery

Gordon & MacPhail , the venerable Scottish whisky maker and bottler, has just announced the historic release of the oldest Scotch whisky ever bottled Generations 80-Year-Old from Glenlivet Distillery. The release is accompanied by a set of seven other Glenlivet expressions being released concurrently. They span the period from 1975 through 2004.

Virtually everything connected to an ultra-aged whisky is a living testament to its great age more so for a whisky that has been maturing for 80 years. When the Sherry butt, Cask #340 was crafted in the mid-19th century, Queen Victoria was a newlywed young queen just beginning her long reign, Nicholas I was Tsar of Russia, and a recently minted young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln was starting his legal practice in Springfield, Illinois.

The cask wood would have come from an oak that was at least a century old, and possibly more. When the components that would ultimately shape the aroma and flavor of this whisky were being created, the United States had not even been born.

The whisky itself also has deep historical roots. When it was distilled on February 3, 1940, WW II had just started. Poland had fallen, but Denmark and Norway were still free states. Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty his first ministerial appointment since being banished into the political wilderness in 1929.

How Long Whiskey Must Be Aged Legally

Whats the Oldest Whisky in the World

For something to be called whiskey it has to meet several legal requirements and a minimum aging period is often one of them. The following table shows the minimum aging period of whiskey required by law for the biggest whiskey producing countries:

Minimum Aging Period
Canadian Whisky At least three years

As you can see, while theres no legal minimum aging period for American whiskey , Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey and Canadian whisky have to be aged for at least three years.

The reason why three is the common legal minimum aging period and not two or four or more years is because of the following.

During the entire aging process unpleasant compounds in the whiskey evaporate or are filtered out while at the same time it picks up flavors from the wood. The longer a whiskey is aged, the more this will happen and the better the whiskey will be, but after three years it will have happened enough for the immaturity of the newly distilled whiskey to be very much reduced.

This idea was used more than one hundred years ago, during the First World War, when the UK passed a law that banned the sale of spirits that were less than three years old. Supporters of this law actually wanted to ban alcohol completely but as a compromise they decided to ban only spirits that were less than three years old because they believed them to be immature and cause more drunkenness than older spirits.

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The Macallan 72 Year Old In Lalique

Its safe to say that The Macallan is amongst Scotlands most collectible distilleries. Add a name like Lalique into the mix and combine that with an accolade of the oldest whisky ever distilled by The Macallan and youre on to something truly special.

Crafted to mark the opening of The Macallans new $186m distillery and visitor experience, only 600 of The Macallan 72 Year Old in Laliquewere released. The striking Genesis decanter took design inspiration from the new buildings architecture while the bespoke case by Burgess Studio drew from the spaces interior. All 600 were snapped up at around $60,000 each but you can now expect to pay a much heftier sum.

At 81 Years It’s A Record

It was just last fall when we were praising what was then the worlds oldest single malt, Generations 80 Years Old from Glenlivet Distillery, a very limited-edition bottling from Gordon & MacPhail.

But that record was just broken by The Macallan. Just released, The Reach is an 81 year-old single Scotch malt whisky distilled in 1940 the distillery says its their oldest release ever, and from what we can tell, its now the oldest by anyone.

The 288 available decanters of the liquid are housed in mouth-blown glass, cradled by three bronze hands created by Scottish sculptor Saskia Robinson. According to the Speyside distillery, each hand represents those who played a part in this whisky and The Macallans legacy from 1940 to the modern day and beyond . A cabinet housing the decanter was crafted using wood from a fallen elm tree, which is thought to have been on The Macallan Estate in 1940.

Theres even a film that goes with The Reach, helmed by photographer Nadav Kander and featuring music by the Scottish band Mogwai. You can watch that video here.

The Reach will be on display at The Macallan Estate Boutique starting February 9th and later in The Macallan domestic and travel retail boutiques.

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Is Jack Daniels A Scotch

Jack Daniels is an American Whiskey, whereas Johnnie Walker is a Scotch whiskey. Jack Daniels is a traditional Tennesee sour mash whiskey, whereas Johnnie Walker is an expensive scotch whiskey.Comparison Chart.Jack DanielsJohnnie WalkerCountry Of OriginUnited StatesScotlandTypeTennessee WhiskeyScotch whiskey4 more rowsAug 18, 2019

The Pendennis Club Myth

Pin on  whisky

For decades, the creation of the old-fashioned was attributed to the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. David Wondrich points out in his book Imbibe! that this is false: The club opened in 1881, but a year before that, old-fashioned cocktails were mentioned in the Chicago Tribune. There was even an ambiguous newspaper squib that mentioned old-fashioned drinks as early as 1869.

In truth, the old-fashioned formula dates back to the 1850s, if not earlier. It was made with whiskey, brandy, or gin . It was quite simply liquor, sugar , and ice. Add bitters, and you have the original definition of a cocktail.

