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How Do You Drink Peanut Butter Whiskey

What Does Peanut Butter Whiskey Taste Like

How To Mix A Peanut Butter Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Peanut butter and whiskey may sound like a strange pairing at first, but Yeng doesnt see it that way: We see peanut butter as a comfort flavor that many people grew up loving rather than a trend. Thats right: This grown-up spirit tastes like straight-up nostalgia to anyone who grew up on the condiment.

Some purists may turn up their noses at peanut butter whiskey, but we think theres something to be said for the nutty mashup. Most whiskeys already boast notes of caramel, vanilla and toasted nuts, thanks to the white oak barrels theyre made in. Peanut butter whiskey is typically on the sweet side in flavor and thick in texture with notes of vanilla, butterscotch and, of course, peanuts.

Some imbibers argue that peanut butter whiskey is closer to a digestif or liqueur than real whiskey, being that its flavor is so sweet and the texture so rich and almost sticky. Others adore its savory, buttery flavor, saying its taste is akin to caramel popcorn.

Is Skrewball Real Whiskey

Much like its name suggests, Skrewball is a peanut butter whiskey its a whiskey with peanut butter flavoring. Real peanuts are added to it along with whiskey, cane sugar, and sugar. Invented by Steven and Brittany Yeng, residents of San Diegos Ocean Beach neighborhood, Skrewball was designed by both of them.

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The Peanut Butter & Whiskey From Hi Ho Club

The Peanut Butter & Whiskey from Hi Ho Club is made with cream bourbon, and grated dark chocolate it’s then topped off with Irish Cream which gives it an even richer taste than before and coats the entire drink in what some might call “chocolate decadence”.


  • ½ oz. of your favorite whiskey
  • cup heavy whipping cream
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ tsp vanilla bean seeds scraped out of a pod
  • ¾ cups milk, whole milk preferred but not necessary
  • ½ tablespoon butter/margarine for making whipped peanut butter topping OR you can use Nutella® instead if desired


  • In a large jar or container, add in the peanut butter and whiskey.
  • Mix them together well with a spoon until it is smooth.
  • Add more water if needed for desired consistency.
  • Then pour into glasses to serve your guests!
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    How To Serve Peanut Butter Whiskey

    The best way to consume whiskey, according to the Huffington Post is neat, just straight whiskey at room temperature. Its common to also drink it on the rocks, or even with a bit of water to release some of its aromatics and underlying flavors. While you could just as easily do the same with peanut butter whiskey, the Skrewball website says its also enjoyable in a mixed drink. Cocktails with chocolate, coffee, or anything that youd normally add Baileys to, for example an espresso martini, a white Russian, or even a spiked hot chocolate, taste great with a splash of peanut butter whiskey.

    For minimal effort with maximum flavor, Homebody Eats recommends drinking it in shot form by mixing Skrewball with alcohols like RumChata, vanilla vodka, and caramel liqueur to bring out the richness and complement the peanut buttery flavor. For one-ingredient mixers, the website suggests coffee, Coca-Cola, apple cider, berry-flavored seltzer, and chocolate milk.

    Sugar Cookie Baileys Cocktail

    Skrewball Peanut Butter &  Jelly Whiskey Cocktail

    Baileys Irish cream pairs perfectly with peanut butter whiskey. This creamy cocktail drink is bursting with sweetness! If youre looking for a cocktail that embodies some warmth and richness, this one is for you.

    Dont forget the cinnamon-sugar rim. It adds a pretty touch and a delicious taste with every sip!

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    Peanut Butter Cup Shots With Screwball Whiskey

    This recipe is quite simple. You can make it with only three items, i.e., milk, coffee liqueur, and whiskey. The delicious drink tastes like coffee with a hint of peanut butter cup. However, coffee flavor plays the dominant role in this drink.

    The Peanut Butter Whiskey shot recipe is good to make for holidays or a birthday party.

    It includes three main ingredients:

    • The screwball peanut butter whiskey is the top ingredient.
    • Kahlua: any flavored-coffee liqueur is good to add to your drink. It adds to the hint of coffee flavor and richness to our shot.
    • Milk: certain people prefer milk, especially almond milk.