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Carsebridge Xtra Old Particular

Year: 1965

photo source:The Whisky Shop Singapore

Although whisky is often synonymous with Scotland, Japanese whisky emerged in 1870 and has made a sterling reputation for itself internationally, rivalling that of Scotland made whisky. It was distilled by the Karuizawa Distillery in Miyota, Japan, which unfortunately closed its doors in 2011, making this run of whisky especially rare, and is priced at US$45,000.

Karuizawa was aged in a 400-litre Sherry Oak cask and being a single cask whisky, only 143 bottles were made available. It is a well-balanced whisky with earthly scents and a savoury dark sugar palate.

The Optimum Amount Of Time To Age Whiskey

The third factor that helps determine exactly how long a whiskey is aged for, is its optimum age. Because even though the more a whiskey is aged the more flavor it will have, at a certain point additional aging would cause several problems.

The Whiskey Will Become Over OakedThis is when whiskey takes on too much flavor from the wood and tastes too woody and bitter.

Too Much Whiskey Will EvaporateAnywhere from 2% 10% of the whiskey evaporates from the barrel each year. This means that at some stage youll have very little whiskey left. Also, since alcohol evaporates at a slower rate than water, the alcohol to water ratio is constantly increasing and at some stage the whiskey will become too alcoholic.

The Whiskey Will Become Too ExpensiveThere comes a time when the amount a whiskey would improve with further aging would not be enough to make it worthwhile. This is because as time goes on it takes longer and longer to extract the remaining flavors from the wood of the barrel. At some stage the small amount of improvement will not be worth the significant increase in cost necessary to produce it and price necessary to pay to drink it.

Thats why whiskey producers need to determine the optimum amount of time to age their whiskeys. This is done by balancing all the factors weve talked about so far and producing a whiskey with the maximum amount of flavor for the type of whiskey it is and what its going to be used for, without it becoming too expensive.

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Irish Single Pot Still

Sometimes, cutting corners to save a few bucks isn’t a bad thing. Such was the case with Irish distillers of the 19th century, who were paying exorbitant taxes on the malt they used to make their whiskeys . Looking for a way to cut costs, they began throwing unmalted barley into their creations. And lo and behold, rather than a cheaper, watered-down product, they created a whiskey that some now prefer: Irish Single Pot Still.

This is Ireland’s most unique whiskey, a form of single malt that can only be produced in that country. The main differentiator between Irish single pot still whiskey and regular Irish single malt is that it is made from unmalted, or “green” barley, which gives it a grittier, grainier, almost earthy flavor, according to The Alcohol Professor. The special-to-Ireland style is also made in a pot still a copper still with a craned neck, as opposed to a column still, the type used for clearer spirits like tequila and rum. It’s not abundantly common, especially in the U.S. market, but some brands to look out for are Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength and Green Spot.

Does It Age In The Bottle

111-Year-Old Says The Secret to a Long Life Is Whisky

Whiskey is different to wine, in that it does not age while in the bottle. A whiskey that was aged for 12 years in a cask then placed into a bottle, remains a 12 year old whiskey regardless of how many years later you open it. The whiskey will not improve or deteriorate while in the bottle as long as it is kept in ideal conditions.

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Is Whisky Getting More Expensive

The standard bottlings of Scottish MaltWhiskydistilleries have remained very stable price-wise over the decades. If you consider inflation, the price has even decreased. However, independent bottlings and rare Whiskies prices are increasing.

Quite regularly, we are asked for the best Whisky available. Mostly this is done by inexperienced people who want to give a Whisky as a present and who want to splash out.

What is the answer to this question? Macallan 25 years or Johnnie Walker Blue Label? Why not Chivas Royal Salute 21 or Bowmore 30 years? Would you rather recommend the older or the more expensive?

Lets answer this question with a metaphor: a reasonably famous politician was asked by a radio reporter at the opening of a Mercedes branch office, what the best car in the world was. Without thinking much about it he answered Rolls Royce. He made a typical beginners mistake: He transferred his personal wishes and preferences to a question for which there is no generally valid answer.

Its the same with Whisky: The answer to the question about the best Whisky depends on so many basic conditions that no reasonable solution can be found without asking the customer a number of questions.

Quality, reputation of the distillery and age of a Single Malt Whisky are the most important factors influencing its price.

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Better With Age: The Oldest Whiskeys You Can Buy Today

When you think of the few things that get better with age, wine, cheese and whiskey are usually the first trios to spring to mind. And for whiskey, in particular, age is far more than just a number its one of the most important factors for defining quality.

A well preserved and long matured whiskey has a significantly different taste profile compared to a younger drop. So as we find whiskey getting progressively better as it matures, heres a look at some of the oldest whiskeys you can buy today.

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What Is A Good 12 Year Old Scotch

Best 12 Year Old ScotchCragganmore 12 Yr. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 10 reviews. Macallan 12 Year. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 166 reviews. Glenkinchie 12 Yr. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Glenlivet 12 Yr. 4.6 out of 5 stars. Glenfarclas 12 Yr. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Bowmore 12 Yr. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Glen Moray 12 Yr. 4.3 out of 5 stars. Highland Park 12 Yr. 4.6 out of 5 stars.More items

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