    Garnish your Screwball Whiskey Shots

    Garnishing your peanut butter whiskey shots is optional, but it adds to the charm of your drink. Melt your peanut butter cup in the microwave for 45 seconds and garnish your drink the way you like it.

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    Screwball Whiskey Peanut Butter Cup Shots

    These shots are an output of peanut butter whiskey, milk, and coffee liquor. So take a shaker, add whiskey, milk, and coffee liquor, add some ice cubes and shake it. Now add the liquid into your desired glass and serve it. Before doing this, if you want to make it look more appealing, melt some peanut butter cups and take some golden sprinkles. Take the glass, dip it in melted chocolate, and immediately dip it in sprinkles. Take extra peanut butter cups, dip them in melted chocolate and directly keep it on the glass and leave it to dry, now pour the drink, and enjoy.

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    All About Skrewball Whiskey

    If youre looking at this recipe, we assume you probably have a bottle of Skrewball at home. Skrewball whiskey is a flavored whiskey that tastes like peanut butter. Heres a bit more about this intriguing type of whiskey:

    • Skrewball peanut butter whiskey is a flavored whiskey made with real peanuts. The company was founded by husband and wife team Steven and Brittany Yeng, based in San Diego, California. Skrewball launched in 2018 and has become very popular in the US.
    • Skrewball has a thick, sticky texture. It tastes very sweet, with a strong peanut finish and notes of caramel, coffee and vanilla. Honestly, its more like drinking Baileys than bourbon.
    • Is Skrewball really a whiskey? You might ask this after tasting it. Its so sweet, it barely tastes like whiskey at all! Whiskey technically should be 40% ABV when its bottled, and Skrewball is 35% ABV. Its labeled as a flavored whiskey, so you can go with that.

    It Tastes Like Caramel Popcorn Melted Down Into A Drink

    5 Skrewball Drink Recipes l Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey l Review & How to Cocktails l ALCOHELLO

    I know this is supposed to be peanut butter. However, it tastes like caramel popcorn melted down into a drink in the best possible way. I loathe whiskey, so I was scared, but it makes it palatable.

    Drinking this makes me feel like Im in Harry Potter. Partially because its buttery, sweet and delicious, like how butterbeer would taste. Probably more so because I keep taking sips of it and its making me buzzed to the point where Im about to convince myself Im an actual wizard.

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    What Can You Mix Peanut Butter With

  • I like peanut butter and apples together.
  • The perfect combination of peanut butter and ginger.
  • You cant go wrong with peanut butter and oats.
  • The combination of peanut butter and celery is delicious.
  • The combination of peanut butter and shrimp is delicious.
  • Sweet potato and peanut butter go together.
  • You cant go wrong with peanut butter and berries.
  • You cant go wrong with peanut butter + beef.
  • Drunken Peanut Butter Vodka Shot

    This recipe is very simple that doesnt take hours to make but packs quite a punch. It starts by putting peanut butter in the bottom of an empty shot glass and then pouring vodka on topthe amount needed will depend on how strong you want it so start with about one tablespoon before deciding if more is needed after this has been poured out, then stir together gently to create your drink for consumption!

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    Bird Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey

    Bird Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey is a surprisingly affordable bottle for the strength and quality youre getting. It offers a solid, varied flavor profile without veering too far away from peanut butter. Many say it rivals the original Skrewball quite well.

    The nose offers warm peanuts with a hint of wood and char. The palate brings aromatic notes of vanilla and sweet caramel in the background of smooth peanut butter flavors. The finish is slow and warm with more peanuts and a hint of sweet caramel at the very end.

    The flavor is smooth and bold enough to sip neat while also pairing quite well in many fun cocktails. Its bottled at 80 proof which is a little more than most others of its kind. The additional alcohol balances the sweetness just a little without making it too harsh by any means.

    Recipe Frequently Asked Questions

    The PB& B : Peanut butter &  bourbon cocktail  bourbon ...

    Can I substitute cold brew for freshly brewed espresso?

    Yes, you can make this substitution. However, you will not need to make the heavy cream foam as listed below in the recipe. When you make espresso martinis with freshly brewed espresso, it naturally creates foam for the cocktail.

    Can I use a frother to whip the heavy cream foam?

    Yes! However, you won’t need to beat for a full 60 seconds if you’re using a frother.

    What brand of peanut butter whiskey is best?

    Personally, I love Skrewball! The peanut butter flavor is super rich without having an artificial taste.

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    Interesting Ways To Consume Peanut Butter Whiskey

    Peanut butter whiskey has a naturally nutty flavor, and its easily blended with other mixers. You can drink it straight or add a few ice cubes and enjoy it chilled. It is also a great base to make a variety of cocktails, such as

    Peanut Butter Apple Cider

    Make a nice warm cocktail by mixing peanut butter with hot apple cider and garnishing with a cinnamon stick.

    Peanut Butter and Irish Coffee

    Give a twist to your coffee by blending peanut butter whiskey with freshly brewed coffee and topping it with whipped cream.

    Peanut Butter Milkshake

    Make a delicious peanut butter milkshake with banana, ice cream, chocolate, and top it with your favourite peanut butter whiskey to add a kick.

    Peanut Butter Martini

    Make a fan favorite, the peanut butter Martini, by blending peanut butter whiskey with chocolate liqueur, cocoa cream, and whipped cream. You can garnish it with fresh cream and chocolate syrup.

    Peanut Butter Screwdriver

    Make a colorful and tangy cocktail by blending peanut butter whiskey with fresh orange juice.

    Peanut Butter Old-Fashioned

    Make a traditional whiskey cocktail by blending peanut butter whiskey with angostura bitters and topping it with some soda water.

    Jelly with Peanut Butter

    Skrewball White Russian Recipe Ingredients

    This recipe includes 4 ingredients and 2 optional garnish ingredients. Here are all the ingredients youll need to make this drink:

    Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey the star ingredient in a peanut butter White Russian that adds a boozy sweet and nutty flavor.

    Kahlua Liqueur a coffee liqueur made from rum, sugar and coffee.

    Vodka an ode to the original White Russian recipe.

    Half & Half or Heavy Whipping Cream creates the creaminess in this drink.

    Creamy Peanut Butter for Garnish adds another layer of peanut butter flavor to the rim of the glass.

    Coarse Salt for Garnish for a salty sweet mix, add coarse salt to the peanut butter rim.

    Skrewball White Russian Recipe Ingredients

    Peanut butter whiskey combines an unlikely duo in the best possible way. With its sweet taste from the peanut butter and bold finish from the whiskey, its no wonder alcohol companies are hopping on this trend.

    Peanut butter whiskey can be enjoyed by just about anyone of legal drinking age, but what about those with a peanut allergy?

    Weve answered this question and more to help you avoid a possible allergy attack before enjoying this unique alcohol.

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    Drinks To Make With Peanut Butter Whiskey

    Reading: drinks to make with peanut butter whiskey

    As a bourbon geek, I needed to hate peanut butter whiskey. However a small sip of a pattern and the cocktail lover in me grabbed a bottle to go residence and get my cocktail recreation on. And whereas Skrewball peanut butter whiskey is probably the best-known instance of the peanut-flavored whiskies, its not the one one. I did, in reality, go residence with a bottle.Im writing this text for everybody else whos ended up at residence with a bottle sitting practically full on their bar questioning how finest to make use of it.

    How To Prepare Pork Butt For Smoking

    Epic Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktails

    The most basic way to prep a pork butt for barbecuing is to simply remove it from the Cryovac packaging, pat it dry with paper towels, and apply a heavy sprinkling of rub to all sides. Some people will cook untrimmed pork butts with the fat-side facing up, believing that the fat bastes the meat during cooking.

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    We Tried Peanut Butter Whiskey And It Was Incredible

    It seems so wrong, but tastes so right.

    Im not sure what I was expecting when I tried Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. I love peanut butter, and I love whiskey, but together? I wasnt sold.

    While whiskey was my drink of choice in college, I cant truthfully say Im a seasoned taster. My choices tendedand lets be honest, still tendto be based on price.

    Ive made many a bartender grimace at my regular whatevers cheapest order.

    That said, I can definitely tell the difference between an Old Crow and a Crown Royal.

    I guess I thought Skrewball would taste like a higher end whiskey with peanut butter flavoring. I wasnt exactly wrongbut damn, is it delicious.

    Its touted as a peanut butter whiskey, but theres no mistaking the chocolate undertones.

    Imagine a 70-proof Reeses Cup, and thats pretty much what we have here.

    WATCH: How to Make 5 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Recipes

    I left the bottle on the table so people could taste at their leisurewhile Im certainly not opposed to drinking whiskey at 11 a.m. at work, its probably not cool to force your coworkers to do the same.

    An equally impressed taster was positively overwhelmed by the cocktail possibilities:

    Another taster was reminded of another flavored whiskey:

    It kind of seems like a classier Fireball! Id probably drink this mixed with something else. Its a little sweet for me, but props for creativity!

    Cointreau Is Optional But Recommended

    Cointreau is an orange liqueur that you might have on hand for making a . What does it do here?

    • Cointreau adds a roundness to the flavor. It gives the sip more sophistication and complexity, and in some way makes it taste more likePeanut Butter and Jelly!
    • Dont have it? Substitute any orange liqueur, like Triple Sec or Grand Marnier.

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    Skrewball Whiskey Shot Ingredients

    The main reason this peanut butter cup shot was born, was from an amazingly delicious peanut butter whiskey called Skrewball. I really have to give credit to my bestie who’s a bartender and introduced me to Skrewball.

    This shot involves just three main ingredients:

  • Peanut butter whiskey: My obvious preference is Skrewball, but there are other peanut butter whiskeys on the market if you can’t find Skrewball near you.
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    Ingredients For Skrewball Peanut Butter And Jelly Shot

    Drink of the Week: Mint Chocolate Skrew
    • Skrewball Peanut Butter Whisky: Its widely available at retailers, restaurants, and bars across the country.
    • Raspberry Liquor: There are several options here. Chambord is a popular black raspberry liqueur that can be found in most modern bars. You may also use Framboise, a raspberry-flavored brandy. Non-alcoholic substitutes include raspberry or grape juice, syrup or jam. If using a jam or jelly, zap it in the microwave until it becomes liquid. Consider adjusting the amount of whisky you use based on the alcoholic content of your raspberry flavoring.

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    How To Make Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktails

    If you cant find peanut butter-flavored whiskey near you, you can combine plain whiskey and peanut butter to create a similar libation. Some bartenders infuse the spirit with roasted peanuts or premade peanut butter ahead of making a cocktail, while others shake the peanut butter right into the drink. But youll find that those methods are hands-down messier and less consistent than using premade peanut butter-infused whiskey. In fact, Skrewball exists because bartenders were sick of trying to manually mix PB with other ingredients.

    I have traveled across the country talking to bartenders, and I get the same feedback: It is impossible to create something that tastes like peanut butter without adding scoops of peanut butter and destroying the mixability of the flavors, explains Yeng. We created Skrewball with a peanut butter flavor that does not overpower the whiskey and other flavors, so that we can enjoy balanced new cocktails.

    No matter the route you choose, peanut butter whiskeys unique flavor can be applied to a slew of classic cocktails. There are recipes out there for a peanut butter white Russian, peanut butter whiskey hot chocolate, peanut butter whiskey cider and even a peanut butter old fashioned .

    Boozy Salted Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

    Not a fan of coffee or cider, but still want to enjoy a seasonal hot cocktail? The Boozy Salted Peanut Butter hot chocolate complete with three different kinds of milk is anything but your average package of cocoa mixed with hot water. Instead, its dressed to the nines in dollops of whipped cream, crumbled Nutter Butter cookies, and a drizzle of to-die-for peanut butter sauce that just might convince you to lick the spoon once youve finished making a batch. Other garnishes worth mentioning include mini chocolate chips.

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